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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 17 May 2009

CD, WD, Vet Stakes



Stewards: Fri - Carole Hall, Sat - Anne Forrest

Gate Stewards: Fri - Stevie Braithwaite, Sat - Carole Hall

Thank you SWTS for inviting me to judge championship CD, to Ann Bedford for all her hard work managing the trial, Betty and Jackie in the kitchens and also a lovely young lady who slaved over hot burners with Jackie all weekend - I’m so sorry I have forgotten your name, but a huge thanks to you as well. Thanks also to everyone else behind the scenes who make this trial the success it always is.

Carole was a great companion on the Friday and braved the horrendous driving wind and rain on top of the hill, and as I expected did a wonderful job as steward - thanks again Carole. Anne was luckier with the weather when stewarding on Saturday and also did a fabulous job. (Confession - during my speech on Saturday I made the cardinal sin of forgetting to thank my steward so THANK YOU AGAIN ANNE!!) Stevie kept everyone moving up the hill through the monsoon on Friday - thank you.

I was mindful that CDEx is the only championship stake where competitors can compete having never attended a working trial before. I think good communication costs nothing and helps a lot towards a less stressful experience - and who knows, they might even come back?! I told competitors what to expect and when. i.e. A notice at the base advising the first exercises would be heelwork, sit stay then square; as they finished the square, letting them know individually that the down stays would be before lunch. Also letting the afternoon ‘batch’ know that they would be starting an hour late - this only involved sticking my head out of the car window and shouting as I passed - but I am sure it helped keep some already frayed nerves in check.

We had a big entry of 28 with 4 scratches. Due to this I was mindful of keeping everything flowing whilst hopefully ensuring everyone had a fair and unrushed test. The standard of work was high and almost all the dogs were capable of qualifying, although there were a few gut-wrenching hard luck stories, but hey - that’s why they call it ‘trials`!

1st Moira Rogerson and XANDOAS CHANCE, BC, D, 100/100, Q. Literally a faultless performance from Moira which was a pleasure to watch. Thank you - and wow.

2nd Sheila Shearer and LEAD ON MACDUFF TO DREAGANTA, BC, B, 99.5/100, Q. Right up there again with a really lovely performance. I’m sure this is now the start of great things for Duffers!

3rd Alison Pollard and HAGGIS OF GLENDALE, XB, D, 99/100, Q. Keeping up the very high standard. This team (because they were very much a ‘team’) had really lovely control and that takes a lot of hard work. Very well done.

4th Mrs S Dunn and SIEGERSON NAPOLEON, GSD, D, 96.5/100, Q. A lovely dog who just wanted to please and he certainly did, because mum skipped all the way back down the hill! A good solid all round performance from a very capable team.

Also qualifying CDEx:

Mrs C Savage and GLENLOXLEY STAR WIZARD, BC, D, 95.5


Mr D Bell and DREAGANTA FINN, BC, D, 93.5

Heather Halton and KISDONS VANDAL, Hung WH Vizsla, D, 92.5

Mrs Helen Watson with DIEGO’S DE LA CRUZ, Dobe, D, 87.5

To everyone who qualified - well done and congratulations on all your hard work paying off. To everyone else - pick yourselves up, brush yourselves off, work on what went wrong and send off the entry for your next trial.




Tracklayers: Friday - Andrea Lynd and Bob Russell; Saturday - Julz and Bill Mackie

Stewards: Betty Orrin, Friday, and Jenny Beaton on Saturday

Thank you to SWTS for the invitation to Scotland to judge in such a lovely location.  Thank you to Ann Bedford, and all the behind the scenes helpers for all their hard work, during and prior to the trial, and to Carol Russell, Stevie Braithwaite, Gwen Matear and Lorraine Wilson in the base, sorting everyone out and doing all the scores and certificates.  A big thank you to Betty Calderwood and her helpers for providing some amazing meals in a tent using a camping stove - a great job.  Thank you to my tracklayers; tracklaying on the heather is not easy, especially when it’s thick fog!!  But they all did a brilliant job.  Thanks to my stewards, Betty Orrin and Jenny Beaton, for laying squares and putting competitors at their ease during the control rounds and for being great company.   

