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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 18 May 2014




Steward: Lorraine Wilson

 What a super venue! Thanks to SWTS for the invitation to judge the CD stake here at sunny (it was a minute ago) Lauder. Ta very much also to the people of Lauder, whose common we are allowed use of twice a year, the shepherds having taken the sheep off for us. Thanks.

More folks who need a mention are David, the trials manager, Gwen and June at base, Cath and all the ladies in the kitchen (the sausage and bean casserole was my favourite) but thanks mostly to Lorraine for stewarding my CD round (squares, heelwork and jumps)

Thanks lastly to all the teams of dogs and handlers who made their way to Lauder to have a go at my test. It’s quite an achievement to qualify CDEx, because it becomes part of your dog’s title for ever. So congratulations to those who achieved a qualification today, I really enjoyed watching everyone work.

 1st DREAGANTA DASH O’DEVILMENT, handled by Caroline Wright, 100, Q CDEx. Well Done!

2nd STARDELL ARCHE, handled by Jenny Olley, 98, Q CDEx

3rd STARDELL MARS, handled by Lorna Cottier, 95.5, Q CDEx

4th MALIBEARS TRUSTED GIGHA, handled by Jenny Scott, 92.5, Q CDEx

 Also qualifying CDEx:

FREDDIE’S JUST DYNAMITE, handled by Elaine Barr, 89.5

BEELAHOLT BRYN, handled by Jenny Holt, 85.5

DREAGANTA MILO, handled by Barbara Bell, 83.5

Qualifying CD:

BUDLAUBER ANYA, handled by Bill Mackie, 75.5




Tracklayers: Bill Mackie, Jim Jeffries, John Aitken, Jimmy Scott

Stewards: Fran Aitken and Patricia Templeton

Thank you to SWTS for asking me to judge, and to everyone who helped in the kitchen and the people who brought various food stuffs to keep us all going. I was especially partial to Helen’s stovies!

Many thanks to my tracklayers and stewards who gave up their time to help - without these people we would not have a trial. On Friday Jim and Bill laid tracks, with Fran stewarding, and on Saturday John and Jimmy laid tracks and Patricia stewarded. Many thanks to you all for your great company. A big thank you to Gary and Roy for helping dismantle the scale for my small dog and to Derek for being so patient whilst we did so!

Track articles – 6 inch white cable and a white toothbrush: Square - metal teaspoon, 6 x 2 pink felt, 3 x 2 wood block, 3 x 3 sponge.

The tracking was mostly on ground that was very dry, windy on Friday but even more so on Saturday, but nearly everyone got round and did very good jobs of it. Squares again very tidy, though one dog swallowed the felt! Ooops. Control was of a good standard with only a few points off here and there. Again a very impressive bunch to judge.

 1st Sue Zackheim and COOLHAND FLOOK (Fluke), Cross, D, 195, Q. All the way from London! Well done

2nd Pat Parkinson with WAGGERLAND MY SHADOW (Shadow), CDEx, WSD, D, 194.5, Q.

3rd Lorna Cottier with STARDELL MARS (Clyde), Border Collie, D, 191.5, Q. Oh, that bit of felt!

4th Jenny Wood with FORGUECROFT TOP GUN, CDEx, (Maverick), GSD, D, 190.5, Q. Joy to watch your full mark track.

Also qualified UDEx:

June Reid working S Williams SHADOWQUEST ONE AND ONLY (Arnie), GSD, D, 182.5

Sharon Dunn with NORTH PRINCE NIGHT (Milo), GSD, D, 180

Qualified UD:

D Gumm with DUVESSA VIOLET QUEEN (Meg), Min Bull Terrier, B, 153.5



 Judge: RAY LEA

Tracklayers: Jill Carruthers, Andrea Lynd

Steward: Nick McMechan


Many thanks to the committee of SWTS for the invitation to judge the WD stake at this year’s May championship trial, also to David McPhillips, the trials manager, for running a super trial yet again, to June and sister Gwen doing a thankless task in base. Thank you to the ladies in the kitchen, who tried to fatten me up all weekend with some great food, thank you all very much. To Jill and Andrea for laying the tracks to perfection on very difficult land, a massive thank you (the toggle is already in place, thanks Jill), and to my steward, Nick - all squares laid to perfection, thank you. And you were all great company. Thanks David for giving me a great team to work with.

