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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 29 August 2010



Stewards: Mary Edgar and Caroline Wright

My thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge at this trial, to all the base staff, to Jackie and her team for the catering, to my two stewards for their time and company and to David McPhilips as Trials Manager.  We had an unfortunate start to the CD when, despite all our preparations and run through on the Friday so we could get a quick start on Saturday, come the morning we lost the allocated ground as it was full of cattle.  This meant having to find land elsewhere, move jumps etc. to another location, so we were somewhat delayed in commencing the Stake.  However this is Trialling.

The overall standard was good with dogs of all types and sizes.  All bar one were successful in the square and got through Group 3.  However the jumps and stays took their usual toll and we ended up with three qualifying CDEx and three CD’s.  My final thanks to all the competitors and dogs for their patience and for those that were disappointed, best wishes for the next time.

1st Barbara Bell and PENNBROOK FLY, Lab, Q CDEx, 94.5.  An excellent all round performance and would have had a full point Group 1 had the sendaway been a bit nearer the marker.  A slight hiccup at the long jump.

2nd Jennifer Deans and GATE HASP, Cocker Sp, Q CDEx.  Another excellent performance from a fairly inexperienced handler who worked hard for this team’s qualification.  All marks lost in Group 1 were in heelwork only.  A slight hiccup on the long jump.

3rd Alison Robertson and FORGUECROFT DASH N DAMMIT, GSD, Q CDEx, 82.5.  Good effort all round.  This dog seemed a bit inexperienced but very energetic and will improve, I am sure.  Squeezed through on Group 2.

4th Maureen Aitchison and LUCKY JACK, Cocker Sp, Q CD, 79.  Appeared to be a bit unsure what is required in square and needs a bit more energy at jumps.

Also qualifying CD:

Sue Ashton and MOSS OF PRIMSIDE, BC, 78

Maureen Valks and INKA AT BENAIRE, WSD, 77




Steward: Jenny Beaton

Tracklayers: Jim Jeffrey, Julia Findeisen, Lorraine Wilson

Firstly a big thank you to SWTS for the invitation to judge at Lauder, a fantastic venue and even better the sun shone both days.  David and his team did a great job of organising and thanks to the catering team for the superb bacon croissants (very posh, much more upmarket than butties!)

No judging would have been possible without my helpers in the field - Jenny who put articles in the squares and stewarded for the Control, and Jim, Julia and Lorraine who laid lovely tracks, sometimes on quite difficult ground.

The control work was completed in the morning and started with the retrieve, then heelwork which was set up to take the competitor to the start of the sendaway.  This did not always work but we managed to get everybody to the right place eventually!  Some very impressive control work with four competitors scoring full points.  Next came the jumps which again overall were well executed.

I made the decision to work the square before the track as I have so often seen dogs complete tracks then run out of steam for the search.  This did not cause any problems to any of the dogs but I think some of the handlers were surprised when asked to do it this way.  Although the second day was quite a bit windier than the first this did not seem to affect the standard and some lovely tracks were worked both days.  Overall the standard was extremely good, and to those who qualified, a big well done, and to those who did not quite make it, I am sure your time will come.

1st Mrs D Turner, STARDELL SUBRA, BC, 197.5.  Perfect control and jumps, minor hiccup on the track, a joy to watch, well done.

2nd Mrs V Thomson, CONCENN YAUTIA, GSD, 189.  Another perfect control round, unfortunately missed one article in the square.

3rd Mr G Haim, LAWINICK STILL OF THE NIGHT, GSD, 185.5.  Not too keen on sendaway, but redeemed himself with a lovely track and search.

4th Mr A Heatley, JOTUNHEIM TRUCKER, Mali, 184.5.  Nice control round and lovely track through the reeds; luckily we could see the handler, just kept losing sight of the dog as he pulled Allan along!

Also qualifying:

Mr S Hirst, TRIJEM TRUEBLUE COWBOY OF AVAWAGA, ASD, 184.5.  Missed the last track article but otherwise good work and a nice steady round.

Mrs J Sayer, TAZ OF HOLLOWGATE, WSD, 184.  Another superb control round.

Mr L Wightman, PRETTYPOINTS ANCI, Hung Vizsla, 170.5  Took 5 minutes on one corner of the track but eventually recovered and completed it. What patience!

A special mention for June and Maisie - unfortunately Maisie was not so keen on the control but when she got her tracking harness on she became a different dog, dragging June around a perfect track at what seemed like 60mph.  Great to watch.     




Tracklayers: Andrea, Jimmy and Bill

Steward: Roy Drummer

Many thanks to SWTS for this appointment to judge the WD stake.  Thank you to Dave McPhillips and his team for all

their help.  My tracklayers were Andrea, Jimmy and Bill; all laid accurate and consistent tracks, giving each competitor the

same chance.  Roy Drummer, ‘Steward Extraordinaire’, was my steward for squares and control.  Well done and great company, Roy.  Tracks and searches were performed to a very good standard; most dogs were easily ready for this level.

