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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 20 May 2007

Trials Manager’s Report

After this weekend, I now know why our hobby is called Trials!!

The lead up to the trial went well as normal, with the usual large number of offers to help, and, thanks to June, everything was organised and the paperwork done.  However, at the beginning of the week of the trial we had what can only be classed as a ‘Criminal Crisis’.  With 3 of our criminals already unavailable, 2 unfortunately had to drop out at short notice.  However, Lorna came to the rescue with two of Lothian and Borders Dog Section’s finest.  They seemed to enjoy themselves and we certainly owe them a big thank you.

The trial got under way on Friday and the weather was horrendous, we even had hail at one point.  The wind got stronger as the day wore on and alas, when we arrived on Saturday morning we were missing two tents.  Our nice new marquee had gone completely and the other had torn apart and collapsed.  The third tent luckily was still standing.  In true trials style, helpers and competitors alike got stuck in and retrieved the tents etc.  Thanks to everyone who helped with this, especially the CD competitors, a lot of whom are new to trials.

A big thank you to anyone who helped in any capacity, especially Derek, who ferried all our equipment back and forward, and Ann who ferried me up to the base to meet the early tracklayers.  Thanks also to Betty and her catering team, who always keep everyone well fed and watered and managed to do it all from one tent this time.

As always, a special mention for Derek the Shepherd, who takes the sheep off the common for us, and Jimmy Runciman, the farmer, who provides the control fields.

David McPhillips


Stake:  CD


Steward: Carole Hall

Gate Steward: Pat Nelson

Thanks to SWTS for the invitation to judge.  Thanks also to Dave McPhillips, the trials manager, and his personal secretary June for all the hard work they both put in before and during the trial.  Nothing was left to chance.  Betty, Lorna and Joan in the catering tent (the only tent left standing on Saturday morning after the gale force winds during the night) did a great job feeding Carole and me throughout the trial - thanks.

23 dogs entered, 21 worked.  The weather was dry on the Saturday while we were judging, but the strong wind throughout the day made the conditions for Carole and me very difficult.  The competitors never complained and worked their dogs fantastically despite the weather.  Thanks to Carole for battling with the wind all day on the top of the hill, and doing a great job putting the competitors at ease; thanks also to Pat for keeping the competitors coming so we could get through the 21 dogs in one day.

1st           Mrs M Edger, KIPCROFT LEX, BC, 95.5, Q CDEx.  Mary was so nervous when she came to do her nosework; there is no need, this little collie is wonderful and deserved to qualify. The only dog to get full point jumps. Well done and good luck for the future.

2nd         Mr J Massheder, PENTLAND VITHFARI, GSD, 92, Q CDEx.  This Shepherd was lovely, he only lost 0.5 point in control. Well done.

3rd         Mrs H Kelly, LAETARE DYAMI, BC, 88, Q CDEx.  Shaz worked a good round today.  He certainly keeps Helen on her toes!  Well done.

4th          Miss S Ashton, DOTTY DOTTY, WSD, 87, Q CDEx.  Sam kept her cool and handled Dotty very well today.  Won three way run off for this place.  She is lovely Sam, well done.

Also qualifying CDEx

Mr T Mills, MADAM MEG, BC, 87

Mr L Watson, ALTUS FLIER, WSD, 87

Well done to all competitors who worked today in these conditions. You should all be proud of your dogs.


Stake: Veteran


Tracklayers: Rachel Henderson and Bob Russell

Thanks to SWTS for the invitation to judge this lovely stake.  Again, thanks to all the committee and helpers who did the scores and catering throughout the trial.  Thanks to my tracklayers, Rachel and Bob, who both did a great job.  This is the first time I have judged a Veteran stake and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is a very relaxed affair, with the old retired dogs having a great time doing what they love - tracking! There were three articles on the track, the last article a squeaky bone!

1st           John Wykes, TIP OF TARNFORCE, TDEx,  BC, aged 12.  Tip had great fun doing this track.  Lovely to watch.  Track 99, articles 30, Total 129

2nd         Lorna Cottier, WTCh MELNOLA JAZZLAND, XB, aged 12.  Hamish had scented the first article before Lorna had put his harness on!  Hamish had a great time.  Track 96.5, articles 30, Total 126.5

3rd         Caroline Wright, NORSHEP AMBER GAMBLER, TDEx, GSD, Aged 7.5.  Amber dragged Caroline round the track, barking when she wouldn’t follow her!  She is lovely, Caroline.  Track 96, articles 30, Total 126

4th          John Hood, STOBSWOOD STAR, WDEx, WSD, Aged 9.  John was actually breaking into a sprint on parts of the track to keep up with Star.  Fantastic!  Track 96, articles 30, Total 126

I thoroughly enjoyed judging this stake, Lovely to see the old retired dogs having some fun.


Stake: UD


Steward: Ryan Craig

Track Layers: Lindsay Errington, Lorraine Wilson, Angela Porter.

Weather: Saturday, VERY windy (particularly overnight when the base flew away!) , with intermittent showers. Sunday an improvement, windy but dry.

12 dogs entered. 10 worked. 2 qualified.

