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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 18 May 2008



Steward: Jenny Beaton

Thank you SWTS for the invitation to judge at this trial.  I have enjoyed all aspects of this trial over the years and thoroughly enjoyed my judging appointment.  The catering, as usual, was superb, thanks to Betty Calderwood and her team.  The Base was its usual efficient self - thank you all.  Thanks to Trials Manager Ann Bedford for organising everything.

Jenny Beaton was steward for both Searches and Control.  Very efficient and good company into the bargain; thank you very much, Jenny.  Thanks also to Jo Moulin, gate steward, for keeping the competitors coming, and helping out with all the bits and pieces.

The field for the CD was vast, and this added to the time taken, as each competitor had a long walk both for the control and searches.  However, I think this probably helped as most dogs seemed very settled when approaching each group of exercises.  The grass was neither too long nor too short.  The weather, though wet, was not disadvantageous.

The standard of the work was very high indeed, both from experienced handlers and newcomers alike.  All but one dog qualified in the search with no article causing any problems.  Articles: Key, Lino, Carpet.

The Control and Agility test was straight forward with no one exercise causing any problem.  Teams that did not qualify failed on what could only be a blip on the day, and will no doubt  make up for it next time out.  Well done to all.  I enjoyed the pleasure of judging you and hope you enjoyed the day.

1st Nelson Smith and Mali, LITTLE CROW, BSD-Mali. Q CDEx, 99.5 . 

Marks say it all.  Losing only 0.5 on the Sendaway.  Lovely handling and a very well mannered dog.

2nd Brian Ogle and Panza, EYLAUERHOF’S ROMMEL, Rottie, Q CDEx, 96.5   A really together team.  At 18 months Panza showed a very mature attitude to work - a real pleasure to watch.

3rd Rosie Jones and Galla, DREAGANTA GALLADUBH, BC, Q CDEx, 92.5.  Lovely work from this team today. 

4th Kate Wykes and Meg, KIPCROFT MEG OF TARNFORCE, BC, Q CDEx, 88.5.  A nice control round brought these two a good qualification.  Well done.

Also qualifying CDEx

Antonia Alonzi  and Glen

Denise Currnan and Fuzzy

Anique Lahring and Mojo

Fran Mitchell and Louis

Qualifying CD

Helen Watson and Darcey


Stake: UD

Judge: Jill Carruthers

Tracklayers: Saturday, Julia Findeisen and John Gray; Sunday, Angela Porter and Dave McPhillips

Stewards: Saturday June McPhillips, Sunday C/A June McPhillips searches Julia Findeisen

Thank you to SWTS for the invitation to judge the UD at the trial, and everyone who gave up their time to help in any way. All the fantastic donations of food are amazing. You will never go away from this trial hungry!

As ever the trial ran well, under the control of Ann Bedford trials manager/dog walker etc - thanks Ann.  To all the hard working members of SWTS - you did it again, another successful trial, everyone fed and watered up on the common.  Thank you Betty, Jacqui, Lorna etc.  At the base Gwen, Stevie, and Mary deciphering scores and sorting competitors!!

Saturday was wet with a constant wind making it feel cold at times, Sunday warm, dry and sunny.

Thank you to Julie, John, June, Dave and Angela - you all gave each dog the best opportunity to succeed in each area of the test.

1st195, DREAGANTA ALPHA CENTUARI, BC, B, with Doug Shearer.

Alfie found the whole test a breeze. Congratulations on this win, I am sure there will be many more to follow.

2nd189, TWEEDSMILL LOCH TAY, F/C Ret, B, with Carol Ashworth. It was super to see Holly enjoying the agility so much, Carol, it was just brilliant.  Keep up the good work, she is lovely.  Congratulations to you both, you deserve       your success.

3rd188, TYGUARD CHILLI AT MANPOL, GSD, B, with Cath Phillips. Pepper has landed on her paws with Cath. Both have such drive and enthusiasm it’s       infectious.  Very well handled, especially in the C/A.  Congratulations.

4th187.5, NORSHEP BRECK, GSD, D, with Stevie Braithwaite.  Breck was the first dog to track and set a high standard on very tough terrain, recovering all articles. He is such a powerful dog, but well managed by Stevie. I know how much work you have put into him, it’s paying off beautifully.      Congratulations.

178, WAGGERLAND CHILE, WSD, B, with Clive Griffiths.

177, TOGSTON TOODLEPIP, Lakeland Terrier, B, with Avril Bryson. Pip won the best UD track trophy.  This little dog is awesome, taking Avril along the track over rough land and up hill, and she is a STAR!

165.5, PENRITH NELL, Lab, B, with Carole Hall.

156, UD, CORBYCRAGGS KIZZY, Lab/Poodle, B, with Rosie Robson.

Thank you to the competitors who entered. We witnessed some very good rounds of C/A; most marks were lost through extra commands - verbal and body language all count!  The ground on Lauder common can be a challenge but the dogs love it.




Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd, David McPhillips, Jill Carruthers, Lorna Cottier, Gary Tait

Steward: Lorraine Wilson

I would like to thank SWTS for the invitation to judge the WD stake at Lauder, and thank the competitors for entering and allowing me the opportunity to judge them and their dogs.  I also thank my tracklayers – Andrea, David, Jill, Lorna and Gary – and my steward, Lorraine, who were all brilliant;  also thanks to Betty Calderwood, who kept us all fed and watered.

We witnessed some very good rounds, with all teams making a positive approach to the test.  Congratulations to all of our qualifiers, and those who did not quite make it on this occasion should be encouraged, as you are very nearly there.

1st Diane Turner with LUCY, BC, B, 199, Q WDEx.  Well done, Diane, the marks say it all, with full mark track and search.  Winner of the stake, taking the Ardfen trophy and the best track trophy.

