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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 01 September 2013



Tracklayers: Bill Mackie, Jim Jeffery

Steward: Roy Drummer

Search Square: Roy Drummer

 I would like to thanks SWTS for inviting me to judge the UD at Lauder. A big thank you to everyone who helped out in the kitchen; the food was first class as always.

The weather was very windy BUT dry over the two days; the tracklayers, Jim and Bill, as always did a great job - thanks again, gents. Thanks to my steward, Roy Drummer, for his help, assistance and company over the two days.

I have to say that some of the standard over the two days was very high indeed - keep up the good work everyone.

 1st Julie Paul with DIANDIE SUMMER STORM, 195.5, Q. What an excellent control round and track. I liked the attitude of this dog, well done to you both.

2nd Shirley Windsor with HIELAN LADDIE OF AVAWAGA, 185.5, Q. This was also an excellent round and was the best track of the day - on the top of the hill, very windy but it did not put Flash off...

3rd Dave Craven with QUIZ-IS SOMETHING SPECIAL, 185, Q. What a great control round and track. Well done to you both.

4th Joyce Watson with COLINTON CEIL, 173, NQ. This was also another great round - the down and the long jump were the only problems. Well done to you both.

 Thanks to all competitors for entering and accepting my decisions on the day. I did enjoy watching the dogs and handlers working their track and control round. I wish you all the best in the future and I hope to see you all soon at another trial or training.




Tracklayers: Anne Bedford, Eric Carpenter and Derrick

Search Stewards: Lorraine Wilson (Thurs), Nick McMechan (Fri/Sat)

Control and Agility Steward: Lorna Cottier


I’d like to thank SWTS for the invitation to Scotland to judge in such a lovely location, and for ensuring, for the most part, great weather.  Thank you to David and June McPhillips, and all the behind the scenes helpers, for all their hard work, during and prior to the trial, to everyone who helped out in the base sorting everyone out and doing all the scores and certificates.  A big thank you to the ladies who worked their magic by providing some great meals in a tent using a camping stove - a great job.  Thank you to my tracklayers - tracklaying on the heather is not easy!!  But they all did a brilliant job.  Thanks to my square stewards, Lorraine and Nick, for laying perfect squares and for being great company.  Lorna kept me company on Sunday, doing a very professional job stewarding the control and agility and keeping everything flowing smoothly ….thanks for all your help and your great company.

Tracking was on varying lengths of heather, which the dogs didn’t seem to find a problem; the same cannot be said for quite a few of the handlers, who struggled to walk, but only one person fell over…!

There were 36 entries and 28 actually worked.  11 sadly failed the track, 4 teams competed the track but missed articles on the track and 2 teams only retrieved one article from the square, leaving 11 teams qualifying in the nosework section.  The weather was dry and breezy for the 3 days of tracking but all changed on Sunday when the temperature dropped, with the occasional shower and very strong winds………but no snow!!

I set up a very straightforward test, starting with the speak with the handler sitting in a chair with their back to the dog, followed by a short section of heelwork and then the sendaway, which was 120 paces to a very obvious white sink, then a right redirect of 130 paces to a section of rough ground and a huge pile of stones.  The agility section was completed by all the dogs, with the high winds not appearing to cause any problems.  Sadly one dog failed the stays so we finished with 10 qualifiers.

Thanks to all of you who entered.

1st Gary Haim with WTCh WAGGERLAND DILEMMA, 209, Q, winning the Ticket and the best nosework.  Super track, recovering all 3 articles, followed by a full point square - lovely to watch.  A nice control round and full point agility kept Gary and Flynn in the lead.  Congratulations and good luck for the 2014 KCC’s.  Track 95.5/30, Sq 4/35, Control 28.5, Agility 20.

2nd Glenys Page and WTCh BILKO’S GLORY 204.5, Q.  Another impressive track with 3 articles and recovered all 4 from the square.  Sam was a bit enthusiastic on the speak, losing a few marks, but did one of the better sendaways and redirects of the day.  Congratulations.  92.5/30, 4/34, 28, 20.

3rd Wendy Beasley with STARDELL LUNAR, 201, Q.  Great track to watch from this experienced team; would have been a different result if Wendy had brought back the first article instead of the lovely bunch of heather Lunar presented her with!  4 articles from the square and a very impressive control and agility round.  Congratulations. 94/20, 4/34, 33.5, 19.5

4th Diane Turner and STARDELL SUBRA, 193, Q.  Lovely steady track and square gave this team a well-deserved qualification.  Congratulations.  94/20, 4/33, 26, 20  

Also qualifying TDEx:-


Sue Ashby with WTCh THE TITAN, 191.5

Yvonne Carpenter with HEX AT CARFIELD, 185.5

Tracy Park with WAGGERLAND TYNE, 183.5

Heather Donnelly with WOOLRAM LOTHARIO, 182.5

Barry Gilbert with GLENALPINE COSWORTH, 182.5

Track articles – 4 inch piece of green Christmas tree, 4.5 x 0.75 inch beige carpet, 8 inch green guide rope with knot tied in middle.  Square articles – 5 inch green bailing twine, 1.75 inch diameter wooden ring, half a peg, 1.5 x 1.5 inch piece of thick grey material.

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