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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 31 August 2008


This is a great trial to run as there always seems to be an abundance of willing helpers.

The lead up to the trial went well as normal (even though my normally reliable early morning TD tracklayer defected to competing in the stake!!!) and thanks to June, everything was organised and the paperwork done.  Unfortunately I was a bit unwell in the week of the trial but, in true SWTS style, everyone rallied round and rearranged themselves so someone was available to help me if required - it was great having all these women running after me, oops I mean, on hand to help!!!!

A big thank you to anyone who helped in any capacity, especially Derek, who ferries all our equipment back and forward, amongst other things, and Ann, who, although not TD tracklaying, made herself available for any other duties that were required.  Thanks also to Betty and Jackie and their catering team who, as always, kept everyone well fed and watered.

As always, a special mention for Derek the Shepherd, who takes the sheep off the common for us, and Jimmy Runciman, the farmer who provides the control fields.

David McPhillips    




Tracklayers: Helen Jones and Jimmy Scott

I would to thank the Society for the invitation to judge.  It is nice to judge at a trial that can’t get any more local, and judging the oldies made it all the more special.  Thanks also to David (ably assisted by me of course!!) for being Trials Manager and also the base and catering ladies.


Helen Jones and Jimmy Scott laid the tracks and made sure all the dogs had the best chance possible.  With ages from 7 to 13 or 14; these oldies can still show us how it’s done.  It was a pleasure to watch.

After the tracks I had 2 on 99.5 and 3 on 99.  I couldn’t split the first 2 so they got joint first, and for the others I split them on a number of things, including age.

Joint 1st Ann Bedford with MOLLY and  Lorna Cottier with HAMISH.   An excellent track from both of these, 99.5.

3rd Jenny Holt with MEGAN.  Another great track.  After finding a treat and a ball Megan knew she was finished, but Jenny was still looking for more articles!!  99

4th Glenys Page with TESS.  Another terrific track.  Little Tess wasn’t even out of breath!  99

5th Julia Findeisen with ZANYA.  Cracking track, although Julia did have trouble keeping up with her.


Helen Jones was an excellent steward and managed to put the competitors at ease and keep me in check also.

One thing I did notice was the number of new competitors who appear to have no knowledge of ‘trials etiquette’, in particular thanking the steward and using continuous commands. 

Out of 14 entries, 9 competed and 4 qualified.  Most of those who didn’t qualify are almost there.

1st Roseanne Leatham with SAM, Collie, 94. Q.  An excellent round from this young team.

2nd Pam Cuthbert with SAM, X-breed,  93, Q.  Another great round. 

3rd Andrea Lynd with PEG, Lab,  90.5, Q.  Andrea promised us a good laugh, but Peg had other ideas and put in a lovely round. 

4th Adele Whittemore with JACK, GSD, 82 ,Q.  Sat up in the down stay, but an otherwise good round pulled them through. 




Tracklayers: Ann Bedford, Lorna Cottier, Jill Carruthers, Sheila Shearer

Steward: Pat Parkinson, Helen Jones

Trials Manager: Dave Mc Phillips

Base Stewards:  June Mc Phillips and Stevi Braithwaite

Thanks to the society for the invitation to judge, and especially to Dave and his team for all their hard work in organizing and running the trial to perfection.  Friendly people, lovely caravan site, relaxed atmosphere, superb food, just about everything anyone could want at a trial. 

Thanks to Betty Calderwood, Jan Darby and all those in the kitchen team.  It looked like there were dozens of them but in actual fact just about everyone lent a hand as and when needed,  base stewards, tracklayers, Treasurer, and general helpers.  Really just how it should be, but I must say a special thanks to Jan Darby who arrived at the base every morning before 7.30am and worked through all day with Betty to provide food for everyone, including a three course meal at lunchtime.  A minor miracle when using just a couple of camping stoves.  Thank you.

To my tracklayers - you were brilliant. First day, Ann Bedford and Lorna Cottier in high winds; second day, Lorna and Jill Carruthers in 24 degree sunshine; third day, Jill and Sheila Shearer in more moderate conditions.  Thank you all. 