2nd Pat Williams with PIP, Crossbreed, B, 196, Q WDEx.  Well done, Pat, another super display with full mark C/A.

3rd Katy Whittemore with DEVILSBECK MUSTANG, Golden Retriever, D, 194, Q WDEx.  Well done, Katy, a pleasure to judge.

4th Bill Norman with BRIG, GSD, D, 190, Q WDEx.  Well done, Bill, a great performance.

Also qualified WDEx:

Ron Jaques with JAQ IN A BOX, BC, D, 187

Peter Yates with TRACKMOORS MORGAN, BSD, B, 185

Hilary Morris’s CARISHILL PARSLEY, Golden Retriever, 180.5, handled by Moira Rogerson

Karon Tiffany with BRICKER BRACKEN, WSD, D, 180

Peter Turner with TOP SHELF ZAC, WSD, D, 176

Jim Sewell with DRESBERG ESTELLE, GSD, B, 166

Jenny Beaton with TRIALEX NORTHERN LIGHT, GSD, D, 165

Tanya Whorwood with RUSKIN SEA SHEPHERD, GSD, D, 163

Qualified WD:

Liz Roberts with CALLANWAY HARRIS, GSD, D, 157

Dennis Nelson with SELBOMSEEN HOBSONS CHOICE, WSD, 153.5


Stake: PD


Stewards: Laura Bardwell, Jim Sewell

Tracklayers: Dave McPhillips, Iain Forrest

Criminals:Tom Davies, Iain Forrest, Brian Doyle, Stuart Hay.

My thanks to SWTS, for their invitation to judge PD at Lauder; that being said I would have much preferred the original choice, John Watts, to be fit and able to carry out the appointment.  Let’s hope John is soon back in trials, both as a handler and judge.

However, back to my appointment and the thanks for what turned out to be socially and hospitality wise possibly my best ever appointment.  Thanks to trials manager, Ann Bedford, and her team; to Lorna and Betty, the food was great - sorry about sharing the tracklayers’ breakfast with the competitors, but I assumed you were continuing the over feeding of Laura and me.  Thanks to Dave and June McPhillips; the hospitality at their home on Thursday night was first class. 

Thanks to my team all named above.  They all did a wonderful job and helped make the weekend very enjoyable.  Thanks also to the competitors for accepting my decisions in a sporting manner, and for keeping me on the straight and narrow.

My nosework, control, and jumps part of the test was purposely made straight forward in an effort to have the maximum number of potential qualifiers going into the patrol round.  Sadly we lost three of the eight who worked, one in each section.

So into the patrol round with five hopefuls; once again this was straight forward, the only difficulty being on the quarter, an open field with four hides, but an area in the centre set aside for spectators.  Most handlers had some difficulty in moving their dogs on from this area.  Another problem for the handlers was that on the recall exercise at the point of recall the dog was out of sight; this meant the handler had to have faith in their dog and give one command, or give extra commands that would of course be marked.

1st John Wykes and JAFF BC. 

This team gave a good performance in most sections.  Nosework 113, control 28.5, jumps 15, patrol 137, 293.5, Qual PDEx.  Congratulations John - hope the second Ticket is not too far away. 

2nd Dave Marchant and JAKE, WSD. Another good performance for the most part, sadly no sendaway proved very costly.  Nosework 110, control 22.5, jumps 15, patrol 139, 286.5, NQ. 

3rd Bill Richardson and KALI, BSD, Malinois.  Hard lines, Bill, if only you had had faith in your dog. Kali turned on a sixpence on the first recall command, pity about the other two - they cost you a qualification and reserve ticket.  Nosework 107, control 26.5, jumps 20, patrol 103, 256.5, NQ.

4th John Gray and MOUSE, BSD, Malinois.  Another good performance for the most part, but no speak at the last hide and no recall proved very costly.  Nosework 107.5, control 31.5, jumps 19, patrol 92, NQ. 



Judge: Sheena Kerr  

Tracklayers:  Bill Mackie, Jimmy Scott.

Thanks to SWTS for the invitation to judge, and to Trials Manager Ann Bedford and the team at Base for an excellent trial.   Betty Calderwood and the catering team for the lovely food - thank you.

Thank you to Bill and Jimmy for the tracks.  I know you both got a lot of pleasure out of watching these retired dogs getting round them. 

The dogs’ ages were roughly 9 years young, apart from one young trouper who I believe was 13 years.  All dogs enjoyed the outing and showed the handlers a thing or two.   Articles were meant to be light hearted -  a packet of fruit pastilles, a ball,  carpet, a Bonio  inside a Toilet Roll tube.

Unfortunately there had to be placings, but really  they are all  firsts  in my book. Well done all. 

1st Joan Snowden and Tagli, BC, TYTRI TRIPLE TEE.  Super track, on rails.  What a pleasure to watch, superb

2nd Stevie Braithwaite and Shula, GSD, NORSHEP SHULA. Another super track and another pleasure to watch.  Fantastic.

3rd Derek McAuley and Spud, ESS, MAXMOLS WEE CLARTY.  Another nice track with just one hair raising moment, but Derek was soon sorted out by Spud and they were off again.  Excellent.

4th Julia Findeisen and Zanya, GSD, GEFNI YELLOW MELLOW FOR GRACON.  Lovely tracking, with only an article being missed to make the difference.  This girl really showed her mettle, pulling mum off her feet to keep going.  Wonderful.

5th Judy Stamp and Millie, XB, RESERVOIR RESCUE.   What a star is Millie.  A 13 year old terrier type whose tail tip could be seen above the heather, never faltering in pace and with corners to die for.  Unfortunately missed the last leg and article.  What a gem.

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