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Stake: CD


Stewards: Phillip Glasgow and Brian Glasgow

Thank you SWTS for the invitation and to Rachel Henderson, Trials Manager for the organisation of the trial. To all the staff at the base, a great job.

We had a gigantic grass field for the squares, and all dogs did this well and retrieved all articles successfully. No dog took longer and 2.5 minutes. All were very enthusiastic and enjoyed the exercise.

A very special thank you to my square steward Philip Glasgow who laid very precisely and accurately and must have magic scented hands. Phil was also my navigator and food provider and good company to boot.  All from a young teenager too.

Thanks to my control steward Brian Glasgow who made sure everyone was happy and kept the exercises flowing and clear. The control was on rough grass field but did not impair on the dogs performances and was done well.

The jumps took the usual toll. The dogs were all unsettled in the stays, bar one, with dogs barking, creeping and finally breaking. Due to some deciding it was play time the down had to be abandoned. In the second attempt the situation was exactly the same and only one dog improved on its performance. Thank you to all the Stay (SAS) Stewards who helped, it was indeed an army that was needed.

Well done to the winner. Margo Delaney’s Zoe, never turned a hair during either stay fiascos and performed all exercises well. Winner of the Bothkennar Trophy.

1st           Miss M. Delaney and BROCKETSFIELD BLACK MAGIC, (Zoe) XB 96 Q. The results speak for themselves, lovely to watch. I am sure you will be equally successful in future trials – good luck.

2nd         Mrs W Strang and VIKTOR AT BALKELLO, (Scotty) WSD 91.5 Q. Another lovely round. Scotty sound in the second stay, well done.

3rd          Mr J Mckay and CONADREW VASKO, (Hubble) GSD 82 NQ. Just tidying up but it was the jumps that let you down today.

4th          Mr R Drummer and MOSSDEW DELTA FORCE, Sam (F/C Ret) 80 NQ. Lovely square and control just lost out on the sit stay. Success not far off.



Stake: UD nosework


Steward: Betty Orrin

Thanks to the Scottish Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge UD Nosework.

Many thanks to the Trials Manager Rachel Henderson, the base team; Dave

Braithwaite and Betty Galderwood and also the caterers who kept us all happy -Smashing food!

A big Thank you to my tracklayers; Joyce Rae and Jim Jeffery, and my search steward Betty Orrin who were all excellent, great company and kept things running smoothly all day.

Tracking was on stubble with grass coming through. The weather was kind, no rain and slight to no breeze at all. This along with the sportsmanship of the competitors made for an enjoyable day. Good luck to all the competitors in future trials.

1st           Miss M. Delaney with BROCKETSFIELD BLACK MAGIC (crossbreed), Bitch. Super track and search square by this team, congratulations on a very successful weekend's trialling. (NW 141/145) Q.

2nd         Mrs J Beaton with TRIALEX NORTHERN LIGHT (GSD) Dog. A strong shepherd that stormed around the track, well done. (NW 133/145) NQ

3rd          Mr J. McKay with CONADREW VASKO (GSD) Dog. A well motivated young GSD, tracked well, showing plenty of promise. (NW 120.5/145) NQ.

4th          Miss K. Whittemore with DEVILS BECK MUSTANG (Golden Retriever) Dog. Unlucky on the track, good square. A young team with a bright future in trials. NQ.


Stake: WD nosework


Tracklayer: John Hood, Jimmy Scott

Steward: Gwen Matear

My thanks to SWTS for the invitation to judge and to Trials Manager Rachel Henderson who puts so much work into running a trial. Thanks, too, to tracklayers John and Jimmy. Gwen, as ever, was great company.

As always at Skinflats, geese proved a bit of a problem and led to a quick change of land.

