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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 15 May 2011


Judge: RAY LEA

Steward: Dianne Lightfoot

Many thanks to SWTS for the invitation to judge the CD Stake and Veterans at the May Championship Trial, and for the great hospitality over the three days.  To Ann Bedford, who looked after me as well as running everywhere; to everyone at the base who worked nonstop with the food and hot drinks which were needed; to Gwen and Betty doing the scores -  thank you all. 

Thank you to my steward, Dianne, who did a smashing job of laying the squares and the C/A and putting every one at ease in difficult conditions.


This took place on the Saturday and started with the squares which were laid along the inside of a wall to give some protection from the strong wind.  The retrieve started the C/A round, as the grass was a little shorter near the entrance, which gave everyone the chance of a good retrieve without searching for it in the long grass.  Control was done in the usual manner, heel on lead, recall, heel off lead, sendaway, then to the jumps and ending with the sit and down stays.  The overall standard was good, but stays and jumps took their toll.

1st Mrs A Robertson with UMBERTO PINFOLD BOB, WSD, D, 92, Q CDEx.  Very nice steady round; well done.

2nd Mr G Martin with MAGIC DARK SHADOW, Lab, D, 84.5, Q CDEx.  Well done, Gary.  The sit stay cost you today; well done.

3rd Mrs C McRae with TRACELYN LADY IN BLACK, GSD, B, 83.5, Q CDEx.  Well done, good steady control round.

4th Mrs J Rae with GEFNI EFOR EFFORT, GSD, B, 76.5 Q CD.  Well done; keep an eye on the jumping at folk.

5th Mr N McMechan with BLACK AMAETHON, X-Breed, 75pts, Q CD.  Nearly there, well done.

6th Ms C Gordon with NNERUM FANFARE, Cocker Spaniel, D, 74.5 Q CD.  Sendaway cost you today, but what a lovely little dog; well done.



Tracklayers: Tom Darby and Helen Jones

Stewards: Tom Darby and Helen Jones

The Veterans stake took place on the Sunday morning where we had a bit of fun for the older dogs.  Tom and Helen also laid the squares, which were laid part way round the track with six articles, three of which were food and carried double points if brought out clean.  The handler made the choice of when to restart the track if they thought they had spent enough time or they got all six articles; they just had to work out where it started from to complete the track.  At the start the handler was given a carrier bag as there were TEN articles, but all would be revealed at the end.  I think every one enjoyed it.  It was great to see these retired dogs working again and they did enjoy doing it.  There were 220 point up for grabs.  Only one team did the track and square in style, only missing one article.

Square Articles: a cream egg, an uncooked egg, a dental stick, all carrying double points; a cork, a head lamp wiper blade, and a large plastic lid.

Track Articles: a bag of biscuits, a stick, blue milk bottle cap, end article - a ball on a rope.

Thank you all, I really enjoyed my time with you.

1st Mr Mark Lewindon with SORUMOUR LETS BOOGIE AT BRACOKELI, GSD, 208.  This dog made it look all to easy; well done.

2nd Ms Allison Pollard, PRIDE OF THE GLEN, X-Breed, 146.  Took a fancy to the egg, but you got the shell!  Well done

3rd Mrs Rita Banfather with STARCO MY GUY OF BANNERSWAY, 136.  Got off to a great start, but seemed to lose it after the square - good try

4th Miss Ann Bedford with WOLFHART DARK ISLANDER, 106.  At least she knew where she was going, Ann.  But your girl ran out of steam; good try.

Thank you for the pleasure of watching these dogs work .




Tracklayers: Helen Jones, Derek McCaulay

Steward: Lesley Drummer

Many thanks to SWTS Committee for the invitation to judge the UD stake at their May Championship trial, and for your hospitality.  You all made my wife and me very welcome; it was a real pleasure to be with you all.  This was our first visit to Lauder and we were most impressed by the whole area – it is so beautiful.  Special thanks to Ann Bedford for all your help before and during the trial. 

Lorna Cottier and her ladies did an amazing job with the catering; what they produced in a tent that at times felt as if it was going to blow away, and a choice of three course meals at lunchtime, was quite remarkable.  You were all a credit to your Society.

