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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 30 August 2009

CD, Vet,UD, WD, TD Stakes



Steward: Jim Jeffrey

Search Square: Craig Hay

Thanks to SWTS for inviting me to judge CD stake at Lauder. Also many thanks to all the helpers who made the trial run smoothly - if it wasn’t for the helpers trials would not exist. Also a big thanks to everyone that helped out within the kitchen area, especially to Betty Calderwood for all the hard work over the years; I believe this was your last year helping out at trials, the food was first class as always. Big thanks to Jim and Craig for their help.

1st Sheila Tannert with STYPERSON CLEO. Excellent round, well done. Q, 98

2nd Bernie Digges with KALIYON JASPER. Excellent round, well done. Q, 91

3rd Lorna Cottier with ADDRESS TO A HAGGIS. Nice round, well done. Q, 88

4th June McPhillips with CRICHTON CEILEIDH. Another nice round, well done. Q, 83.5

Thanks to all competitors for entering and accepting my decisions on the day. I did enjoy watching all the dogs, both old and new, and wish the handlers all the best in the future.



Judge: Gary Tait.

Tracklayers: Jim Jeffrey, Bill Mackie

Thanks to SWTS for inviting me to judge Veterans stake at Lauder. I found this stake very difficult to judge and mark as all the dogs were as good as each other. Also I would like to thank all the helpers who made the trial run smoothly and to everyone that helped out within the kitchen area. Big thanks to Jim and Bill for all the tracks they did between them.

1st Pat Williams with SUNRISE JED. This was an excellent track, did not drop a mark. Well done to you both.

2nd Ann Bedford with WOLFHART DARK ISLANDER. Excellent track, well done to you both.

3rd Julia Findeisen with GEFNI YELLOW MELLOW FOR GRACORN. Nice track, well done to you both.

4th Arthur Jeal with BRIDGALPINE SPOT. Another nice track, well done to you both.

Thanks to all competitors for entering and accepting my decisions on the day. I did enjoy watching all these old dogs do so well on the track and all the best in the future.




Tracklayers: Julz Findeisen, Mark Lewindon

Steward: Carole Hall

Thank you to the SWTS committee for inviting me to judge. My thanks to David McPhillips, Trials Manager, and his team for all their hard work which made the trial run very smoothly. Thank you to Betty and all who worked in the kitchen, for all the lovely food. I had a very good steward called Carole, who was able to make herself heard against the strong wind and kept the competitors in the correct places. Thank you, Carole.

My two tracklayers laid the tracks just as I asked – one track Julz and two track Mark – thank you. I had a total entry of six, of which five ran. Starting with the C/A, two failed the control and one failed the jumps, and I finished with two qualifiers.

1st Arthur Jeal’s WSD, HARWOOD FARM BOY. A very nice round. AJ enjoyed his day and it was good to watch. A lot more qualifications to come soon. Well done. 190.5 Qual UDEx

2nd Miriam Lyons’ BC, KALIYON CAOIBHE. Keva also worked very well today but missed the first article on the track. Another dog for you to work at the top soon. Well done. 179.5, Qual UDEx

3rd John Hood’s BSD Malinois, CHEYENNE DAWN. Sly didn’t want to lie down for ten minutes today but still had plenty of energy to run round the track, overshooting a turn and missing the last two legs. 137.5, NQ

Thank you for an enjoyable day. I hope you enjoyed the test.

When I got home I found a pair of fingerless gloves in my bag – had anyone lost a pair?




Tracklayers: Chris Greenhaugh, Jill Carruthers, Ann Bedford

Stewards: Colin Ball (Thurs and Fri), Joyce Rae (Sat)

My thanks to the SWTS for the invitation to judge the WD at their Championship trial. With David McPhillips at the helm, everything ran nice and smoothly. Betty Calderwood ran the kitchen with food for all and Lorraine Wilson kept scores, both with lots of help from many other members. Thank you to all who made this a most enjoyable judging appointment.

Prior to the trial Scotland had a pretty wet summer and the lower part of the WD tracking ground was almost under water. Overnight rain before the first day did nothing to help. Wet feet and splashing around certainly didn’t put the dogs off and that part of the Common, like the rest of it, saw some lovely tracks. Days two and three were pretty windy but dry. Tracking wasn’t so easy, but still a fair number got round. Searching was very mixed, from the three who retrieved all four articles doing it perfectly, down to those who retrieved only two with lots of messing about! Laying tracks on the Common wasn’t easy and I am very grateful to Chris, Jill and Ann for their efforts. I kept the stewarding in the family, with Colin doing the honours on Thursday and Friday and my sister, Joyce on Saturday. Thank you all.

The control round was straightforward with heelwork, retrieve, sendaway about 100yards up the middle of the field in the direction of a large pile of stones, a bit more heelwork and agility. Colin and Joyce did a super job even if half the competitors couldn’t tell their left from right!

1st Nelson Smith’s Malinois, LITTLE CROW. Mali did a really impressive round, losing only one point in the nosework. Nelson was a bit unlucky that some cows decided to look over the gate way to the left as he approached the sendaway and Mali took off in their direction. Brilliant control stopped him in his tracks short of the gate. A bit of a shuffle in the stays was worrying but otherwise a super round. 190, Qual WDEx

2nd Moira Rogerson’s BC, Xandoa’s Chance. Another superb round, just short of one search article and the long jump. Lovely to watch. 184.5, Qual WDEx

3rd Mr P Turner’s WSD, TOP SHELF ZAC. Just enough in the Control and the Agility sections but a nice track and three from the square. Keep up the good work! 170, Qual WDEx

4th Dennis Nelson’s WSD, SELDOMSEEN HOBSON’S CHOICE. Lovely track with both articles but a very messy two from the square – not much of the pencil left! A bit more polish would improve the Control but nice jumps. 167.5

Thank you to all helpers and competitors for a lovely trial.




