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Open Trial
Venue: MacMerry
Trial Held: 09 October 2011



Steward: Stevie Braithwaite

Thank you to SWTS for the invitation to judge the CD stake and to June McPhillips for running a successful trial.  Thank you to everyone in the kitchen who kept us fed and watered - it was much appreciated.  Thank you to Stevie Braithwaite, who stewarded the round for me and helped to steady the clear and long jumps in the very blustery conditions.

We had 1 qualifier on the day and the results were as follows:

1st Brian Glasgow and RANDOLPH NEILA, GSD, 92.5, Q.  Nice round from this pairing, ones to watch in the future.

2nd Helen Watson and DIEGOS TRULLI SCRUMPTIOUS, Dobe, 86.5, NQ.  So close on the jumps, very unfortunate, but you will get there, I am sure.

3rd Andrew Rintoul and SILBERSTERN BLUE BLAZER, Weim, 79.5, NQ.  Another good round, just need to sort the jumps out and the qualification will follow.

4th Jackie Hilton and GOOSECREEK CHINOOK, ASD, 79, NQ.  This pair worked well and were unfortunate not to qualify. I am sure it won’t be long before they do.




Steward: Liz Mills

Thank you to SWTS for the invitation to judge C/A.  As usual I had a wonderful time in Scotland.  For anyone who hasn’t yet crossed the border to a trial, you can be assured of a friendly welcome second to none.  Thanks to June and her willing band of helpers - hope the car is sorted!  Everything ran to order and the lovely home made soup was very much appreciated.  A special thanks to Liz who scribed for me and who was great company.  Good luck with your beautiful puppy.

The conditions were very difficult, with torrential rain on Saturday and gale force winds on Sunday.  In addition to this we had a field that was infested with mice.  Almost all of the dogs couldn’t resist sticking their noses deep into the long grass, one little spaniel actually retrieving one, much to his handler’s horror.  Whether it was alive when he caught it or not we shall never know, but after he had eaten it he went on to complete his retrieve!   So if your dog didn’t qualify this time keep at it and I’m sure he soon will.


1st  Alison Roberts, FORGUECROFT DASH N DAMMIT, CDEx, GSD, B.  I understand you are new to trials.  Very well done on a solid all round performance and the only qualifier.  Full mark sendaway. 

2nd  Moira Rogerson, THREENINES KATY, BSD, B.  An almost faultless round until the stays, when she got very absorbed in mouse hunting and, forgetting herself, stood about 3 seconds before I called time.  I’m sure Moira will soon have this sorted.

3rd Ann Bedford, MOORSONS BROADWAY ENCORE, CDEx, GSD, B.  Unfortunately, Ann had insufficient marks on the jumps.

4th Lorraine Wilson, LEETSIDE WHIZZ KID, WSD, B.  Very excitable bitch, not helped by the conditions.  Don’t lose heart, Lorraine.


Yvonne Walker, DEIGOS CAUGHT N THE ACT, CDEx, UDEx, Dobe, D.  Handled well by Yvonne, as usual.  Good control round.  The only WD competitor.


1st Tracey Park, WAGGERLAND TYNE, CDEx – WDEx, WSD, D.   Tracey and Tyne put in a solid performance to end up the only qualifier.  A team to watch out for!

2nd Caroline Wright, CARISHILL ODIN, CDEx – UDEx, G/R, D.  A near perfect C/A round.  Unfortunately, failed the track.  He is so stylish, Caroline.  Well done.

3rd Bill Richardson, KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, BSD, D.  A well controlled and stylish Mali.  I’m sure will not be long before he is in ticket.

4th Cheryl Savage, GLENLOXLEY STAR WIZARD, CDEx – UDEx, BC, D.  Good C/A round. 

Thanks to you all for accepting my decisions.  Enjoy your dogs.




Tracklayers: Saturday - David McPhillips, Derek McAulay; Sunday - Helen Jones, Roy Drummer

Stewards: Saturday - Liz Mills; Sunday - Gwen Matear

Firstly I would like to start by thanking SWTS for the Invitation to judge at this trial and to June and David McPhillips for all their hard work before, during and after the trial, ensuring that all went along smoothly despite their vehicle breaking down on Saturday morning.  Also thanks to the base staff for their skilful organisation and the kitchen staff for keeping me fed and watered (including Dave McPhillips multitasking driving a frying pan).

Track layers on Saturday were David McPhillips and Derek McAulay, with my Liz doing the search squares.  Their places were taken by Helen Jones, Roy Drummer and Gwen Matear respectively on Sunday.  All of you were a pleasure to work with and great company out there in the field - I thank you for that.   Thanks also to the farmers for their support and co-operation in providing the land for us to use.  I would like to give a big thank you to my "Landlady "for the week end, Ann Bedford, who put Liz, myself and our dogs up for the weekend, giving us all the "run" of her house,

UD was the only stake that ran over 2 days, with 4 entries scheduled to run on Saturday afternoon and 9 on Sunday; because of this the Village Hall base was only used on Sunday.

Tracking was on stubble.  On Saturday the weather was grey and over cast with some misty type fine rain, and a slight variable breeze; on Sunday it was fine, with a moderately strong breeze, easing off in the afternoon.

On Saturday the stake started with the C/A and after the competitors had finished this with their stays we all travelled en-masse to the farm adjacent to the tracking land.  Here we adjourned for an "al fresco" lunch in a barn, before the first track of the afternoon was put down.  Sunday was a bit more conventional, with the base being operational.

Out of the 10 competitors that ran (3 on Saturday, 7 on Sunday), 8 qualified on the nose work section.  This was mostly done to a high standard, with some very nice tracks and squares, but as the combined results show all but one of these went out on the C/A exercises.

1st Mrs Alison Robertson, FORGUECROFT DASH N DAMMIT (Dash), GSD, 173.5, Q.  Track 83, articles 10, square 4 for 33.  A good track, unfortunately missed the last article.  A good square, but with a bit of dropping of the articles going on, however the only competitor to put in a consistent result in the C/A section.  Well done!

2nd Mrs Moira Rogerson, THREENINES KATIE (Vito), BSD, 181, NQ.  Track 87.5, articles 20, square 4 for 30.  Very nice track; shame about the poo in the square which pulled down the mark on an otherwise very professional performance.  It’s funny how the first time they do that is at a trial!

3rd Miss Ann Bedford, MOORSONS BROADWAY ENCORE (Lexi), GSD 170.5, NQ.  Track 87.5, articles 20, square 4 for 35.  Another nice track followed by a faultless square.

4th Mrs Lorraine Wilson, LEETSIDE WHIZZ KID (Milly), WSD, 153.5, NQ.  Track 87, articles 20, square 4 for 34.5.  Milly did a nice track then remained focused for the square, with a slight blip when Lorraine dropped one of the articles. 

Finally I would like to thank the competitors for allowing me to judge you, and for those of you for whom it didn’t quite go according to plan, keep up the training and I wish you better luck another day

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