As anyone who has been to Lauder trial knows, tracking was on a mixture of heather and a reed type grass and quite boggy in places; mix that with sun and strong winds and the tracking was not at its easiest. But all dogs did really well and most made it look easy, with just one or two small slip ups, but generally very good tracking.

The C/A was in the afternoon on top of the hill and started with the retrieve then heelwork in slow, normal and fast pace, which was quite long to get us to the sendaway point. This was a big stone and from there to a five bar gate 120 yards away; that done it was on to the jumps - clear, long, scale. That left the down stay, where we only lost one dog, and that was maybe due to the strong wind. Thank you to all the competitors for entering and for your friendly company and accepting my decisions without question.

1st Suzanne Plumb with DREAGANTA TRAFFID TANZI, BC, B, 195, Q. I think the marks say it all only losing 1.5 on the nosework and just 1 on control, and a second attempt at the long jump. Brilliant, well done.

2nd Terry Austin with MANPOL VIXEN, GSD, B, 184, Q. Another good round from Terry and Zazz, one left in the square and the long jump being very costly today. Well done.

3rd Sally Toymbee with HUNDWITH DUTIFUL, Wiem, D, 182.5, Q. First time at Lauder and what a good way to start. Well done.

4th Mike Williams with TADMARTON ELEANOR, Lab, B, 182, Q. Well done, Mike and Tara, a very young dog that is going places. Well done.

 Also qualifying WDEx:

Alison Robertson with FORGUECROFT DASH N DAMMIT, 181.5

Barrie James with LYRICHALINE TIME TO SHINE, 179.5

Martyn Willcock with MURPHY MAGNUS LUMMOX, 178.5

Debbie Meade with HEATHERMARK HAWK, 167.5

Alison Pollard with HAGGIS OF GLENDALE, 164

Qualifying WD:

Judith Stamp with LITTLE MADAM MABELLINE, 155




Steward: Julz Findeisen

Tracklayers: Derek McCaulay and Brian Glasgow

Protected Stewards: Iain Forrest, Mike Wilson, Chris Trevor, Brian Glasgow, Stuart and Phil


Thank you’s:- Trials Manager David McPhillips, my steward Tattyheed Julz, my tracklayers Derek and Brian, the lads who put a sleeve on – Iain, Mike, Chris, Brian, Stuart and Phil - June and Gwen in the base, everyone in the kitchen, and of course the competitors. Each and every one of you contributed to make this PD test brilliant from start to finish; my sincere gratitude to you all for giving up your time. Also many thanks to the farmer for allowing us the exact bit of land I wanted for the patrol round

Entries were down to 8 for the PD this year at Lauder (hopefully it is the cost these days rather than the fact it was me judging haha)! 1 person scratched and we lost 1 person on the nosework leaving 6 going into the C/A in the afternoon. The track was 15 legs long, with first article a bit of black leather belt and end article a tennis ball (my treat to the dogs that completed the track!); the square articles were placed in the square in the shape of the letter ‘Y’ facing into the wind. C/A followed in the afternoon, beginning with the speak which we started in sight, went out of sight and re-appeared in sight; I wanted to see the dogs which would stay in situ whilst still speaking. Then on to the heelwork which would see us ending up at the sendaway start point. Sendaway was on an angle down to a wall then across open field to a pylon. More heelwork to get us back to the jumps before we finished with the down stay.

