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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 20 May 2012



20 May was a glorious, peaceful, serene day on Lauder Common for the Veteran Stake.  This wonderful stake, which brings relaxed handlers and their old friends, bursting to get to the pole, was an utter joy to be part of.  I watched the Canine Old Masters demolish my track with lightning corners, mighty speed and deadly accuracy onto the 5 articles (one of which was a tester, to give me some chance to differentiate the scores - some hope!!!)

I gave each handler a carrier bag, to add to the fun and the sole gentleman took it, looked at it curiously and stuffed it into his pocket.  The ladies, on the other hand, assiduously opened the bag and put it onto a wrist, to avoid delaying their dogs’ progress.  The ‘bag ladies’ looked so sweet as their dogs led them round and one collected articles and all the litter left by thoughtless visitors to the Common!!

It was WONDERFUL - an honour and a pleasure

1st Fran Atkin, 150/150.  Just perfect, Brecon.

2nd June McPhillips, 145/150.  What a show, Maisie.

3rd Lorraine Wilson, 139.5/150.  Not a lot wrong with you, Jess

4th Alison Pollard, 130/150.  Baillie, you do not lose your touch

Thank you all - most especially my supportive and very skilled tracklayers: Jimmy and Helen. You had all the hard work and I so appreciate it.




Stewards: Lesley Drummer, Saturday and Caroline Wright, Sunday

I would like to thank the society and committee for the invitation to judge the Intro and CD at this trial but I am very sorry it was under such very sad circumstances; our thoughts and prayers are with Roy and his family.

When I arrived on Friday the weather was gross; strong winds and rain, but Saturday kept fine, and Sunday was warm and sunny.  Lesley and Caroline did a wonderful job keeping me organised and putting the competitors at ease, giving each dog the best opportunity to be successful - many thanks, girls.  Lesley, I hope your two black eyes have disappeared and you have fully recovered from the trauma!

As ever, Lorraine and the ladies worked tirelessly, supplying the food and drink and working wonders in the catering tents up on the common - thank you, we would be lost without you.


1st COLINTON CEIL, X-Breed, with Joyce Watson, 94.  Joyce was delighted with Ceiliah, she worked a lovely round, just odd bits to work on.  What a fantastic start to her trials career.

2nd GARTONS ARGYLL LAD, Golden Ret, D, with Maria Theodossou, 94.  Biggles thoroughly enjoyed his round and it showed; handled very well by Maria, you certainly get the best out of him.

3rd HAZELGROVE HILKA, GSD, B, with Mike Wilson, 93.  Tara worked a beautiful nosework and control round (only lost 1 mark).  Once she is confident with the jumps there will be no stopping her.

4th SILBERSTERN BLUE BLAZER, Weim, D, with Andrew Rintoul, 89.  Casper went over the scale and straight back over much to Andrews surprise; he is so agile, a lovely dog, producing a very competent round

All the dogs that worked the Introductory Stake gave a good account of themselves and their handlers; just keep up the training and the good work.  You are all more than able to qualify in the future.  Thank you for accepting the change of judge.


Ist COLINTON CEIL, X-Breed with Joyce Watson, 75.5, Q CD.  What a fantastic weekend, Joyce, making it a double win, what a shame she lost it on the down stay - not that Ceiliah was worried.  Best wishes for your future trials.

2nd LEEFSIDE WHIZZ KID with Lorraine Wilson, 74, Q CD.  Oh dear, so close.  Millie went down in the sit at 1:45, she worked a lovely search and fantastic send away - I bet she’s successful next time, Lorraine. 

3rd CRAIGESK GRAY WOOLF, GSD, D, with Jenny Beaton, 79.5, NQ.  Bryn worked a super control round with 47/50; once he has his confidence on the jumps he will be on his way up through the stakes

4th HAZELGROVE HILKA, GSD, with Mike Wilson, 76, NQ.  Once again Tara produced a beautiful control round (49/50) – stunning - and very good nosework




Stewards: Cath Gordon, Helen Jones, Lorna Cottier, Jimmy Scott.

Tracklayers: Helen Jones, Lorna Cottier, Jimmy Scott.