Tracking was on varying lengths of heather, which the dogs seem to love, so they dragged their handlers round, oblivious to the fact that they are struggling to walk!  But we only had 2 who fell over!  Track articles were a 3 inch square of green scourer and a large, cream coloured material tulip.   Square articles were a 2.5 inch yellow hosepipe,  3 inch x 1 inch piece of wood, 1 inch x 3 inch piece of lino and a piece of carpet.  Thanks to all of you who entered - we saw some really nice work from you all.   Good luck in your future trials.

1st  Dave Marchant and MISTER BEAMISH, 196.5, Q.  Speedy, positive tracking from a young dog, only hesitated slightly when Dave vanished down a dip!!  He managed to get out to complete a tidy square and lovely control round.  Track 88.5/20, Square 34, Control 34,  Agility 20.  Congratulations

2nd Glenys Page and BRIGLEN JOSS, 191.5, Q.  One of the teams who tracked in thick fog, which on the uneven heather is quite scary, but only for the handler!  Didn’t bother Ozzie at all, he did a lovely track followed by a very nice square.  Slightly untidy heelwork and a 2nd attempt on the scale cost points today.  88/20, 34, 31, 18.5.  Well done.

3rd Jenny Orchard and WILLOWY WHISPER OF TADMARTON, 187, Q.  Willow was a bit fast and erratic on the tracking, giving us a couple of scares, but sorted it well.  Nice square and control.  84/20, 33, 30, 20.  Well done

4th Rosie Jones and DREAGANTA GALLADUDH, 184.5, Q.  Steady track and square, recovering all the articles.  Nice control, couple of hiccups on the agility costing a higher place today.  87/20, 31, 32.5, 14.   Well done.

Also qualifying:-

Mr D Olley and LITTLE RAYMOND, 178. 

Mrs A Symon and MIDNIGHT ONYX, 173.

Mrs T Sinfield and TRACEY’S LITTLE JEZABEL, 160.5.




Tracklayers: Penny Pritchard, Lorna Cottier, Jill Carruthers, John Gray, Ian Beaton

Steward: David McPhillips

Thanks to SWTS for inviting me to judge, and to all the competitors who entered. Many thanks to Ann Bedford for running such a smooth trial, and to Betty and Jackie in the kitchen, and all their helpers. Also, thanks to all the base staff, all my tracklayers and to David, my steward; their company was excellent.

Work was over three days; Thursday was windy but stayed dry, Friday was very windy and wet, and Sunday managed to stay dry, with an odd shower. We saw some excellent tracks, with 15 out of 24 getting their tracks. Control and jumps were fair. 28 entered and 24 ran.

1st Helen Kelly, LAETARE DYAMI, BC, D, 190, Q. Shaz did an excellent track and a nice control round – pity about the long jump. She worked really well for you, well done.

2nd Hayley Philipson, POPLARTIME MYSTICAL MUSIC, Gt Dane, D, 187, Q. Did a good track and square, but sendaway let you down on the control round; full mark jumps. Well done.

3rd Liz Hulley, REMUDA RED PEPPA STETSON, ASD, B, 186, Q. Peppa did a lovely track, but missed an article in the square. Very good control round. Well done.

4th Jenny Beaton, TRIALUX NORTHERN LIGHT, GSD, 183.5, Q. Jed did a very good track, but missed an article in the square. Good control round and jumps. Well done.

Also Qualified:

Mary Edgar, KIPCROFT LEX, BC, B, 182

Caroline Martin, YES MALADY, X-Breed, B, 180

Caroline Martin, BINTIBN ARDESSIE, BC, B, 176.5





Judge: Caroline Wright

Tracklayers: Jim and Gary

We had a lovely sunny morning for this great stake. There were 9 entries, of dogs with varying ages all the way up to 14 years. It was a more relaxed part of the trial and the dogs absolutely loved getting to do some tracking on the heather - it was wonderful to watch. Every dog regressed several years as soon as the harness went on and completed each track with relish.

Thank you to everyone involved, to the competitors for allowing their ‘oldies’ some fun and especially of course to Jim and Gary who laid the tracks.

1st Hilary Morris and MISS OTIS, GSD, handled by Tanya Whorwood.

2nd Hilary Morris and WTCh TOFI WIRL, XB.

3rd Heather Halton and CAREFREE COOL CUSTOMER, Lab

4th John Hood and STOBSWOOD STAR, WSD

I hope the dogs all enjoyed the last article (a pig’s ear) and go on enjoying their tracks for many years to come.

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