Next was the manwork. We started with a very short recall, then on to a location with a guy hanging/sitting up in a tree with his binoculars spying on the farmer’s wife!! It was an incredible sight to see two of the dogs actually jump onto the wall and locate whilst balancing on the wall - a credit to their training. Then back at start for a very short chase, which once completed we had a straight escort to get us over to the start of the quarter. This was out on a slight angle to the right up to a forest area surrounded by a fence/wall, left along the wall to a gate. At this point the handlers had been told they then had to pull the dog back into the middle of the field where a big cardboard box had been placed; once checked it was back out to the gate to carry on left along the perimeter to the corner and then down to where we had 5 people lounging around. 4 were quite co-operative but 1 (Mr Iain Forrest) was injured and needed a hand to be pulled to his feet; Iain was insistent what hand the handler had to pull him up with and as they went to do this, he let go off his ‘severed hand’ and rolled about in agony, which had us all in hysterics (I’m sure that guy missed his vocation and should have been on the stage)!! Brill bit of acting, Iain, you give it your all as per usual. As the handler was helping Iain up one of the other 4 lads had been instructed to slope away and I wanted to see how the dog and handler dealt with the situation as there was a lot going on. On the whole everyone handled it extremely well, and me and Julz were highly entertained throughout! We then moved forward a few paces where we commenced the long chase out of sight round a corner. I placed myself in the middle of the field to see perfectly what was happening and I have to say I saw some fantastic chases and bites from these dogs. Mike Wilson, you were a credit to yourself and SWTS for the way you handled these dogs, as some were hurtling round that corner! Once handler had joined his dog and sorted situation out it was long escort back up field with an attack on handler en route, which simultaneously coincided with the 4 other guys attacking at same time; situation under control and it was then on to the long out of sight recall, again performed to a very high standard. Once dog was back we began the test of courage - handler left dog in any position and he then went to stand in front of one of the helpers (Brian Glasgow); another helper (Chris Trevor) then very slowly and quietly but with a threatening stance attacked his dog. Once dog had bitten, Brian was then told to put his sleeved arm round the handler and they had to get their dog off Chris and onto Brian, when dog was on Brian all the rest joined in; I had told Brian that at this point I had seen enough and the dog was to win the sleeve and end of test!

I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed judging each and every one of you and feel very privileged that we had so many excellent helpers to enable us to set this test. Great effort from all involved. Thank you.


1st and winning the CC, Mrs W. Beasley and STARDELL LUNAR, BC, B, 302.75, Q PDEx. This was Wendy and Lunar’s 2nd Ticket (the 1st being in TD) and therefore subject to KC confirmation made Lunar a dual Working Trials Champion. That manwork round was near enough paw perfect, sheer class, but then again I wouldn’t expect anything less! So, so pleased for you and good luck to you both at the KCC’S at Wessex later this year. You go get em, girl!

2nd and winning the Reserve CC, Mr D. Olley and WTCh LITTLE RAYMOND, XB, D, 283.25, Q PDEx. The picture in my head of Ray balancing on that wall doing that first location will stay with me for a long time, it was just brilliant, a credit to your training. Well done Dave, always my favourite gentleman (never change)

3rd Mr W. Richardson and KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, Mali, D, 256, Q PDEx. What a difference in Ekk’s manwork these days, Bill. Well done, and I am sure there will be plenty more to come.

4th Miss J. Miller and WOOLSHAN JAGER, GSD, D, 249.75, Q PD. Gutted I never got to give you that Ex but it’s all there, Joan, just a matter of time. Well done on a great effort.

 I never when judging add up anyone’s marks so it’s a nice surprise to me too when I am told the winner; I feel that way I can’t ever be biased. But thanks to everyone for all your nice comments on the test, it ran exactly how I wanted it to and, most of all, everyone seemed to enjoy it. Alan Bexon’s face as he came off was simply fantastic - he was running on pure adrenalin and just wanted to do it all again.



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