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Open Trial
Venue: MacMerry
Trial Held: 05 October 2014




Steward: Adele Whittemore

Tracklayers: Nick McMechan, Shirley Windsor, Ann Bedford and Dennis Nelson


Thank you to the Scottish Working Trials Society for inviting me to judge this year at Macmerry. My thanks also go to June, Trials Manager, and to the entire team in the base who worked so hard and kept smiling, even though the weather was not pleasant. Thank you to the kitchen staff for the amazing food they produced and to the many people who I know made the fabulous soup.

Thank you to my steward, Adele, who was great to be with over the two days and was amazing, as I did not realise this was her first time as steward. Adele has been a search square steward but not C/A, which she told me she had enjoyed.

To my tracklayers, who were great to be with, a big thank you. There were several slight problems but we all smiled and got on with the job - well done.

To the competitors, thank you for being so patient, especially on the Saturday during the C/A, when the weather was horrible, and for accepting my decisions.


1st Mrs Fran Atkin, WAGGERLAND CAPPUCCINO, WSD, 185, Q. What a lovely team to watch. The track was well run, just dropping a couple of marks, but the search square sealed it for them, losing just 1 mark. The jumps proved problematic for many of the competitors, as the weather was horrible with horizontal rain. Well done and well deserved. No doubt we will be seeing more of this team.

2nd Mrs Elaine Barr, FREDDIE’S JUST DYNAMITE, Working Cocker Spaniel, 178, NQ. What great teamwork. This little dog worked so well and enjoyed everything he did. A lovely track, just dropping two marks and yet another well worked search square. I think the rain and wind put this dog off during the C/A round, but nevertheless a lovely round and it earned them Best Track and Search Trophy. Well done and again well-deserved, and this little dog is not far off qualifying.

3rd Mr Andrew Rintoul, SILBERSTERN BLUE BLAZE, Weimaraner, 172, NQ. This team were awesome, going round the track like a well-oiled machine, which gained them full marks. Well done. The jumps caught them out but a great try and dog and handler worked so well together. Well done

4th Mrs Pat Nelson, YETA NUVVA AVAWAGA, Australian Shepherd, 163, NQ. Lovely teamwork and worked really well on the track, just dropping a few marks. Well done. Again it was the C/A which caught them out, but they worked hard and enjoyed the day. Well done and no doubt we will see more of this team in the future.


Stake: WD


My thanks to the SWT Society for the invitation to judge the WD Stake at Macmerry, and for their hospitality over the weekend. The weather was kind to us, with a mixed bag of showers and wind.

The teams on the first day coped well with the tracking conditions, whilst the windier second day took its toll of the competitors. Control and agility was generally good, with a couple of stand-out teams who impressed me with their style and application.

1st           Joanna Ramsay with her Malinois THREENINES ANNA, Gana, 193.5. AN excellent performance from a well prepared team who should do well in the higher stakes. Well done!

2nd         Cheryl Savage with her BC DREAGANTA KYP, Kyp, 189.5. Another excellent team with a promising future.

3rd          John Tait with his WSD PINFOLD TYG LAST CHANCE, Tyg, 175. Well done.

4th          John Lester with his GSD CLEO OF MEADOW BURN, Cleo, 161.


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