Thanks to SWTS for the invitation to judge at this trial.  Well done David and June for a well organized trial and for coping with the major disaster that greeted them on Saturday morning.  Betty and her helpers did a wonderful job in the catering tents, particularly as ‘tents’ were reduced to ‘tent’ over Sat/Sun.  Ryan Craig did a grand job of stewarding - not quite sure how he had a voice by the end of the weekend, having to shout at competitors in C/A to be heard over the wind.  Lindsay, Lorraine and Angela put the tracks down exactly as required, with some good nosework marks as a result.

1st          Anne Shepherd with LITTLE MISS LOTTIE, X Breed, B, 194, Q + best track.  Worked Sat.  Gave us all a bit of a fright about 40yds into the track, but recovered well and then settled into a near faultless performance.  Nice C/A.

2nd        Moira Rogerson with SELDOMSEEN TWIST, WSD, B, 189.5, Q. Worked Sat. First dog to track. Managed to negotiate the track in dry conditions but had to contend with horizontal rain during the square.  Near perfect C/A.

3rd         Carol Ashworth with TWEEDSMILL LOCH TAY, F/C, B, 178, NQ. Worked Sun.  Nice quiet worker who managed to get past her usual problem, the scale, but then found the sheep muck just too interesting during the stays.  Keep trying.

4th           Tanya Whorwood with RUSKIN SEA SHEPHERD, GSD, D, 173.5, NQ.  Worked Sun.  Good Nosework and C/A, and then went out on the stays (as did every dog on the Sunday).


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Jill Carruthers (Fri, Sat, Sun), John Gray (Fri), Ian Beaton (Sat, Sun)

Steward: Lorraine Wilson (Fri), Gwen Matear  (Sat, Sun) 

Thanks to SWTS for the appointment to judge; thanks also to David McPhillips and his team for running a brilliant trial – well done.

The weather was very windy, with storms to start with, and then sunshine on Sunday – we had the lot!  Conditions were very hard for the dogs, but they all tried their best, and it was a pleasure to watch you all.

1st           Jane Gray and GOMARINGEN HANS AT DERJANKA, Lab, 191.5.  A brilliant track on Friday, in hard conditions – hope you liked Scottish rain!  Well done.

2nd         Jane Webb and INSTINCTIVELY PIPPA, CDEx, UDEx, WSD, 189.  Once again, a brilliant track; the sendaway made the difference between first and second.  Well done.

3rd         Jenny Holt and HULLATOR BROCK, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, WSD, 187.5.  Nice track, well done.

4th          Penny Pritchard and GRACORN HOME BREWED, CDEx, UDEx, GSD, 186.5.  Worked really hard on the track, but never gave up.  Well done.

Also Qualified WDEx:

Laura Bardwell and TSAR PRINCE AMARUKA, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx,               Rott.  Did very well in windy conditions.  Well done.

Manda McLellan and ASTRA STORM, CDEx, UDEx, BC, 182.5.

Celia Bourne and FLAME OF THE FOREST, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, WSD, 175.5.

Fran Mitchell and KEENSHAW BUTCH, Lab, 161.5.


Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Ann Bedford, Bill Mackie, John Gray, Lorna Cottier

Steward: Paula Jaques

Criminals: Brian Thompson, Dave Torrance, Iain Forrest, Steve Lancashire, John Gray

Scribe: Rob Currie

Thanks to SWTS for the invitation to judge.  Special thanks to all the ladies who cooked in exceptional circumstances, and produced brilliant food each day, with Lorna’s Mum not letting Paula have any cake until she ate her dinner!!!!  Thanks to all the criminals, who did a brilliant job – Steve, Iain, and John, with Brian and Dave from Strathclyde Police, stepping at their first civilian trial, I think.  Special thanks to Rob Currie for a super job of scribing.  What a luxury to have a scribe.  Thanks to Paula as always for squares, C/A and Patrol and keeping me organised.

13 entered, 11 ran, 9 qualified on the nosework and 8 on the C/A.  The tracking and C/A were completed in one day.  The weather on Friday and Saturday was extremely windy, with some very heavy downpours, so dogs did extremely well to complete the tracks; all but one dog got all four out of the square. 

C/A was interspersed with clearing sheep from the work area, with Paula, June and Rob doing good impressions of sheepdogs – with 8 collies looking on!  Most dogs and handlers made a good job of the C/A in the weather conditions.  All handlers were given plenty of time for the jumps to prevent any injuries to dogs in the high wind.

The weather was kinder on Sunday for the Patrol round, with a brisk breeze, but staying dry.  The round started with a quarter to a person covered with camouflage netting in a rocky outcrop.  This was followed by the test of courage and the search, then the attack on handler, and the escort.  The recall and chase were carried out with the hander behind a blind, with the dog out of sight once it had been sent.  Two dogs qualified the Patrol round.

1st     Dave Marchant and WTCh WAGGERLAND MURPHY, 286.5, Q.  Well done, Dave, a lovely round.  The only dog to do a perfect recall.

2nd   Lee Payne and SWEET ASSASSIN, 269, Q.  Well done.

3rd   Dave Marchant and WTCh WAGGERLAND MISTER JAKE.  Just beat Wendy in a run-off.


I thoroughly enjoyed judging – what a super trial!  Thanks to Dave and June McPhillips and their helpers for all their hard work.  Thanks to all the competitors for accepting my decisions.

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