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Open Trial
Venue: MacMerry
Trial Held: 04 October 2009

TM, CD, UD, WD, PD Stakes


I would like to thank the three farmers who allowed us to use their land for the trial; they could not have been more helpful, and provided us with plenty of land so that we had fields to spare!

The weather on the Saturday was about as unpleasant as it could be - gale force winds and heavy downpours. The Sunday was much more pleasant. I would like to thank the judges and helpers who coped valiantly on the Saturday without complaint; I think it is called character building weather!

My thanks to Jackie and Mick Suckling, Roy and Lesley Drummer and David and June McPhillips for their assistance prior to the trial. Thank you to Jackie Suckling for organising the catering, and all the behind the scenes work you did, including keeping me sane on the Friday. Thank you to Lesley Drummer and Katie Lawrie in the kitchen with Jackie, and thank you to Lesley and Katie for doing a sterling job on the Sunday when Jackie was taken ill.

I will leave my judges to thank their helpers for the various stakes, but I must give a personal thank you to John Hood for stepping in at the last minute, and being both a ‘criminal’ for the PD and a steward on the second day for the C/A judge.

David and June did a grand job at the base, leaving me free to go round and make sure all was well out on the fields. I would also thank those who escorted down to the tracking land; it is much nicer for the competitor not to worry about getting lost on their way to the nosework section. Getting back is not such a worry!

I had the luxury of some very experienced tracklayers, who did a wonderful job in making sure all ran smoothly out in the fields.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves whether they qualified their dogs or not.





Search Steward: Jackie Hilton

Control Steward: Fay Rae

Thanks to SWTS for asking me to judge the CD stake. Thanks to Stevie Braithwaite for running a smooth ship, and her base staff for the catering; this was very much appreciated when we were out in the field. Thanks to my stewards, Fay and Jackie, who did a sterling job, and were good company for the day – I hope this has given you the bug to take your dogs further.

The field we had was large with longish grass, which the dogs decided tasted better than concentrating on the job in hand. Sadly we did not have any qualifiers. There were some mixed fortunes, with handlers’ nerves taking over, which made the handlers rush things a little. Overall on their day the handlers and dogs are more than capable of progressing. Thank you to all the competitors for accepting my decisions; it was a pleasure to judge you all. Good luck in the future.

7 entered and 6 ran.

1st Mrs M Atchison with KENMILQUIN DIAMOND, Golden Ret, 69.5, NQ. This team had a nice control round but the scale let them down. Keep up the good work it will all fall into place.

2nd Mrs D Smith with SASSY SUZY, Lab, 69, NQ. After a run off (retrieve) this team took second place. Again, the control round was steady and Suzy was very willing to work, but the handler’s nerves took over at the jumps. Good luck in future trials.

3rd Miss S Ashton with MOSS OF PRIMSIDE, BC, 69, NQ. This dog is more than capable of qualifying but the long grass took its toll today. Keep up the good work.

4th Miss H Rajska with LOCHEIL LOOK NO FURTHER, 67, NQ. Stays took their toll with this team; work on your stays and it won’t belong till you have success.




Tracklayers: Lorraine Wilson and Roy Drummer

Square Steward: David McPhillips

Thanks go to the committee of SWTS and Stevie Braithwaite (Trials Manager) for asking me to judge the UD stake. Thanks to David for doing my squares, to Lorraine and Roy for laying the tracks, also to Jackie, Leslie and Katie for looking after us with the catering, plus thanks to June McPhillips for running the base.

The severe weather conditions with winds of up to 70mph, along with rain at times, made the going difficult. The tracks were on stubble with grass growing through.

10 dogs entered, 8 dogs worked on the day.

1st ADDRESS TO A HAGGIS, X-Breed, handled by Lorna Cottier, 174.5, Q. In the horrendous windy conditions Lorna’s experience showed through, giving this team 1st place and my only qualification of the stake.

2nd HAGGIS OF GLENDALE, X-Breed, handled by Alison Pollard, 178.5, NQ. Another good round of n/w despite the severe conditions. Alison worked her dog brilliantly, thus achieving the award for the best track; sadly the down stay took its toll on the day.

3rd GLENOXLEY STAR WIZARD, BC, handled by Mrs C Savage, NQ. The weather conditions were so difficult for this young dog.

4th DIEGOES CAUGHT ‘N’ THE ACT, Dobe, handled by Yvonne Walker, NQ. The rabbit didn’t help on his track.

Thank you to the competitors for entering under me, and good luck to you all for the future trials.




Firstly I would like to thank SWTS for the invitation to judge the WD Nosework at their Open Trial. Also I would like to thank the following:- Trials Manager, Stevie Braithwaite; base, June McPhillips; ladies in kitchen, Jackie, Lesley and Katie; and my square stewards, Roy and Jo, and tracklayers, Lorraine and Derek (WD), and Doug and Sheila (PD), who all gave up their time - many thanks, much appreciated.



Tracklayers: Lorraine Wilson and Derek McAuley

Square Steward: Roy Drummer

Tracking was on stubble and was very gamey and didn’t prove easy for the dogs.

1st Miss Jacquie Hall, NUNNEYSWOOD RHYTHM N BLUES, Ches Bay Ret, D, 183.5, Q. Jacquie and Cy were the only qualifiers in WD today and therefore thoroughly deserve their qualification. Nice steady track and a good square. Well done.

2nd Ms Debbie McKay, KENMILQUIN KATE, ESS, B, 180, NQ. Fab track, like on rails.

3rd Mrs June McPhillips, CRICHTON CEILEIDH, ESS, B, 108, NQ. Was going well on the track then unfortunately took a wrong turn.

4th Mrs Sheena Kerr, DEARBHAIL CILIN, GSD, B, 95.5, NQ. Track proved a little tough today.

Thanks for allowing me to judge your dogs; it was a pleasure to see them work.




Tracklayers: Jim Jeffrey, Lorraine Wilson

Steward: Jenny Beaton

My thanks to SWTS for giving me the judging appointment. To the kitchen who kept us in food, to my track layers, Jim Jeffrey and Lorraine Wilson, and search square steward, Jenny Beaton - a big thank you.

7 dogs were entered and 7 ran.

The only thing that can’t be arranged in trials is the weather and unfortunately the weather played a big part in the nosework rounds. The wind was very strong and swirled around us all day. This resulted in no-one getting round the track, leaving dogs, competitors, judge and track layers all very disheartened. As they say, that’s trials.

1st Lisa Duggan, NQ, 103.5

2nd Ann Bedford, NQ, 97.5

3rd Denise Curran, NQ, 86

4th Carol Ashworth, NQ, 81.5



Tracklayers: Doug and Sheila Shearer

Square Steward: Jo Moulin

Tracking was on stubble and unfortunately the weather was atrocious; there were gale force winds and they made the tracking extremely hard, so after the nosework we were left with no qualifiers going into the Control and Agility, then the Manwork. The wind even proved tough on the dogs in the C/A and Manwork – unfortunately, that’s trials for you.

1st Mr Terry Austin and GHYLLBECK NIMBOSTRATUS, Large Munsterlander, D, NQ. A very good effort.

2nd Mr Bill Richardson and CAPER KALI, BSD, B, NQ. Hard lines, Bill

3rd Mrs Moira Rogerson and SELDOMSEEN TWIST, WSD, B, NQ. Was tough going.

4th Miss Cath Phillips and TRACKMOORS MORGAN, BSD, B, NQ. Again, was tough going.

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