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Open Trial
Venue: Longniddry
Trial Held: 04 October 2003



This was SWTS first time at this venue and also m y first time as Trials Manager. A big thank you must go to John Gray who stepped forward and not only arranged all the tracking land but also the base.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly in the run up to the trial.  We had lots of offers of help and more than enough land for tracking.   However, the Catering Van cancelled due to illness two days before the trial.  Step forward again John G ray. who managed to produce another catering van out of nowhere.

Thanks must go to Carol and Bob Russell who helped  iron out any teething problems we had and also worked in the base and laid TD tracks. Thanks also to the many people who helped or offered help and the biggest thank you must go to my wife June who did the lion's share of the work.

Our judges from down south requested sunshine and I even managed to provide that!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the new venue so hopefully we can use it again next year.





Steward: Anne Forrest

My thanks to S.W.T.S. for the invitation to judge C.D., thanks also to Anne for stewarding and to all the helpers for making this trial a success. Thanks also to Bill for stewarding the run-off square and to all the competitors for making it such an enjoyable day.

All five dogs did excellent squares, retrieving all the articles and making Anne's job really easy. After the dogs had finished their control rounds all dogs were qualifying but unfortunately the jumps and down stay took their toll, leaving us without a qualifier and ensuring I got a bit  of stick back at base about being a hanging judge!

1st          J  Wood,  TRIALEX    DARK  ANGEL

83pts. A great round by a  promising team. down stay the only problem.

2nd        G Tait,   INSPECTOR MORSE,  83pts. Another great  round from this team, a  pity about the scale.

3rd         H  Watson,  KNECHT   CELESTINE.  77pts. A good round, just needs some work on the jumps.

4th         D McKay. GLENAULT   HIGHLAND HOOLIGAN. 72.5pts. This Boxer worked well and has bundles of character.




Tracklayers: Rachel Henderson  &  Lindsey Errington

Steward: Gwen Matear

l would like to thank S.W.T.S. for asking me to judge U .D., I had a great time, thanks also go to my track layers who did a great job and to Gwen for being my steward. This was a new venue and I hope we get to use it again as it was very nice. A big thanks must go to John Gray who got this venue for us.

1st         CoM. Mrs A Anderson and SH ELL, didn't drop a mark in  the nosework, what a great little dog to watch- it was also the dog's first outing. Track 110 - Search 35 -Gun 5.

2nd        NQ. Mr B Glasgow with TIA. Only losing half a mark on the track and 1 in the square, a nice steady dog. Brian please get the jumps sorted. 143.5- 34- 5.

3rd         NQ. Mrs M Park with AvA . Missed out a bit of the track at the start, but then worked very well. Keep up the good work. 69.5 - 34.5 - 5.

4th          NQ.  Mr G  Tait and MORSE.  Just missed the last leg of the track. He is a very neat tracking dog. Gary has also worked hard on Morse's search square, well done. 84 -26.5 - 5.


W.D. Stake

Judge: Heather Patrick 

Many thanks to SWTS for asking me to judge the tracking section of the WD stake and to Dave and June for looking after me. Thank you to Nelson Smith for laying the squares, to Joyce Rae and Jim Jeffries for tracklaying.  Unfortunately a couple of competitors scratched which left just four to work. The nosework was on stubble and the dogs didn't find it too easy. 

1st           Mrs S Braithwaite with Shula, 169.5pts COM. Well done Stevie.

2nd         Mr J Philips with Logan , 136pts NQ. Hard luck with the track. Lovely square.

3rd         Mrs June McPhillips with Kyle, 100.5pts NQ. Another nice square.



Judge: RAY LEA

Tracklayers:    Lindsay    Errington,   Bill Mackie (Sat)  lain   Forrest, Bob  Russell (Sun)

Steward: Tan Beaton

I would  like to thank S.W.T.S. for the invitation  to judge T.D. nosework. at this  new venue. To  David McPhillips and  his wife June (hope you  had  a  good  holiday) for showing me around and making my stay in Scotland very enjoyable. To my tracklayers Lindsay, Bill,  Iain and  Bob,  you were all great, and to my search steward Jan, what a nice guy to have worked alongside,  thank you all very much. To all who worked hard at the base to make this  trial a success, thank you, and for  the  invitation  to join you at Crufts next year, but I think I will go alone, having  listened to  your stories,  it will be safer, Ha Ha!

Special thanks to John and Dorothy Gray for the hospitality in their home later on Saturday night.

So to the tracking, I was a little worried as to whether  I had set a pattern too difficult for stubble, but I didn't have to wait long before l was put at ease by the first team to run, they made it look  easy,  followed  by two more teams making it look even easier, it was good to watch. Sunday followed a very similar pattern and  we ended  with a run-off for first place, and only divided by a dropped spoon. The search squares were a little disappointing with lots of mouthing, the glove causing a lot of problems to most teams.

1st          Heather  Halton,  CAREFREE  COOL CUSTOMER (lab) D. 213pts. A pleasure  to watch, head down and go. 98+30/32. Well done.

2nd         Betty    Calderwood,   ISLA  WAY AHEAD  (X Breed) B. 213pts. Another very good round but the dropped spoon cost you. Well done.

3rd         Rosie Jones,  DREAGANTA  DOUBLE DISTINCTION  (BC)  D. 210pts.   l  bet you're pleased you came to Scotland.

4th         John    Hood,   STOBSWOOD   STAR (WSD) D. 201pts. Last track of the trial, well done.

CoM Joan Miller, TRICKENDALE ACE  (WSD)D. 178pts.

Good luck to you all in the future.


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