1st           Heather Patrick with SELDOMSEEN ZIGGY. (WSD) Worked beautifully on the first half then changed her mind on the cutback. NQ

2nd         Carol Ashworth with TWEEDSMILL LOCH TAY (F/CT RETR). Did some good tracking but her enthusiastic gundog nose led her astray. NQ

3rd          Liz Roberts with CALLANWAY HARRIS (GSD) Enjoyed his outing with all those different smells. NQ


TD WD UD Control and Agility


Steward  Stevie Braithwaite

 Thank you to SWTS for the invitation to judge at this trial. Thanks to trials manager Rachel Henderson for organizing the event, along with her band of helpers, including David, Betty and Helen in base, plus an excellent catering van.

The weather was cold and overcast on the Saturday, the sun making a welcome appearance on the Sunday. Many thanks to Stevie for stewarding both days, keeping both competitors and myself in order.

TD. 12 entries.

1st           Fran Mitchell with RENDALE ROBIN. Lab. 207. C.o.M. Good steady round from this lab, giving one of only two full point sendaways in this stake.

2nd         Bill Richardson with CAPER KALI. Malinois. 201.5. C.o.M. Bit of tidying required on the heelwork, otherwise a nice control round.  Definately  a young lady with attitude and potential, suspect she'll enjoy PD.

3rd          Lindsay Errington with CASTLESIDE YOUNG JET. Lab. 200.5. C.o.M. Precise round, the usual standard we've come to expect from Lindsay and her dogs.

4th          Sheila Shearer with DREAGANTA DEODUBH. BC. 198.5. C.o.M. Nice tidy round, though sendaway obviously not long enough for Smudge.

Also Qualified CoM:

Pam Cuthbert and PIERCES BOY. Crossbreed. 195.5.

John Watts and JAYESS ROUGH 'N' TUMBLE. GSD. 184.5. The other full point sendaway

WD. 4 entries.  Unfortunately no qualifiers overall.

1st           Heather Patrick with SELDOM SEEN ZIGGY. WSD. NQ. Nice control, just a bit of tidying here and there

2nd         Carol Ashworth with TWEEDSMILL LOCH. F/C Ret. NQ. Enthusiastic dog putting on a nice performance in control.

3rd          Liz Roberts with CALLANWAY HARRIS. GSD. NQ. Ti not giving his best today but I'm sure Liz will talk him round.

UD. 10 entries.

1st           Margot Delaney with BROCKETSFIELD BLACK MAGIC. X Breed. 192.5. C.o.M. This dog took CD by storm on Sat and then repeated her success in UD on Sun. Slight variation of a theme on the sendaway, but I suspect this will be sorted out before long. One of only two dogs to qualify agility.

2nd         Jenny Beaton with TRIALEX NORTHERN LIGHT. GSD. NQ. Nice control round from this young GSD, only falling foul of the jumps (nerves got the better of mum). Believe in him Jenny, he can do it!

3rd          Jim McKay with CONADREW VASKO. GSD. NQ. Another young dog that came unstuck at the jumps, but shouldn't be too long in getting there.

4th          Katy Whittemore with DEVILSBECK MUSTANG.. G. Ret. NQ. Lovely dog handled well by this young lady who is new to trials. Best control round of the stake and full point jumps. 


Stake: PD


Tracklayer: Brian Glasgow

Stewards: Heather Patrick

Criminals: Brian Glasgow, Gary Tate & Cub Cuthbert

Thank you to the society for the invitation to judge, to Heather Patrick who stewarded searches, control and the patrol round. Thank you to Brian Glasgow who laid tracks and was a criminal, and to the other two criminals Gary Tate and Cub Cuthbert - all did an excellent job. A big thank you to Rachael who was Trials Manager, and for her hospitality and to everyone else behind the scenes who helped the trial run smoothly.

There were three entries and we had one qualifier.

1st           Mr R. Fruzynski’s WSD dog XANDOAS SPLASH CDex., UDex., WDex. A good all round performance. Good luck in ticket. 273 pts.

2nd         Mrs C. Wright’s GSD bitch Norshep AMBER GAMBLER CDex - TDex 269 pts. Unfortunately went out on the agility. A super bitch, good luck in the future.

3rd          Miss J. Miller’s WSD dog TRKINDALE ACE CDex - TDex. It wasn't Ricky's day today. Better luck in the future.

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