Lesley Drummer laid the search squares absolutely spot on and guided the competitors round the control and agility sections in a most professional manner, allowing me to concentrate on the judging bit.  You did a really first class job and were a pleasure to be with.  It was a privilege to have very experienced tracklayers in Helen Jones and Derek McCaulay; they did a great job in what looked in places to be hard going, and again were a pleasure to be with.  On behalf of the competitors and myself, thank you all.

Tracking on the common would be a new experience for me and when I had a look at the land on Thursday it was very windy.  The weather ranged from ankle deep to knee high and I thought that tracking was going to be difficult.  The weather on Friday was fine with just a fair wind and a couple of light showers, Saturday was fine but very windy indeed, but what surprised me was that it seemed to make little difference to how the dogs worked; I was most impressed.  We had some very good nosework on both days; those that completed the track did so in fine style.  All of the dogs qualified in the search square.

The track articles were a 2" square of underfelt and a piece of brown knotted cloth 4" long.  The search articles were a 0.5  x 3" piece of leather, a 0.5 x 4" piece of carpet, a rubber garden tie 0.25 x 4" and half a wooden clothes peg.

The control field was lush grass.  Retrieves were generally well done but some dogs had to hunt for their dumbell.  Sendaway was eighty of my paces up the hill to a bath tub; the average mark was 6.5, but no dog got full marks.  The standard of heelwork varied, but it was very windy out on the hill, especially on Saturday.  Agility was of a good standard, with just three dogs having difficulties.  Just one dog failed the stays.  Overall I thought the standard was quite high with some very promising young dogs coming through.

The best track was KENMILQUIN KATE, ESS, handled by Debbie McKay; the best search was done by GLENALPINE PERDI, handled by Maurice Millington (four articles out in 90 seconds); and the best control round was by CARISHILL FREYA, handled by Caroline Martin.

Out of eleven entries, nine ran and three qualified.

1st Maurice Millington with GLENALPINE JUD, BC, 180, Q UDEx.  Track 87, articles 20, search 25.5, control 28.5, agility 19.  Tracked on Saturday on probably the roughest piece of ground, but no problem for Jud; he made it look easy.  Good sendaway and retrieve – looks like a very promising future for this team.  Very well done.

2nd Mark Lewindon with MANPOL SPIRIT AT BRACOKELI, GSD, 175, Q UDEx.  84, 20, 24, 27, 20.  A very good all round performance by this very keen young dog that will only improve with experience.  Looked rock solid in the stays.  A very exciting prospect for the future.  Well done.

3rd Julia Findeisen with Carole Hall’s GSD, GUNISWENS ARRIVA-LA-DIVA, 164, Q UDEx.  84.5, 20, 16, 27, 16.5.  A good honest track by this dog, but she switched off a bit in the search square.  Very good retrieve, but had her own idea of the direction of the sendaway; apart from that no real problems.  Very well handled by Julia.  Well done.

4th Caroline Martin with CARISHILL FREYA, Golden Retriever, 178, NQ.  86, 20, 26, 32.5, 13.5.  An issue with the scale spoilt what was otherwise a very good all round performance indeed by this team.  Once their little problem is resolved I am sure that they have a very successful future in front of them.




Tracklayers: David McPhillips and Andrea Lynd

Steward: June McPhillips

Thank you to Scottish Working trials for the invitation to judge the WD - I had a really wonderful time.  The committee are all really committed to running this trial and all pull together to run a wonderful trial on the Common at Lauder; you should all be very proud of yourselves. Thank you to Ann Bedford for all her hard work, and Lorna and her band of helpers in the kitchen; it was great to come in from the tracking land to good home cooked hot food - it was very much appreciated.

Thank you to my tracklayers David and Andrea for laying all my tracks perfectly; however you do it on the common I will never know. Thank you to June for laying my search squares and stewarding the control round - you were great company. Thank you to all the competitors for entering and accepting my decisions.

1st Tom Darby, TRIPLE CHAOS, CDEx, UDEx, WSD, 191, Q WDEx.  Tom and Rio tracked first and set the standard; they recovered all articles from the track and search, then went and did a really good control round. Well done on your qualification, you really deserve it.  You’re a great team.

2nd Dave Bell, DREAGANTA FINN, CDEx, UDEx, BC, 180.5,Q WDEx.  Dave and Finn also tracked on the first day.   Again, a lovely track but left an article in the square; another very nice control round.  Well done.