Thanks also to my square and control steward Helen Jones, an absolute model of efficiency, and to Pat Parkinson, who took over on Saturday when Helen deserted me to lay tracks. Really enjoyed your company.  Thank you.  Square laying on the common is not an easy task.

Special thanks also to Helen for transporting me about. Her little van could go where my camper van couldn’t.  Helen managing to drive over the moors and the mud and deep water filled ruts and ditches was unbelievable.  I still think it was a Range Rover disguised as a Citroen Berlingo.

1st Julia Findeisen with TOLBERG JUMPING JACK, GSD.  Nice steady controlled track, getting both articles and 3 from the square, followed by a very stylish and accurate control round.  A pleasure to judge; one for the future.  Good luck and very well done. A very worthy winner.  Track 85,  Articles 20,  Square 25, Control 34.5,  Agility 20, Total 184.5,  Q WDEx.

2nd Mary Edgar with KIPCROFT LEX, BC.  This little bitch tracked as if she was on 3 inches of meadow grass. Superb.  Thoroughly deserved the trophy for the best track.   Lex’s square was laid on heather that was over 2 feet high.  She disappeared into the square, only to be seen as she brought each article out.  Happy, enthusiastic, and totally committed in all sections.  87,  20,  28,  30,  18.5, Total 183.5, Q WDEx

3rd Sylvia Austin with ShCh GHYLLBECK ANTHEMIS OF ISHEERA, CDEx, UD, Munsterlander.  Wow, this big boy fairly dragged Sylvia around the track. Worked in the heat on Friday and really got on with the job, helped by Sylvia’s eagle eye on the last article.  Put in a happy, confident and competent control round.  And a ShCh to boot.  Well done.  Carry on showing the breed people what these excellent dogs are all about.  86,  15,  17.5,  33, 19,  Total 170.5, Q WDEx

4th Sheila Tannert with STYPERSON EBONY,  CDEx – WDEx, Lab.  Ebony had absolutely no trouble with the track, but lost a few marks because she had to return to mum now and again to hassle her along.  It’s perhaps as well we were not too close to Sheila as she was hauled for 150 paces over the bog.  It would have been too much for my delicate ears!  Then we nearly had heart failure as 20 paces before the end of the track Ebony decided she had had enough of mum not doing her bit, so she went on strike.  However, a few minutes of Sheila’s excellent negotiating skills resulted in Ebony completing the track.  Then during the control round, after doing a brilliant sendaway Ebb decided she couldn’t possibly stop as she had to pop back yet again to see if mum was ok.  Fortunately by the halfway point Sheila managed to convince her that all was well so she returned to the sendaway point and waited for the return command. Very entertaining.  81,  20,  21, 29, 17,   Total 169, Q WDEx

Also qualified WDEx:

Rosie Robson with CORBYCRAGS KIZZY, Lab/Poodle cross.  A little overshooting on the track cost marks, but essentially a competent performance, followed by an excellent control round.  Well done.  82.5,  15,  19,  32.5,  15  Total 164.

Worthy of a mention: Andrea Lynd with ACREOAKS APHRODITES LOVE, Boxer.  Molly worked in the heat on Friday. She tracked about 30 paces down the first leg then decided she couldn’t find it.  After about 3 minutes she thought she may have found it but decided it was far too hot to track.  Then, having learned negotiating skills from Sheila, Andrea called an emergency meeting which lasted for another 4 minutes.  Strike over, back to work.  Completed the next eight legs of the track, losing only 6, when she ran out of time.  Best to hold these meetings before starting the track, Andrea, but very well done.  Amazing handling.

All the dogs competing made a really good attempt and I’m sure their qualifications are not too far away.  Thank you all for entering under me and accepting my decisions in good spirit.  Good luck for the future.

Brilliant Trial.  Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.




Tracklayers: Tom Darby (4 days), Rudi Fruzynski (2days), David McPhillips, John Gray, Andrea Lynd, Jim Jeffrey, Penny Pritchard (All 1 day).

