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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 19 May 2013



Stewards: Linda MacDonald (Friday), Jackie Hilton (Saturday), John Atkins (both days)

This is the first time I have had any involvement in Intro Stake and it was nice to be involved with such enthusiastic competitors.

Thanks first to my very helpful and capable stewards; you were all great company, very efficient and had a lovely relaxed manner with the competitors.  Thanks also to Ann Bedford for organising the trial and everyone involved at the Base, especially Cath Gordon for taking on the catering, and all her helpers.

9 entered, 7 worked and we managed to dodge the rain and wind on each day.  All 7 were well ready for Intro Stake and more.  I hope you all enjoyed the experience of the day as much as I did judging you; it was good fun and we saw lots of great work and lovely dogs.  The first two places went to more experienced handlers, the other "qualifiers" were all very new to trials and should be proud of their early achievements.

1st Kim Astbury and CHASING A DREAM, WSD.  A very gentle dog that Kim handled well to get the very best out of her.  Solid throughout the stake and nicely confident with each exercise. Well done.  96.5/100

2nd  Louise Saunders and TORRIGLEN TRAILBLAZER, Sheltie.  Good to see Louise again - she was in trials when I started and hasn’t changed a bit!  Always with a Sheltie and as always, excelled throughout the stake, especially in the control section.  95.5

3rd Derrick and DUVESSA VIOLET QUEEN, Min Bull Terrier.  And what a little star Meg is!  Kept Derrick on his toes, she was a determined and very driven smart dog.  Knew what she was to do, sometimes did it on her own terms but then that energy has to go somewhere!  Work on the heel free around distractions; she’ll sail through the stakes.  90.5

4th Christine Chilton, SMARTIE PRIDE OF ARRAN, Cocker Spaniel.  A fine performance by Smartie with the only full point search and a solid round, bar a hiccup at the down stay.  Enjoy working her; she’s fab, don’t let the nerves get the better of you.  Like Derrick, work on your heel free anywhere and everywhere; progress is there for the taking.  83.5

Fiona Davidson and SUNNY FIRECRACKER, SBT.  First time at a trial for both and they handled it really well.  Nicely handled by Fiona, very good control and jumps by Ollie; he is another highly driven small dog with loads of potential.  Channel his energy to what you want and he’ll continue to improve.  80

Last thing – in the current climate of small dogs in trials being discussed, I do find it sad in this day and age that a fair way can’t be worked out to allow them to progress through to TD.  If they are prepared to do exactly the same test as the other competitors, with the jumps set up according to the dog’s size, and they work their dogs at the scale from a non-visible position, then I struggle to see a case for refusing them the opportunity to progress to TD. 




Steward: Lesley Drummer

Gate and keeping the whole thing running (especially in fog so thick that judge and competitors could not see each other!!!): John Atkin

Gate: Jackie Hilton

I should like to start by thanking SWTS for the invitation to judge this stake and I would also like to sincerely thank Ann Bedford for her usual smooth running trial, Cath and all the ladies in the kitchen, all the base staff and their help, John Atkin who worked tirelessly to keep it all going in arctic conditions with rain and fog in abundance, Jackie who helped John on Saturday and finally my steward, Lesley Drummer

We had 15 competitors.  4 had nice weather on Friday and 11 had dreadful weather, just getting worse, all day Saturday.  But they stuck with it and all completed the stake, which was such evidence of their commitment, and their dogs rewarded them with some lovely work.  Not everyone qualified but every dog and competitor went away with a good deal of achievement under their belts.  One of the nicest CD stakes I have judged.  Thank you everyone, and for those who did not quite make it – you will.  Good luck everyone for your forthcoming trials

1st Suzanne Plumb with DREAGANTA TRAFFID TANZI, 99.75, Q.  What can I say – an inspirational round.  This team is on its way!

2nd Lorraine Porteous with DARKISS SCARLET TABOO, 96.5, Q.  A lovely round and very good handling of a lively wee lass!

