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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 02 September 2012



Steward: Lesley Drummer

Thank you very much to SWTS for their invitation to judge and for all the help from everyone at the Trial

There were 8 teams, some completely new to trials and some who have worked in the past.  All the dogs were clear what was expected of them and the handlers, though a little nervous, all gave their dogs a good chance of success.  As well as a good introduction to the sport, which they all said they enjoyed, there was good learning for all the handlers, which they can take into CD stake confidently.  It was a most enjoyable experience and we look forward to seeing them in the years to come.

1st Patricia Templeton with FRANKIE THE FLYER, 94.5, Q.   A very proficient round with a dog who has good potential to go through the stakes.  Very well done, both of you, in your first ever attempt at a Working Trial

2nd Brenda McConnell, CAORANNLEE SPIRIT OF SULA, 94, Q.  Another well performed round with a score to reflect the competence shown on the day.  Good luck as you go through the stakes

3rd Maureen Keel with ANNALEEB COURT JESTER, 93.5, Q.  A lovely round from Quink on the day. Well done, Maureen

4th Jane Rintoul with SILBERSTERN WATER BUOY, 89.5, Q.  Well done, Jane. A really nice round.  Enjoy your move into other stakes

Also qualified:

Elaine Barr with WINDLEGREY PHANTOM, 83.5.  Well done, Elaine - a nice round.

Well done to all handlers and very best wishes for the future with your dogs




Many thanks to SWTS for the invitation to judge CD and Veteran stakes at this delightful trial.  Thanks to everyone who helped in any way ensuring the trial, as always, ran like a well oiled machine.  Special thanks to David, June and Ann and everyone working at the base.  Also, Lorraine and her gang working in the kitchen.  What a thankless task that is!

Finally, thanks to the competitors for accepting my decisions and allowing me to judge their dogs. 


Stewards: Lorna Cottier  (Friday), John Hood   (Saturday)

The standard was very mixed, from newcomers to our hobby, who were just out for the first time, to very experienced handlers out with their young dogs.  It was nice to see all the dogs, without exception enjoying their day.

Thanks to Lorna and John.  Both did an excellent job of putting the handlers at ease and making my job of judging much easier.

1st Barry Gilbert with GLENALPINE COSWORTH, BC, D, 99, Q.  Cossie’s first time out and showing what he is capable of.  With Barry at the helm this team are destined to get to the top very quickly!

2nd Wendy Craven with QUIZ-IS SOMETHING SPECIAL, WSD, D, 92, Q.  Handled today by Dave.  As his name implies he really is something special.  Odd marks lost due mainly to over exuberance.  I hope Wendy is soon feeling better.

3rd CC Greater Manchester Police MANPOL VIXEN, GSD, B, 87.5, Q.  The only qualifier on the first day.  A very lively bitch handled well by Terry Austin.  Again, most point lost due to excitability.

4th Jim McKay BERRYLEY BERGEN, GSD, D.  A lovely big Shepherd.  Failing on the jumps today, but otherwise Midge worked really well.



Track Layers: Jimmy Scott, Terry Austin

Square Steward: Sylvia Austin

Thanks to Jimmy, Terry and Sylvia for making the test just as I had planned.  We all enjoyed watching the Veterans working.   They were all so happy and accurate they made mincemeat of my test.  Dogs just get wiser as they get older - unlike us humans!

I had two dogs on full marks and gave it to the winner as he had the worse piece of ground.  The second two were a mark behind.  The only thing that separated them was the speed in which they executed the square.

1st Bill Norman with ADAIRWAY BRIGAND, GSD, D.  Brig put his nose down at the beginning of the track and didn’t lift it until he’d finished, despite changes in terrain and Bill lagging at the end of the line!  Bill rescued this dog - he really is a credit to you.  I hope you can go on having the odd outing with him for a while longer.

2nd Diane Turner with LUCY GREENGAGE, CDEx – TDEx, BC, B.  Wow!  First to work and did she show the rest how it should be done.

3rd Fran Atkin, BRONFYNNON BRECON, CDEx – TDEx, WSD, D.  Brecon really enjoying his day out.  He’s great!

4th June McPhillips, CRICHTON CEILEIDH, ESS, B.  Ceileidh dragged June round the track.  No wonder she needed gloves!  A joy to watch.

Enjoy your dogs, and see you all when I start all over again with my puppy.




Tracklayers: Jimmy Scott and Gary Martin

Steward: Shirley Windsor

Many thanks to SWTS for the opportunity to judge at this lovely trial, with special thanks to the Trials Manager, David McPhillips, and his team of "weel kint faces", who run the trial year after year, and give everyone a warm welcome in sometimes difficult conditions.

Thanks also to the excellent pair of tracklayers, and to my steward, who had only weeks before completed a course run by SWTS on the duties of a steward.  She had certainly done her homework.

7 entered and 4 qualified.

The weather was dull and occasionally threatening, with a strong breeze, but it stayed dry.

1st Nelson Smith with THREENINES ALEX, Mali dog, 197.75, Q.  A very smart and responsive dog, well handled by Nelson.

2nd Gary Tait with MASTER FIELDSPAR ICE, GSD, dog, 184, Q.  A good, competent round.  Just needs tightening up to progress to the higher stakes.

3rd Jackie Hilton with GOOSECREEK CHINOOK, ASD, dog, 175.75, Q.  This dog tracked on the very edge of the wind-blown scent and had me reaching for my whistle on more than one occasion, but he completed the pattern and retrieved the last article.  Four out of the square and a very good C/A round confirmed the qualification.

4th Cath Gordon with NNERUM FANFARE, Cocker Spaniel, dog, 175.5, Q.  This small dog did a cracking track, losing only half a mark, and in only six and a half minutes.  Too many "sweeties" left in the sheep field used for the control prevented us from seeing this dog’s true ability, but a good solid agility section pulled him through.




Tracklayers: Jill Carruthers and Andrea Lynd

Steward: Nick McMechan

Thank you to SWTS for the invitation to judge WD at Lauder.  I have always loved this venue and it is a great privilege to be asked to judge; Lauder is one of the last bastions to be allowed to track on heather.

Your team - David and June McPhillips, Ann Bedford, Gwen Matear, Lorna Cottier and Ian Beaton – made all welcome.  The ladies in the "kitchen" – you were amazing, always smiling, and gracious to all.

Thank you to my tracklayers, Jill and Andrea (bad knee), who were great company and girls you can rely upon.  To my steward (never done this before), Nick, thank you very much.

It is great to be able to concentrate on the team tracking, knowing your square and articles are in safe hands, and in the C/A this man was a gem.  All societies out there – book him.  What a brill steward!

1st And rightly deserved, Mrs C McRae, CARISHILL FREYA, G/R, 189.5, Q.   A very nervous handler; well done – onwards and upwards, you deserve it.

2nd Mrs Moira Rogerson, THREENINES KATIE, BSD, 184.25, Q.  Well done for keeping your cool on C/A.

3rd Mr Les Theobald, TYTRI ROMAN JACK, BC, 183.5, Q.  Not an easy dog to work – congratulations on your qualification.

4th Mr Martyn Willcock, LUCY THE LAWLESS OF LANCS, WSD, 176.25, Q.  The dog I would like to take home; what a cracking little bitch, great tracker, smashing.

Qualified WD:

Mrs Alison Pollard, HAGGIS OF GLENDALE, 158.5.  The cutest dog in trials worked his heart out on the track (worst conditions) and only the clock beat him.  Congrats on the jumps.

Thank you to everyone.

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