1st J Carruthers, VOMKYNA DARCA, GSD, B.  The marks say it all.  A young dog to look out for in the future. Must go all the way.  Wonderful performance.

2st J Paul, KENMILLIX I’M YOUR MAN, GSD,  D.   A very quiet well performed round.  No frills here, just does the job very well with no mistakes.  Great to watch.

3rd C Savage, GLENOXLEY STAR WIZARD, BC, D.  Nosework performed very well.  Heel work needs work, and then look out.  Well done.

4th A Jeal, HARWOOD FARM BOY, WSD, D.  Not a lot wrong here.  A very consistent performance in all sections. Best of luck in the future.

5th W Beasley, STARDELL LUNAR, BC, B.  Missed last leg of track but then produced an almost perfect control round. Very well done.

6th S Austin, ShCh GHYLLBECK ANTHEMIS OF ISHEERA, Large Munsterlander, D.  Big dog for a little lady to hang on to.  Good all round performance.




Tracklayers: Derek McAulay, Tom Darby, Jill Carruthers and Bill Mackie

Stewards: June McPhillips, Gwen Matear, Lorna Cottier (C/A)

Thank you to SWTS for this opportunity to judge my first Ticket stake.  As usual David and June McPhillips did a great job, organizing everything with base keeping everyone informed.  The ladies in catering, now under the leadership of Jackie Suckling, kept us well supplied with food and drinks.

Tracklayers Derek, Tom, Jill and Bill did a great job putting the tracks down, not always in the best of conditions (early morning fog and waist high sedge).  Many thanks to my stewards for the four days, June and Gwen put the squares down exactly as I requested and Lorna kept everyone in order through control.  We managed to stay dry for the majority of the nosework although it was very windy on the Saturday.  Sunday however was a slightly different story.  The first few dogs worked in very windy conditions, the later ones worked in very wet and windy conditions.

31 entered, 25 worked, 10 qualified the nosework section, four of which qualified overall.

It was a straightforward test, the track having 16 legs with articles: a 2"x1.5" piece of scourer, 2.75"x1" piece of lino and an 8.5" drinking straw.  The square contained a 3"x 0.5" piece of clear tube, 3.5" sash cord, 8.5" chain and 3.5" diameter plastic ring.

Control. The speak had already been done out on the common so C/A started with heelwork followed by the sendaway.  150yd to a marker with a recall half way then a left redirect to another marker; agility completed this section. Unfortunately the two dogs in the lead after the nosework both went out on the jumps, leaving an open competition.

1st Suzanne Plumb with WT Ch. COLLIEWOOD CAVALLERO, WSD, D, 200.  Not the easiest of tracks for Suzanne and Bandit but managed a respectable 3/3.  Tidy control round, luck being with Suzanne on the stays!  Congratulations.

2nd Mary Edgar and KIPCROFT LEX, BC, B, 198.  Nice track, also missing one article from the square.  Mary’s usual high standard in control gave her this well deserved place.  Well done.

3rd Terry Austin and GHYLLBECK NIMBOSTRATUS, Large Munsterlander, D, 190.  Another that missed an article on the track but made up for it with a great control round - lovely sendaway.  Well done.

4th Linda Newbold and COLLIEWOOD DANCING BRAVE, WSD, 178.  Linda’s eyesight saved the day when she spotted the first article, after which Dylan settled into the job and did a lovely track, sadly missing the last article.  Good control, though Dylan lost it a bit during the heelwork, having hit a patch of stinging nettles.  Well done.




Tracklayers and Search Stewards: John Hood and Jimmy Scott

Firstly I would like to correct a cardinal sin, in that I do not recall thanking my two tracklayers/search stewards in my speech when finishing the trial, so I would like to do so here.  I have never been enthusiastic about or participated in this stake but having watched these handlers and dogs working I would confess to having a change of mind.  I enjoyed judging this stake, despite being frozen stiff in the cold windy weather prevailing on Sunday.  I decided to be a bit different by doing a mini progressive square and was surprised that none of the teams got the remaining last article, but conditions were not in their favour.

1st Barry Gilbert and WTCh LAETARE DAY JAVU, BC.  Excellent tracking and appeared totally committed to article location.  Should have been a cat in the manner he got slower and slower and nearer the ground as he approached and literally pounced on the articles.

2nd Pat Parkinson and WTCh DREAGANTA DOUBLE DECKER AMONG MELNOLA, BC.  A driven dog who loved what she was doing and with a tail that got faster and faster the further on she got, along with Pat’s legs.


4th Pat Williams and SUNSHINE JED, Lab

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