3rd Mike Williams, MARINA BEN’S PAL, CDEx, UDEx, X-Breed, 179.5, Q WDEx.  Mike and Marina tracked on the Sunday.  Again, a very nice track but missed the first article; also a very nice control round.

4th Alison Pollard, HAGGIS OF THE GLEN, CDEx, UDEx, X-Breed, 176, Q WDEx.  You nearly gave us a heart attack on the last leg of the track but Haggis stood her ground even though you didn’t want to go with her.  Very well done

Also quailified WDEx:

Cheryl Savage, GLENOXLEY STAR WIZARD, CDEx, UDEx, BC, 161.5

Qualified WD:






Steward: Lauren Marlow

Tracklayers: Mark Lewindon, Tom Darby, Eric Carpenter

PD helpers: Mark Lewindon, Alan Heatley, Tom Davis, Iain Forrest

Firstly I would like to apologise for the late report; I would also like to thank SWTS for the invitation to judge.  First time in Scotland - loved it!  Thanks to Ann Bedford and all the people who were involved in organising and running the trial.

Tracking was on Friday and Saturday; the track was 11 legs, all right angles, laid on a mixture of grass and heather.  The first article was a square of underlay half way along the eighth leg, the end article was a strip of rubber - both heavy scented articles. 

The weather was mixed, with some strong wind and rain.  All the dogs worked hard on the track and in the square; the handlers’ approach to the nosework was very professional.  Unfortunately, 2 teams were lost on the nosework.

For control, heelwork started from near where the vehicles were parked, and proceeded parallel to a dry-stone wall for about 60 yards, before turning left through a gateway.  This threw some of the dogs.  Agility was generally well done, but the sendaway gave some dogs a slight problem.

The patrol round started with the recall.  The dog and handler were in the centre of the field.  From the left hand boundary about 100 paces away the recall helper ran across the field from left to right.  At a given point the dog was sent, and on my signal the dog was recalled.  This was done so that regardless of speed the dogs were at the same distance from the helper when the dog was recalled. 

The quarter started from the same place, as did the rest of the patrol round.  The dog was sent to the left, along the boundary to the right, covering 2 sides of the field, then called into the centre of the field to check 2 piles of rocks, then directed to a boundary on the right and along a fence where 2 helpers were sitting next to a trailer.  The location was followed by a search and escort.  During the escort one helper broke and ran forward, at the same time the second helper did an attack on handler.

The test of courage commenced from the start point.  A helper wearing a bite jacket was holding a black bin-bag in each hand.  From about 80 paces away the handler was told to challenge.  The helper was standing upright and shouted back.  The dog was sent; when the dog was about half way the helper went into a crouching position.  When the dog was about 20 paces away, the helper stood up, arms outstretched to make himself as big as possible, and then back into the crouching position, moving forward and flapping the bags vigorously.  Dogs were not given an ‘in’, they had to show courage and get in, hence the use of the bite jacket.  Although not an easy test of courage most of the dogs dealt with the test well.

The last exercise was the long chase, set up as for the recall, except 2 helpers ran together.  When the dog was about 15 paces from the running helpers, one stopped (to be ignored) and one carried on running.   The helper ran on for 10 paces after the bite and all dogs stayed on.

All dogs worked hard, and the handlers were professional in approach and sportsmanlike in attitude.

1st Dave Marchant with WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, WSD, 263.5. A really good all-round performance by Dave and Murphy, a pleasure to judge.  Congratulations on yet another Ticket.

2nd Gary Martin with WTCh TYTRI ROY, BC, 258.5.  So close, a brilliant team - well done.

3rd Dave Olley with LITTLE RAYMOND, X, 252.75, NQ.  A well trained dog with a good handler, one to watch for in the future.

4th Cath Phillips with TYGUARD CHILLI AT MANPOL, GSD, B, 219.75, NQ.  A good team, performed well - not an easy dog, but a good dog.

A big thank you to Lauren, who did all the stewarding over 3 days, the helpers who came for a run-through for the patrol round the day before - it does take time to get things right - and also the tracklayers - not an easy place to lay tracks but they did, and with the aid of a compass they made it look easy.

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