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Open Trial
Venue: MacMerry
Trial Held: 05 October 2008


Although one of the easiest trials to run, coming only a few weeks after our championship trial, which is run by my husband (ably assisted by me of course!!), makes scheduling a bit difficult.  This year was worse as our old dog, Kyle, had to be put to sleep suddenly 2 weeks prior to the trial and this was the first trial we attended without him.

A huge thank you to Jackie Suckling, who took over the catering this year, ably assisted by Katie.  It certainly made my life much easier.  I even got to watch the PD manwork!

I would not be able to do without David (him indoors!) who walks out all my fields, although unable to lay my early TD tracks, but stewarded CD, or Derek McAulay, who transported the jumps from Lauder and put signs out.  I also owe a huge debt to Rudi and Alastair Fruzynski, who no longer compete in trials, but Rudi stepped in to lay the early tracks and they both ran criminal (and boy, can Alistair run!!!) when the usual suspects were unavailable.   Also Mick Suckling, who stewarded TD both days, although he does not compete.

I will let the judges thank their own helpers, but must thank Gwen and Betty, who did base for both days.  Thanks also to anyone who offered help but was not required.

Finally cheers to our usual Farmers, Morgan Nicoll, Bill Leckie and Wullie Thompson. 

June McPhillips



Judge: Jenny Holt

Tracklayer: John Gray

Steward: Mike Suckling

The only disappointing thing about this Trial was that 14 entered the TD stake but only 8 ran.  This was a shame because the conditions on both days and the organisation were second to none.

My thanks are due to John Gray who, because there were only 4 competitors each day, laid all my tracks and Mike Suckling  laid all the squares.  I am very grateful to them both for a job well done

The standard of those who worked was extremely high, tracking on stubble on a track which, although an open pattern, consisted of 18 legs.  Six out of the eight completed the track and the others were only beaten by the wildlife which was plentiful.

Special thanks to June McPhillips and her team for a very enjoyable weekend.

1st Miss Katie Whittemore with DEVILSBECK MUSTANG, Golden Retriever.  A superb track and three out of the square, well handled and more than ready to work ’Ticket’.  A young handler (and they are around) who will reach the top, I’m sure.

2nd Mrs Helen Kelly with LAETARE DYAMI, BC, Dog.  Struggled in places on the track, but recovered all three articles, and three out of the square. Well handled.

3rd Mrs Mary Edgar with KIPCROFT LEX, BC, Bitch. Missed the first article on the track which was a pity.  Nice round with four out of the square.

4th Ms Jenny Beaton with TRIALEX NORTHERN LIGHT, GSD, Dog.  Lost marks casting on the corners of the track but retrieved all the articles and found three in the square. Well done.

Also qualified:

Miss Anne Bedford with ABI NEVIS SAY DIE, Cross. Worked first and set a very good standard for the rest to follow.  Well done.

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