Tracklayers: Tom Darby, Tom Middlemass, Derek McAuley, John Gray

Steward: Jan Darby

My thanks to SWTS for the invitation to judge at Lauder. I’ve not ventured this far north to a trial before, but the journey was well worth while, with a friendly reception and first class helpers, all ably organised by David McPhillips. My tracklayers, Tom, Tom, Derek and John (sounds a bit like the Trumpton crew!) were excellent, trudging over the heather in all sorts of weathers, laying accurate tracks and then being spot on with their guidance. Thanks, guys. Jan, as ever, was the perfect square steward, scribe and company – I don’t know what I’d have done without you, Jan, thanks a million. And of course, I mustn’t forget the kitchen crew, producing magical meals in what seemed to me to be impossible conditions – thanks very much to you, and all the contributors of delicious food. Many thanks also Stevie and David for your wonderful hospitality – I love your cottage, and what a lovely location.

The weather over the four days was variable, but never hot! The wind was a constant factor, and seemed to affect some of the dogs, although others appeared to not notice it at all. The heather was of varying lengths, mostly reasonably short, but with a few patches which were quite deep, although these caused more of a problem to the handlers than the dogs. Sometimes it was difficult to stay upright on uneven ground, though nobody actually bit the dust! The dogs which tracked well, tracked very well, but some were beaten by the unfamiliar terrain; the articles (a thin strip of green scourer, half a large lolly stick and a laminated St George’s flag, 3” x 2” – I had to point out my Englishness!) didn’t cause a problem to most dogs. Square articles (a small piece of rubber, a drinking straw, a small piece of plastic netting and half a wooden peg) were mostly recovered, but there was a fair bit of mouthing and dropping, which I wouldn’t have expected at this level. No dog failed the square.

The control and agility rounds were generally well done. After the stays, the round started with heelwork in a figure of eight round two people sitting on chairs, then an out-of-sight speak, and the sendaway, for which I’d put out three small green poles with red rosettes on the top (boasting again!) in a large triangle, each 100 – 120 yards away. Handlers were asked to get the dogs to all three poles, in any order, and in any way, short of the dog coming back to them. This was mainly done very well, with only two dogs failing to reach all three targets – I was looking for dogs reacting to handlers’ commands, and it was pleasing to see dogs moving happily round the field. The round finished with the jumps, which were generally done to a high standard.

At the end of four days we had 13 TDEx’s and 3 TD’s, from 33 dogs which started out, and a very tight finish for the top places.


1st Anne Bedford with ABI NEVIS SAY DIE, Cross, B, 206.5. A lovely, consistent round, super track and search, and full mark jumps. The only slight hiccup was that Abi decided not to speak today. A formidable team. Congratulations.

2nd Pat Parkinson and WTCh DREAGANTA DOUBLE DECKER AMONG MELNOLA, BC, B, 205.5. Another super round from Pat and Whizzi, with just a few bits and pieces lost on different exercises. Very well done.

3rd Pat Williams and SUNSHINE PIP, Cross, B, 205. Cutting a corner on the track was expensive, and Pip didn’t bring the search articles out cleanly. Lovely consistent control and agility.

4th Pat Parkinson and CARISHILL HYACINTH, GR, B, 204.5. A slightly sloppy square from Poppy, mainly due to over-enthusiasm, but the rest of her work was superb, with a lovely control and agility round. Well done, Pat, getting both dogs in the cards.

Also qualified TDEx:

Jenny Holt, HULLATER BROCK, WSD, D, 196.5. Missed a small bit of the track, but Brock still managed 3 and 4. Super sendaway.

Les Theobald, TYRTI TESS, BC, B, 195. Tess didn’t find the tracking easy, but worked hard for 3 and 4, followed by a very nice C/A round.

Suzanne Plumb, WTCh COLLIEWOOD CAVALLERO, WSD, D, 193.5. 2 and 3 on the nosework, but Bandit only dropped half a mark on the C/A, which was stunning.

John Currie, DREAGANTA SAMH, BC, B, 192.5. A close thing on the jumps today!

Mary Edgar, KIPCROFT LEX, BC, B, 192.5. Just managed two articles on the track! Well done, on your first attempt at TDEx.

Carole Hall, PENRITH NELL, Lab, B, 192.5. Nell worked enthusiastically at all the exercises, making Carole very happy!

John Wykes, WTCh FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF AT TARNFORCE, BC, D, 186.5. Highest track mark of the stake from Jaff.

Jill Carruthers, JASEUTER RED GARNET, GSD, B, 186. Lovely track from Kim, but a close run on the search. Good C/A round.

Anne Shepherd, LITTLE MISS LOTTIE, Cross, B, 176.5. Lottie struggled a little, but just managed to qualify.

Qualified TD:

Hilary Mercer, STARDELL INDI, BC, B, 174

Andy Baker, SID THE LEMON SQUEEZER, BC, D, 171.5

Penny Pritchard, GRACORN HOME BREWED, GSD, D, 168

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