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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 20 May 2006

Stake: CD/Veteran


Tracklayers: Veteran – John Hood and Jimmy Scott

Steward: John Hood

Thanks to the Society for the invitation.  Despite the weather, we all had a great couple of days.  The CD dogs worked well but as is usually the case in this stake some dogs weren’t just quite ready but will be shortly.

In the Veteran stake it’s great to see the oldies enjoying themselves, and some of them could give the youngsters a run for their money.

Thanks to John Hood for his company for the two days and to Jimmy for laying tracks on the Sunday.  It’s always great fun to work with both of them.


1st           Katie Whittemore & DEVILSBECK MUSTANG, (G.Ret), Qual CDEx, 96.5.  A great performance from Katie, who’s only 14 years old.  Her partnership with Monty was a joy to watch.

2nd         Margo Delaney & BROCKETSFIELD BLACK MAGIC, (X-Breed), Qual CDEx, 94.  Another professional round from Margo and Zoe.

3rd          Jim McKay & CONNDREW VASKO, (GSD), Qual CDEx, 90.  Hubble’s enthusiasm in the square ensured third place for Jim. 

4th          Yvonne Walker & DIEGO’S CAUGHT ‘N’ THE ACT, Qual CDEx, 90.  Marley missed out in the square but he certainly proved today that he can do the jumps!

Also Qualifying CDEx:

Bill Mackie & TYGUARD ANDIS, (GSD)



Qualifying CD:



1st           Ann Bedford & MOORSONS BROADWAY MELODY, (GSD), 99.5.  Molly did a fantastic track over very difficult ground.  A well deserved winner.

2nd         Lorna Cottier & WTCH MELNOLA JAZZLAND, (X Breed), 99.  As expected, a very professional round from Lorna and Hamish.  Just pipped at the post but Hamish certainly enjoyed himself.

3rd          Stevie Braithwaite & SUNSERA MOONLIGHT, (GSD), 98.5.  Another excellent track – Chance motored round as if on rails.

4th          Jenny Holt & MEGAN OF BEELAHOLT, (BC), 98.  Yet another cracking track – Megan showed how it’s done.



Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Lindsey Errington, Alan Bolton, Stevie Braithwaite, Bill Richardson.

Stewards: Rachel Henderson, Susan Cable

Thank you to SWTS for asking me to judge, David, trial manager, Caroline and June at the base, Lorna, Betty and David for the good food and wonderful service, my tracklayers Lindsey, Alan, Stevie and Bill, and my stewards Rachel and Susan, and to the competitors. After being out of trials for several months it was great to be back among doggy people and I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend.

11 entered. 8 ran, 5 qualified. There were a lot of experienced handlers in this class and it showed, the standard overall was really high. My track pattern was straightforward with a piece of white cloth and a piece of hosepipe for articles. My square articles were; clear plastic tube, parcel tie, leather and a large piece of jigsaw. My sendaway was to a zimmer frame.

1st           Pat Parkinson CARSHILL HYACINTH G/Ret. 199/200. Lost only one mark, says it all. Recovered all 4 square articles in 1min. 41 sec. Q. Well done.

2nd         Heather Patrick SELDOMSEEN ZIGGY WSD. 187 Ziggy provided the entertainment in the stays. Also best track and best WSD/BC Trophy. Q. Well done.

3rd          Wendy Strong VIKTOR AT BALKELLO WSD. 185 Q. Well done.

4th          Liz Roberts CALLANWAY HARRIS GSD 181.5 Q. Well done.

Also qualifying:

Joyce Rae NIXTEV GLENCADAM GSD 163.5 Q. Well done.


Stake:  WD


Tracklayers: Jill Carruthers and Ian Beaton

Search Square and Control Steward: Diana Collie

Thanks to S.W.T.S. for giving me the opportunity to come over and judge. I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend. The catering produced by Lorna, Betty and the rest of their team, was truly amazing. We even got an enormous bag of goodies to take back with us on the ferry. Wonderful! Thanks also to June and David for their hard work organising the trial.

Many thanks to my tracklayers, Jill and Ian, for all their efforts. It was reassuring to have such an experienced team who knew Lauder Common so well. And lastly, thanks to Diana who gave up an Agility show to travel over and steward for me. It was much appreciated.

16 dogs entered, 14 worked and 8 qualified

1st   Linday Errington’s CASTLESIDE YOUNG JET, Lab. 193.5 WDEx.  Brilliant performance all round. Wonderful attitude with bags of enthusiasm. I really enjoyed watching this dog attack my test with gusto. Congratulations, Lindsay.

2nd   Lorraine Wilson’s ALFIE PEPPERPOT, X Breed. 189 WDEx.  Good solid performance with a smashing send away. Alfie was on the same mark as the 3rd placed dog, but I awarded him the higher place, having a higher mark in nose work and control. Well done, Lorraine.

3rd   Moira Rogerson’s SELDOMSEEN RIO, W.S.D. 189 WDEx.  A young dog with lots of potential. I am sure he will go far in Moira’s experienced hands. Well done, Moira.

4th   Jenny Holt’s HULLATER BROCK, W.S.D. 188.5 WDEx.  After a very, long walk to his track, Brock completed the track and square successfully, locating all articles. He certainly has no problems in the stamina department! Well done, Jenny.

Also qualifying WDEx;-

Dave Olley’s STARDELL ALLILIA, B.C. 182.  Also winner of the Digger Brand Trophy for best W.D. track. Very, well done.

Bill Richardson’s CAPER KALI, Malinois. 174.5

Pam Cuthbert’s PIERCES BOY, X Breed. 166.

Qualifying WD only:-

Janette Sayer’s VILLAGE KING, G.S.P. 152. This was the dog I would have loved to smuggle back to Ireland with me! He was lovely. Just inexperience on the nose work let him down on this occasion. Best of luck with him.

Better luck next time to those who didn’t qualify and thank you all for making my judging appointment, an enjoyable one. It was wonderful having such a variety of breeds to judge.


Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Ann Bedford, Steve Hirst

Steward: Danny Roberts

Criminals: Tom Davies, Iain Forrest, Steve Lancashire, Danny Roberts

My thanks again to all those concerned in the organisation and running of this excellent trial, and for the invite to judge.

Tracking and protection was of a very high standard.  C & A was to be the downfall of some.

1st           and worthy winner of the CC, Mr Dave Marchant and WTCH WAGGERLAND MISTER JAKE.

2nd           Mr L Payne and SWEET ASSASSIN, WSD.

3rd            Mr G Brumpton and WTCh JUST WILLIAM, WSD.

4th            Mr D Marchant and WAGGERLAND MURPHY, WSD.

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