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Open Trial
Venue: Longniddry
Trial Held: 08 October 2006


Stake: CD


Steward: Alisair Fruzynski

Thank you to S.W.T.S. for the invitation to judge and to my son Alistair for stewarding.

The location was in a lush grassy field just outside Macmerry, East Lothian. The weather was dry and sunny, with the wind picking up in the early afternoon.  Six competitors took part, starting with the search square and retrieve. The articles were a six-inch toy cigarette, a shotgun cartridge and a folded crisp packet. All dogs performed well, retrieving all articles with varying degrees of ease.

At the outset of the control and agility section, all dogs were still in a qualifying position. Unfortunately the jumps took their toll and after all the dogs had worked, only one dog remained in with a chance of gaining a certificate of merit.  The down and sit stays also proved troublesome, with only two dogs in each discipline remaining steady in the required position for the tests. Well done to John Hammond, a new face to trials, whose dog was the only one to successfully complete both stays.

1st           Qualifying: 88/100– Ms Avril Bryson and her Lakeland Terrier, PIP. This little dog was terrific, only dropping 12 points in total. Ten of these points were lost in the down stay, when Pip sat up and tried to get a better view, since on lying down he disappeared into the lush, long wispy tailed grass and couldn’t see what was happening around him. ‘Watch out large dugs this little yin is up fur trials big style’

2nd         N/Q: 76/100 – Mr John Hammond and his GWP. This new duo had a very good round overall, only missing out on the jumps. Don’t be dismayed, with practice it will come together soon.

3rd          N/Q: 74/100 – Ms Kirsty Maitland and her Doberman. The scale jump let this team down. Qualifying in all other areas it is only a matter of time before they get their just reward.

4th          N/Q: 64/100 – Mr Lewis Hosie and his GSD. For a first attempt at trials, this team was so close to qualifying. Only required 1 more point from the jumps, in particular the scale, and of course the downs also took their toll. Your enthusiasm and hard work will pay dividends in the near future.

The other two competitors were, Michelle Brown and her Labrador, and Colin Thain and his little X-breed. Both teams are new to trials. Bouncy young dogs, they only require more concerted practice and training in the area of the jumps to convert their commitment and enthusiasm into success.

Good luck in the future to all of the competitors who were a pleasure to judge.



Stake: WD Nosework


Tracklayers: Bill Richardson and Joyce Rae

Square Steward: Helen Jones

First, I would like to thank the Society for inviting me to judge this stake, June and David McPhillips for letting me stay with them, June for being a great Trials Manager, and everyone at the base.  My tracklayers Bill & Joyce did a great job, and Helen on squares laid every one to perfection; I thoroughly enjoyed your company.  Many thanks to you all.  Much appreciated.

Tracking was on stubble and the weather was dry, but very windy.  I thought the dogs handled the conditions brilliantly.

1st           Q. 179.5, Ms C. Phillps & TRACKMOOR’S MORGAN – BSD Mali, B.  This team really impressed me as they worked well together as a team.  Very good track and 3 out of the square put them on a high as they went off to do their C&A.  Well done, Cath & Morgan.

2nd         Q. 179,  Mrs M. Rogerson & STARDELL HEBE – BC, B.  Another team who had no problems with the nosework.  2 and 3 sent them on their way to the C&A. Well done Moira.

3rd          NQ. 173, Miss R. Henderson & HUMBLE BUMBLE BEE AT STRATHLEADER – GSD, B.  Rachel & Buzz were the only ones to retrieve all articles on the track and square – winning the best Nosework trophy.  Buzz found the track relatively easy although she is a proper nosy bitch – watching all the birds.  I’m gutted you didn’t qualify Rachel.

4th          NQ. 148, Ms M. Delaney & BROCKETSFIELD BLACK MAGIC – XB, B.  Struggled a little on the track and missed the last leg and end article, but redeemed themselves with a very good square.  I’m sure she’ll qualify next time, Margot.

Track articles: blue cartridge, black rubber

Square articles: straw, carpet, green milk top, lolly stick

To those that qualified – well done and to those that didn’t, keep at it, you are nearly there.


Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Rudi Fruzynski and Iain Forrest

Stewards: Squares, C & A and Manwork – David McPhillips

Criminals: Iain Forrest, Alan Cuthbert (Cub) and Lorna Cottier

First, I would like to thank the Society for inviting me to judge this stake, June and David McPhillips for letting me stay with them, June for being a great Trials Manager, and everyone at the base.  Thanks to Rudi and Iain for

laying the tracks to perfection and David for everything else (Bless him).  It was very much appreciated.  Also Rudi, who along with Jasper helped me get my distances right, and also went on to do the run through.  Many thanks.  My 3 criminals, Iain, Cub and Lorna did a great job – Lorna you should have been an actress!  Thanks for your time.

Tracking was on stubble and the weather was dry with a slight wind.  I set the test bearing in mind that it is an open, and what I really wanted was to see dog and handler working well together as a team.  I don’t believe in setting hard tests, as this only confuses the dogs, which I think is unfair; after all this is just a part-time hobby.  Plus you can mark the easiest of tests with a sharp pencil.  As you will see from my little story (which was handed to all competitors) it was straight forward with no gimmicks.  I even wrote that the little old lady (Lorna) had been attacked with a hammer & threatened with a knife, so there really was no excuse for not finding the weapons!!!

The story –

“Dear Competitors,

Early this morning we received a phone call from an elderly lady, reporting that she had been mugged and attacked.  The attackers made off with the lady’s shopping bag.  She has fallen in a ditch and because of her injuries she cannot move.  Luckily for her, her daughter had only last week persuaded her to carry a mobile phone – which has hopefully proved to be her life saver.  The only problem we have is, that the old lady has only a rough idea of where she is.  We have managed to pin point her mobile signal to somewhere in this field.  The old lady reported that one young lad hit her with a hammer, while the other one held a knife to her throat.  Your job is to find the elderly lady and the two lads – and I hope you and your dogs can help.  Finally good luck and be on your guard.

1.             Chase:   Approach the windbreakers – once you are between them, halt and the chase will begin.  A criminal will come from your left (from behind the vehicle).  Challenge him until he reaches a pole in the middle of the field.  He will immediately turn left and run – you may now send your dog.  Once your steward tells you to join your dog, do so and take control of the situation.

2.             Search and Escort: Once you are satisfied with your search, you will proceed with the escort.  The criminal knows where he is going.  Be prepared, it is a long escort and you will also be asked a couple of questions regarding your search and escort. As you are escorting one criminal, the other one will come out from behind the vehicle, and angrily he will ask you what you are doing with his mate.  Get him over to join the criminal you are escorting, and then proceed, escorting them both. How you do this is entirely up to you.

3.             Attack on Handler: This will take place somewhere along the escort, but only when you have both criminals together.  Take control of the situation (there is no need to search again), then proceed with the escort until you are back at the windbreakers.  Once there, that exercise is finished.

4.             Quarter: From the windbreakers – out to the vehicle, up to the first hide, on to the second hide, then down to hopefully find the old lady (Lorna will kill me for calling her an old lady).  I want to see the dogs checking the vehicle, both hides and the boundaries in between.  Should you be lucky enough to find the old lady, remember she is a victim and not a criminal – deal with her appropriately.  There are points for this part as well.  You may on your quarter move from the windbreakers up to the pole in the middle of the field, but not left or right.

5.             Test of Courage: You will be once again at the windbreakers.  Two lads will come out from the vehicle, waving and shaking noisy rattles – challenge them and send your dog.  Once your dog is almost upon them you may follow on.  Get your dog under control and that exercise is finished.  You may on this exercise hold your dog.

6.             Recall: Back to the windbreakers and your recall is exactly the same set up as the chase.  A criminal comes out from the vehicle, you must challenge the same as you did on the chase.  Once the criminal reaches the pole and turns immediate left you may send your dog.  Once your dog reaches the pole, the judge will raise her arm and you may then recall your dog.  Once your dog is back at your side that is the end of the test and you may reward him how you may, but please do not let it interfere with the next competitor and their dog. 

Finally, well done.”

1st           Q. 269, Miss J. Miller & TRKINDALE ACE – WSD, D.  Nice track, very lucky in the square, nice C&A, and a consistent manwork round meant Joan and Ricky went on to be the only qualifiers and therefore win the stake. Well done Joan, I was as chuffed as you were.

2nd         NQ. 252.5, Mr W. Richardson & CAPER KAI –BSD Mali, B.  Good nosework, unfortunately 1 point short on the C&A.  Never mind Bill, just keep at it.

Track articles: brown leather, white plastic top

Square articles: green milk top, lolly stick, a single key, carpet



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