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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 02 September 2007


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Bob Russell, Helen Jones, Iain Beaton

Stewards: Stevie Braithwaite, Bill Richardson

It was a pleasure to be asked to judge the UD stake at Lauder, which has always been a favourite trial of mine. Thank you SWTS for the invitation. Trials Manager Ann Bedford did a super job in organising everything and looking after me. Thank you very much Ann. To the base stewards, caterers and the many helpers - you were all brilliant.

My tracklayers, Bob (2days), Helen and Iain (1 day) laid perfect tracks on very long heather. You gave competitors every chance to get round, and 13 out of 16 did so. Many thanks for laying my tracks.

Search and control stewards, Stevie and Bill again did just what I asked, and could not have been more helpful.

The weather was good - windy, but no rain. Tracking was excellent, with two full point tracks, two teams with 89.5 marks and three teams on 89. All dogs recovered 2 or more search articles. Control rounds were of a reasonable standard, although some dogs were a bit too interested in the sheep muck.

1st           Bill Norman and ADAIRWAY BRIGAND, GSD. This young gentleman made it all look so easy. Nosework 87.5/20/35, control 34.5, jumps 16.5. Total 193.5. Well done Bill. Keep up the good work.

2nd         Hazel Burton and HAZTONS LUCKIZA LADY, WSD. Super track and control. Missing a square article cost you first place, but this was a well deserved qualification. Nosework 89/20/28, control 34.5, jumps 19. Total 189.5

3rd         Hilary Morris and CARISHILL PARSLEY, G Ret. Hilary did well to track on such uneven ground, having to stop at one point on the track to get her breath back. Gaining 3rd place makes it all worth while. Nosework 87.5/20/28, control 34.5, jumps 19. Total 189

4th          Brian Glasgow and NORSHEP ROCCO, GSD. Solid all round performance with excellent nosework. Well done. Nosework 89.5/20/33, control 30.5, jumps 14.5. Total 187.5

Also qualifying UDEx:

Carol Brooke, THEALEFARM BROOK, Lab, 186.5

Helen Kelly, LAETARE DYAMI, BC, 178.5

Julia Findeisen, TOLBERG JUMPING JACK, GSD, 166.5

Bill Norman and Brian Glasgow share the trophy for the best track and search.


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: David McPhillips (4days), Tom Darby (4days), Pete Hodgkins (2days), Tom Middlemas (1day),   Lorna Cottier + bump (1day)

Search Steward: June McPhillips

C/A Steward: Pete Hodgkins

Judging or competing at Lauder has always been a good experience for me, and this appointment was no exception. Thank you to the Society for allowing me to judge the ticket stake. Huge thanks to Ann and all the helpers at the base for all your help and support, and for running a great trial. We were treated to a sit-down lunch every day in the marquee - what a luxury. Thanks to Betty and all your catering team for the lovely food.

My tracklayers did a sterling job, no mean task on the heather. Many thanks from myself and the competitors. Unfortunately tracklayer David was abandoned on the moor again so he threatened to resign!!

The track consisted of 20 legs and the articles were a thin wood strip, a small piece of cork mat and a cartridge case. The weather was very kind to us, quite windy at times, but we saw some super tracks – oh, and the views were spectacular too! June laid all the searches and trekked around with me for 4 days. All dogs qualified in this section. Thanks June, and I hope you soon recovered.

Control day was fine but very windy. The test started with slow pace heelwork, with the steward walking beside the dog, then normal pace to the speak area. The speak exercise was carried out with the handler out of sight behind a pylon. I was looking for 15 barks in 15 seconds for full marks; three dogs got full marks. This was followed by fast pace heelwork to the sendaway start point. The sendaway was approximately 140 yards to a prominent mound of stones, and then left redirect 140 yards to a grassy mound, slightly uphill. Many dogs did not respond to commands. After doing a practice sendaway with my own dog, who did it well, I was expecting to see some excellent attempts. Finally, the test was completed with the clear, scale and long jumps. The highest control marks were Suzanne Plumb and Bandit (32) and Paula Harvey and Oliver (31.5)

Many thanks to Pete for stewarding the control and agility, and to all the stewards who helped with the stays.

Well done to all the qualifiers. I hope you enjoyed my test.

1st           Glenys Page and BRIGLEN NUTMEG, (WSD). Meg did a super track and search - Mum was puffing a bit. A little dog with a great attitude. Many congratulations on your second ticket win and good luck at the KCCs. Track 96, Art 30, Search 34, C/A 29.5/20. Total 209.5

2nd         Anne Fowler and WTCh WAGGERLAND FLOSS, (BC). Floss still does everything with great enthusiasm at nearly 8 years old. A very fast track. Won the trophy for the best track. So close to the winner today. Track 96, Art 30, Search 35, C/A 28/20. Total 209

3rd         Stevi Boyall and STYPERSON LOMOND, (Lab). Well done Stevi, a very consistent round. Track 94, Art 30, Search 35, C/A 27/20. Total 206

4th          Nigel Hines and TYTRI KES OF BRYNSWOOD, (BC). Another good all round performance, with all articles recovered. Well done. Track 92.5, Art 30, Search 35, C/A 28/20. Total 205.5

Also qualified TDEx:



Ed Brown, DIVAS DELIGHT, Lab, 202

Paula Harvey, ELECAMPANE SPRUCE, Lab, 201.5

Heather Halton, CAREFREE COOL CUSTOMER, Lab, 201.5

Moira Rogerson, SELDOMSEEN RIO, WSD, 200


Margaret Robinson, WTCh TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY, BC, 109.5


Terry Austin, GHYLLBECK NIMBOSTRATUS, Large Munst, 191.5

John Currie, DREAGANTA SAMH, BC, 191.5

Gary Martin, TYTRI ROY, BC, 191.5

Ailsa Anderson, SEAHAAR SHELL, BC, 189.5

Fran Mitchell, RENDALE ROBIN, Lab, 183.5

Qualifying TD

Sheila Shearer, DREAGANTA DEODUBH, BC, 174

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