3rd Jenny Wood with FORGUECROFT TOP GUN, 95, Q.  Very nice performance, Jenny

4th Shirley Windsor with HEILAN LADDIE OF AVAWAGA, 88, Q.   What a down stay, Shirley!!!  Well done

Also qualified CDEx:

Caroline Middleton with RAYCRIS QUITE AMAZING, 84.5 – and he was!  Lovely round

Judith Stamp with LITTLE MADAM MABELINE, 84.  Another very competent round

Andrew Rintoul with SILBERSTERN BLUE BLAZER, 83.  Wonderful to watch the reward for all the hard work and commitment

Qualified CD:

Kim Astbury with CHASING A DREAM, 79 – and she is!



Tracklayers: Jimmy Scott, 2 days, David McPhillips, 1 day and Tom Mills, 1 day

Square and C/A steward: Fran Atkin, 2 days

Friday was a glorious day to travel, blue sky and lots of warm sunshine; it was hard to believe the bad weather warning signs that were displayed along the road side.  Alas, they were "Oh, so accurate" on Saturday; the tracklayers, handlers and dogs had to work in strong winds, heavy rain and thick fog!  Sunday was a much better day weather wise, but no more successful for the dogs tracking.

Thank you to SWTS for the judging appointment and a big thank you to all the helpers in the catering; Cath Gordon, Lorna, Alison Robertson, Pam Wadsworth, Jackie Hilton and daughter Mari, Shirley, Caroline and Pat Nelson.  Sorry if I have missed anyone, as ever the team works wonders providing beautiful meals, bacon buns, fantastic cakes etc, etc.    

Also at the base thanks to Lorraine Wilson, Liz Mills, Gwen Matear and June McPhillips, sorting out the scores and keeping the competitors happy over the weekend.

The WD tracklayers, Jimmy, David and Tom, were fantastic out on the common in such horrible weather - true professionals.  I certainly appreciated all your hard work; the common can be a bit tricky when you can see where you’re going but in that fog it must have been a challenge!  Thank you.

To Fran, my right hand lady, many thanks for your help with the searches - all dogs qualified in the square.  The C/A was rather awkward at times due to the fog, but the dogs managed very well.

1st BANDAITCH DIRTY HARRY, Cross dog with Julz Findeisen, 183.5, Q.  Harry worked on Saturday in such nasty weather.  He sorted out the track, even if Julz was to start with a tiny bit apprehensive to go with him, a very committed boy.

Lovely control, 32.5, and jumps, 19 - I would keep him at least another week!  Congratulations on his WDEx and win.

2nd WAGGERLAND WELLS, WSD dog with John Gray, 181, Q.  George worked on Sunday.  The weather was rather muggy; he didn’t find the tracking easy but worked through to recover both articles and three from the search, with another lovely control round, 32 and jumps, 18.  Congratulations John and George, WDEx.

3rd INKA AT BENAIRE, WSD bitch with Maureen Valks, 153.5, NQ.  Inka was the first dog to compete on Saturday and to complete the track; she recovered both articles and three from the search, and we thought this was a good omen.  Inka worked a good control round but sadly she failed the jumps.  Hopefully, in better weather conditions she will qualify, Maureen.

4th SNOOP DOG XIMENA V CAYA1S HOME DOGANODOGS, Bouvier dog with Pam Wadsworth, 92.5, NQ.  Snoop set off on the track like a good one, two beautiful legs and then lost it; worked a super square, 4 out for 32 marks. Another very good control round, 32.5, and full jumps for 20.  Pam was shocked by Snoop gaining 4th place but he deserved it.

Thank you to all competitors who took the conditions on the chin!  It was very tough going; I feel it was the weather that beat the dogs this time.  One lady that said we all take the best dog home, whether if you qualify or not - how true.




