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This is SWTS 3rd year at this venue and I thought I was going to have to work really hard as John Gray, who does at lot of the arranging, decided to go on holiday. However, everything just slipped into place as usual.

Thanks to everyone who helped and offered help. Our usual Farmers, Morgan Nicoll who, although we have used his land for 3 years, was most amused to find that tracklayers actually go out at 7 in the morning whilst it's still dark, Bill Leckie who provides the control field and Wullie Thompson who was pleased to help out (even more so when I gave him a bottle of malt whisky). Credit to Steve Reynolds who not only allows us to use his office as our base every year but even got out of his bed with a hangover to bring me the keys. That's what you call service!

Thanks to Base staff Gwen, Lorna (and Sam), Betty and David Braithwaite and also to the catering van who even made us pancakes.

Lastly, a special mention for Derek McAulay who not only transports the jumps to and from Lauder but puts them up along with a lot of my signs. He then comes back on the Sunday and takes them all down again. Derek doesn't even compete in trials and his assistance is very much appreciated.



Stake: CD


Steward: Steve Lancashire

Thanks to SWTS for the invitation to judge, I had a great day. A special thank you to my steward Steve who laid all the squares perfectly and did a great job stewarding his first control round (he would have been more at home with a sleeve on his arm). Everyone managed to get at least 2 out of the square but unfortunately the stays and the jumps took there toll and we only got 1 qualifier. It was nice to see so many new dogs and handlers and I wish them all well for the future.

1st           Helen Rajska & LOOK NO CHANCE ENCOUNTER (BC) D 97 CD COM. This dog did an excellent round, Well done.

2nd         Sam Ashton & DOTTY DOTTY (WSD) B 77.5 NQ. A nice round. Keep going you will get there soon.

3rd          Gladys McCulloch & FORGUECROFT PATHFINDER (GSD) D 76.5 NQ. You're nearly there, keep up the good work.

4th          Wendy Strang & VIKTOR AT BALKELLO (WSD) D 76.5 NQ. Well done, a good round.


UD Nosework


Thanks to Scottish Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge the UD stake. The venue is second to none and the weather was reasonable for the time of year. Many thanks to the team :- Trials Manager - June McPhillips, Base staff: Betty Calderwood and Dave Braithwaite and the catering people - fantastic pancakes!!

Thanks to my steward Stevie Braithwaite and her helper Sam. To Rudi Fruzynski for leading the sing-a-long and laying tracks and Brian Glasgow for tracklaying too. Everything was done as I asked.

I enjoyed my morning watching the young dogs. The standard of nosework is very good on the whole, as can be seen by the marks. I hope the competitors enjoyed the day too.

1st           Penny Pritchard with TEIFI. What a fantastic round with a full point square. A pleasure to watch. Well done Penny. (N/W 143.5/145)

2nd         Joyce Hudson and SAM. A lovely little dog with lots of attitude (N/W 139.5/145)

3rd          Carol Ashworth and HOLLY. Holly and Carol make a great team (N/W 133.5/145)

4th          Jenny Beaton with JED. I think Jed really enjoyed himself on his first crack at UD. (N/W 133.5/145)

Good luck to you all in the future.


Stake : PD


Tracklayers : Bill Richardson, Gary Tait

Steward : Lorna Cottier - square and patrol round.

Very good trial, excellent tracklayers and criminals.  Very smooth throughout, worked under Lorna's directions to the letter.

1st           Mr. J. Gray's GRITTONBROOK MECCA (BSD MALINOIS) (B).  Handler - Iain Forrest. Track - 58, art 20, search 34, control 32.5, agility 20, PD round full points 314.5 - 320 Q.  What can I say about this team - sheer brilliance.  The dog's pet name - Mouse - I have named it Mighty Mouse.

2nd         Miss A. Tamlin with NORSHEP ANJA (GSD). Track 57, art 20, search 33, control 34.5, agility 17.5, patrol 149, 306 - 320 Q.

3rd          Miss J. Miller with TRINSDALE ACE (WSD). Track 56, art 20, search 26.5, control 34.5, agility 20, patrol 144.  Q

4th          Mr. R. Fruzynski's XNDOS SPLASH (WSD). Handler - A. Fruzynski.  Track 56, art 20, search 28, control 28.5, agility 20, patrol 148. 300.5 - 320. Q.

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