Search Steward: Lorraine Wilson

Control Steward: Lorna Cottier

My thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge the TD stake at this trial.  It is a long time since I have enjoyed an appointment so much.  The organisation was first class from start to finish, due in no small part to the excellent teamwork that is exhibited by all involved with the running of the trial.  David and June do a first class job at the helm, ably assisted by the rest of the club. No job is seen as too much trouble.  SWTS could be held up as a model of how it should be done - very well done to all of you.

It was interesting, as well, to see so many people come along to the trial to see what trials is all about.  Some may be mooting that the sport is dying - not if this crowd have anything to do with it!  Keep up the good work.

My TD team of helpers were great company and ‘professional’ throughout; every competitor was given every possible help to qualify their dogs, especially by Lorraine, who is so enthusiastic to see the dogs do well.  (I hope she is helping at a trial I am entered at soon.  Never mind the dog, I shall be watching her to see where the articles are!).

We were very lucky with the weather, only the occasional spot of rain on the tracking days, although the wind was a bit strong at times, and only the last three dogs to work the control had to do so in the rain, despite the bad forecast.

The common was in excellent condition, I have not seen it so good.  Nobody had a bad area to work on, and the general standard of the nosework reflected that. There were the usual hard luck stories, but that is trials!

I set a straight forward track, allowing for the ground and potential weather conditions; all of my selected articles were found, but not by all dogs and/or handlers.  I strongly believe that the hard work is done on the nosework field and I like to see the best nosework dogs go through to qualify.  As in all sports the cream rises to the top, this was certainly the case at this trial.  The standard of work on the control field was excellent.  Well done to all the qualifiers; bad luck to those who didn’t quite make it this time, but I am sure they are all well capable of future qualifications.

I did have one disappointment at this trial, and I find it sad that I even have to be saying this to people competing at this level.  The people that tracklay and steward for you give up their time, they are not paid, and they don’t have to do it.  Don’t abuse their good nature.  A simple thank you goes a long way!  There were too many people who did not thank their helpers, and if anybody wants to point a finger as to why the sport may be dying, (if that’s what you think - I don’t by the way), think about looking after these people and just remember your manners.

1st, CC winner COLLIEWOOD CAVALLERO, 213, well handled by Suzanne Plumb.  We very nearly lost their track as it was being worked, but they worked through successfully, and followed with a very tidy control round. A worthy winner and I was pleased to be the judge who gave him his second ‘Ticket’.  A true champion.  Congratulations.

2nd, Res.CC WTCh DREAGANTA DOUBLE DECKER AMONG MELNOLA, 207, handled by Pat Parkinson, after a run off with 3rd placed dog.  Superb nosework round, but I don’t think Pat was too surprised with the not so good control.

3rd CAREFREE COOL CUSTOMER, 207, handled by Heather Halton, after run off with 2nd placed dog.  Another very good nosework round and steady control, just beaten in the run off.

4th Styperson Lomomd. 205.5, handled by Stevie Boyall.  All round good performance, as you would expect from this experienced team.

Also qualifying:

TAMERRYE MARANELLO, handled by Miriam Lyons, 205

WTCh STYPERSON BRIAR, handled by Sheila Tannert, 202

WTCh BRIGLEN NUTMEG, handled by Glenys Page, 201

JASUETER RED GARNET, handled by Jill Carruthers, 197

CAPER KALI, handled by Bill Richardson, 195.5

HEATHERMARK VIXEN, handled by Debbie Meade, 192

SELDOMSEEN ZIGGY, handled by Heather Patrick, 189

STARDELL HEBE, handled by Moira Rogerson, 189

WTCh WAGGERLAND FLOSS, handled by Anne Fowler 188.5.  (Her 62nd TDEx. What an achievement!).


Qualifying TD:

GHYLLBECK NIMBOSTRATUS, handled by Terry Austin, 171.5

Well done everybody - a great trial.  I hope you enjoyed the test as much as I enjoyed watching your dogs work.

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