Tracklayers: David McPhillips, Jimmy Scott, Shirley Windsor, Caroline Wright and Lorna Cottier

I should like to start by thanking SWTS for the invitation to judge this stake, which is always a pleasure. Thank you to my tracklayers, David McPhillips, Jimmy Scott, Shirley Windsor, Caroline Wright and Lorna Cottier.

All the dogs seemed to be enjoying their outings and they all showed they have not forgotten what to do – despite some challenging weather on Sunday.  Well done to all dogs and their handlers

1st Kim Astbury, BIG TROUBLE LITTLE CHINA, 150/150.  Wonderful work from a dog who has never qualified because she cannot jump.  There you go!!

2nd Jackie Dykes, DAISY DOO, 149.5/150.  Super track – well done

3rd Lorraine Wilson, AULD CASTRUM JESS, 148/150.  Still going strong, Jess.  Lovely track

4th Judith Stamp, SPROLLIE DOLLIE, 145.5.  Nice work.  Well done





Tracklayers: Derek McAulay and Tom Mills

Square Steward and Scribe: Kate Wykes

PD Steward: Doug Shearer

Criminals: Tom Davis, Steve Lancashire, Sheila Shearer, Vic Snook, Anthony Snook and Chris Trevor

Thank you to the Society for asking me to judge the PD ticket; Kate and I were well fed and watered by the ladies in the kitchen.  Thank you to Ann Bedford and her team for running the trial, and also to Doug and Sheila Shearer for having us to stay for the weekend.  To my tracklayers, stewards and criminals, a big thank you for doing everything exactly as required - you made my job so much easier.

9 entered, 6 ran.

We started with the C/A, where we lost 2, then we went on to the nosework, where we lost 2 more, leaving us with only 2 possible qualifiers going into the patrol round on Sunday; 5 came back to do the patrol round.

We started with the quarter: the competitors were all told that there was an innocent person lost in the field who had been attacked and to locate that person; on finding that person they were then told by her that the attackers had made off with her handbag.  They then had to quarter the rest of the field in order to find them.  Having located one of them they then had to search him and the hide, having done that they then escorted him down the field.  As they were doing this another person walked across behind them and challenged them, and as soon as the competitors had responded they then ran off, at which point they were told to send their dogs.  The dog having detained the runner the handler then re-joined their dog, remembering to take the other person with them; they then had to search the runner and escort both people back across the field.  At some point on this escort one of the ‘criminals’ then attacked the handler with the dog having to defend; as soon as they had everything under control they continued on their way.  When they had got to a certain distance across the field they were challenged by another person who, when they sent their dog, ducked out of sight and was backed up by other people for the test of courage, with loads of noise and weapons; they then had to deal with those people, again remembering to take the others with them.  Having dealt with that situation they then escorted all the ‘criminals’ down the field; as they were doing this the recall person walked across behind them and challenged them; they were told that they were finished with their escort and to challenge the runner, at which point he ran off and they were told to send their dog, at approximately half way I signalled for them to recall their dog.

The test was executed with varying degrees of success, but unfortunately we lost the only 2 qualifiers at this stage, so no Ticket was awarded.

Those people who turned up to watch the patrol round witnessed the retirement of a great dog, as Dave Marchant has retired Murphy - and didn’t he do well, best nosework and best patrol round.   We wish him a long and happy retirement.

1st Lee Payne with WTCh LITTLE ROUGH RHINESTONE, Cross, D, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, TDEx, PDEx, 240, NQ.

2nd Alan Bexon with FLY BY NIGHT LAD, WSD, D, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, TDEx, 226, NQ

3rd David Waite with EYLAUERHOF RULA, Rott, B, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, TDEx, 208.5, NQ

4th Diane Ling with WTCh DEBEN LITTLE TOM, Cross, D, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, TDEx, PDEx, 181.5, NQ

Best Nosework Trophy – Dave Marchant with WTCh Waggerland Murphy, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, TDEx, PDEx

Best Patrol Work Trophy – Dave Marchant with WTCh Waggerland Murphy, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, TDEx, PDEx

Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me and for accepting all my decisions.

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