Thank you to SWTS for inviting me to judge UD Champ at Lauder, to Trials Manager, Ann Bedford, for organising me, to David, June, Lorraine and everyone else who kept the kitchens running and everyone full of hot and cold home cooked fare, and to Gwen, Lesley, and everyone else who attended the base - not least for looking after my puppy and making him probably the most socialised pup in the country!  Thank you.

UD ran over the Friday and Saturday, with Friday throwing the worst of Scottish weather at us, with rain, wind and biting winds, then warmer and calmer weather the following day.    Unfortunately my planned Steward, Pam, was unable to come to the trial (I hope Neave is feeling a bit better now. Pam) so it was all hands to the pumps, and Lorna and Jimmy doubled as tracklayers and stewards on Friday (with Lorna also managing to steward the C/A), and Helen stewarding the C/A and also tracklaying on the Saturday, and Cath Gordon stewarded the Saturday search squares.

I am very happy to say that everyone managed to qualify UDEx.  I wish I could say it was due to my judging, but no!  Everyone was ready for the stake and managed to keep it together on the day - so very well done to all of you.

1st Pam Wadsworth with SNOOP DOG XIMENA V CAYA’S HOME DOGANODOGS, Bouvier, D, 193.5, Q.  A very impressive performance all round, with particularly sharp nosework.  Well done.

2nd Maureen Valks with INKA AT BENAIRE, WSD, B, 193, Q.  A tidy all round performance and particularly nice sendaway.

3rd Ann Bedford and MOORSONS BROADWAY ENCORE, GSD, B, 192.5, Q (after run-off).   Lexi pulled it out of the bag today and did you proud.  I was especially impressed with that send-on!

4th Brian Glasgow with RANDOLFIELD NEILA, GSD, B, 192.5, (after run-off).  A very nice round, just a little tidying-up here and there.  Well done, Brian.

Also qualifying: 

Jennifer Deans with GATE HASP, Cocker Spaniel, 186.5

Fay Rae with SILVERSNIPE ONLY ONCE, Lab, 186.5

Alison Robertson with FORGUECROFT DASH N DAMMIT, GSD, 177.5

Jacquie Hall with LITTLE ASHAN, X-Breed, 174




Tracklayers: Derek McAulay and David McPhillips

Search Steward and C/A Steward: Arthur Jeal

I love coming to Lauder, so many thanks to the Scottish Working Trials Society for inviting me to judge the WD Stake at their Championship Trial.  We were looked after really well and had an enjoyable time, in spite of the weather!  Thank you to all the ladies in the kitchen who worked so hard preparing the food and keeping us so well fed.  Thanks to Derek for running a good trial and to Ann, June and all who helped in Base.  There is always so much paperwork to be done at a trial, and base stewards work very hard to get everything sorted out.

Derek and David were my Tracklayers and Arthur my Square Steward as well as C/A Steward.  Thank you all for doing a very good job in very difficult weather conditions.

There were 13 entered but after cancellations we were left with 8.  Four dogs worked in really bad weather on Friday, two of them managed to track really well, and the other two almost got round.  On Saturday, in slightly better weather, all four got round.  The C/A took its usual toll and I ended up with 4 Qualifiers.

1st Mrs M Rogerson with THREENINES KATIE, BSD (Mal), B, 185.5, Q.  Well done, Moira.  Very good track and search.  Also good control round but only just made it on the jumps!

2nd Mrs C Brooke with TADMARTON DARK REMY, Lab, D, 182.5, Q.  Well done, Carole.  You worked first on Friday in rain and wind and did a good track, but the square was rather untidy today.  A good control round and jumps.  I must mention his stay.  He was the only dog left on Friday to do the stays and he lay there for 10 minutes in strong wind and heavy rain.  We were both drowned! 

3rd Ms H Cook with LOOKYLOOKY LIFE N SOUL, WSD, D, 180, Q.  Well done, Heather.   A good track but missed an article in the square.  Sendaway was costly today.  Full marks on the jumps.

4th Miss J Hall with NUNNEYSWOOD RYTHHM ‘N’ BLUES, Ches Bay Ret, D, 166.5, Q.  Well done, Jacquie.  A good track until you came to the last leg when he went wrong, so missing the last article.  He didn’t feel like doing heelwork today but luckily he made up for it by doing a good sendaway.  Full marks on the jumps.

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