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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 03 September 2006

Trials Manager’s Report:

The tented village had a face lift this year - the addition of a new marquee. Personally I felt this worked very well and gave the base a more communal feel. Catering was based in the tents as usual and these linked into the marquee, so giving a covered area in which people could socialize. It also proved worthwhile at the end of the week when the weather changed and everyone took cover!

Thank you’s: To the usual crew who helped erect/dismantle the camp. The fun part being on the Sunday when it was all being taken down and the marquee turned into a 4m x 8m kite, with eight people holding the string!!

To the base staff: June McPhillips, Betty Orrin, Helen Jones, Stevie Braithwaite, Lorraine Wilson and Fi Macleod.

Betty Calderwood, once again, did an impeccable job of organizing and running the catering along with her band of helpers: Jan Darby, Joan Bolton, Pam Towers, Pat Nelson, Lorna Cottier, David Braithwaite, Dennis Nelson (also tracklayer, helper with jumps, scores and anything else when he didn’t run fast enough).  Huge thanks to the people who donated food to the trial. The tray bakes, soups, casseroles and puddings are always well received by both judges and competitors alike.

To the tracklayers and stewards. Your help was very much appreciated by me. Everyone did their bit and helped to keep the trial running smoothly. I also appreciate the offers of help that came in from people I was unable to use this year. Please don’t stop offering!

To Mr. Derek, who doesn’t work a dog in trials but who is always on hand to lend support, be it shifting jumps, erecting tents, supplying tables, collecting water etc etc

Derek the shepherd did a wonderful job this year of rounding up all the woolly inhabitants of the common, so giving every competitor a fair chance. Fields supplied by Jimmy made for reasonable C/A conditions.

We started on Wed, TD having 50 entries, the others stakes joining in at the end of the week. People working on the Wed/Thur certainly had better weather conditions, though the remaining days all brought qualifiers.

A word of warning to other trials managers: don’t forget to collect your early morning tracklayer once he’s finished his job! Apologies go to David McPhillips, again. I think he’s actually getting quite used to it now. This wasn’t the first time and I understand his wife has now started to do something similar………ummm…



Stake:  UD


Tracklayers:  Robert Slack; John Gray

Steward:  Peter Morley

I would very much like to thank S.W.T.S. for the invitation to judge at Lauder – one of my favourite trials for many a year. Ann Bedford - as always so laid back – was a superb trials manager. There is such a wealth of helpers at Lauder; everyone ‘mucking in’ and doing their bit makes for a happy trial.  June McPhilips and Betty Orrin were busy with scores, both working well even with all the background noise.  Betty Calderwood and Lorna Cottier served the most delicious three course lunches – how they do it I’ll never know.  A very special thank you . My tracklayers Robert Slack and John Gray laid the tracks brilliantly (as shown by the nosework marks results) – my thanks and no doubt the competitors thanks to you both.  Last but not least, special thanks to my other half Peter for stewarding the search and the control round.

 I must make special mention to ALL the dogs and their handlers for the total dedication of each team to their nosework – it was my pleasure and privilege to judge you all.  If as a team you have not worked on heather, for some reason the dogs love it, (even though it’s not easy for the handlers) so give your dog a chance to try it . It had rained most of the previous day, so probably this might have had some bearing on the 100% success for each of the nine teams entered in UD. Unfortunately the control was not so good, with half of the dogs failing the jumps and surprisingly, the retrieve. At the end of a very enjoyable trial we had 4 qualifiers.

1st  Laura Bardwell with her Rottie, TSAR PRINCEAMARUKA, 187, UDEx.  Good all round performance by this team – Well done.

2nd  Katy Whittemore with DEVILSBECK MUSTANG (Golden Ret.) 182.5, UDEx.  A very well deserved qualification for this young girl, who has made great strides since I last saw her work her dog.

3rd  Roy Drummer with MOSSDEW DELTA FORCE ( F./C. Ret) 179.5, UDEx.  Excellent heelwork and sendaway.

4th  Andrea Lynd with ACREOAKS APHRODITES LOVE (Boxer)169, UDEx.  Excellent steady track proved Molly was capable.

My special thanks to all who made this judging appointment a most enjoyable time – helpers, competitors, all the back room people and, of course, the Society for looking after us so well.


Stake: WD


Tracklayers: Jill Carruthers, Robert Curry and Lindsey Errington

Stewards: June McPhillips and Carol Russell

My thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge at this Trial which, from my perspective, was organised perfectly by Trials manager Ann Bedford, with the help of local Committee members. The new set up on the common worked very well, with the catering being excellent, and thanks should go to Betty Calderwood and her team for the constant availability of food. My thanks to my tracklayers Jill, Robert and Lindsey, not only for laying tracks exactly as per the pattern, but also for their good company. This also applies to June for search squares, and Carol for control steward.

The nosework in the main was excellent with some cracking tracking performances, an absolute treat to watch, with the best on Sunday, with some in heavy rain. It was bad enough for some ducks to fly over the control field, shouting down, ‘You idiot’.  The control was generally good, but the sendaways could have been better, as it was fairly straightforward. In some cases it should be remembered that control also applies between exercises and manhandling of the dogs should be kept to a minimum.

1st  Mrs.Pat Parkinson with CARISHILL HYACINTH (G/RET), 192.5. This team worked in perfect harmony throughout. Sympathetic and gentle handling from Pat was reciprocated by ‘Poppy’ in a dream performance in the nosework. Well done Pat , a pleasure to judge.

2nd  Miss R.Leatham with JUSTY GUS (WSD), 186.5.  Another excellent performance, by a young handler getting the best out of the dog.  She worked with a poise and expertise beyond her years.

3rd  Mrs.Heather Patrick with SELDOMSEEM ZIGGY (WSD), 181.  Good sound performance on the track and square. Solid in control, but scraped through on the day in the agility section.

4th  Mr.Dave Olley with STARDELL ALULA (BC), 174.  A sensitive little dog handled nicely by Dave.

Also Qualifying WDEx:-

Miss Susan Cable with MISTY WHISPERS (X-BREED), 170.5

Mrs Jenny Holt with HULLATER BROCK (WSD), 168.5

Mr Bill Richardson with CAPER KALI (BSD), 168.5



Stake:  TD


Tracklayers:  David McPhillips, Tom Darby, Andrea Lynd

Steward:  June Hines.  

Many thanks to the Society for the invitation to judge the TD stake at one of my favourite trials.  I have always enjoyed the challenge of competing on the heather and have had the pleasure of judging WD here before.  Anne Bedford’s organisation, with the support of her excellent team of willing helpers, is second to none.  The base catering corps is something else – June and I have fond memories of a rather special banoffee pie, as well as an impressive selection of other types of calorie-laden cakes and puddings!

Over the tracking days, we saw many dogs who gave it their all through a variety of weather conditions.  On the Saturday, the rain was relentless and you wondered just how the dogs could possibly reach the end of the track, but we saw some of the most valiant attempts on this day.  Articles proved to be the main challenge throughout the week, both on the track and in the square.  The searches particularly seemed to present a problem for some teams, with a few dogs perhaps not showing great enthusiasm for this exercise.

The control day saw some excellent rounds.  Most dogs found the sendaway straightforward and the standard generally was very good.  

Finally, thanks to all the competitors, to my brilliant tracklayers, Dave, Tom and Andrea who braved all sorts of weather, and June for the squares and control stewarding.  You all helped to make this judging appointment so enjoyable.

1st           WTCh TYTRI LACE OF TRENTVALLEY, CDEx–TDEx, BC, B, handled by Margaret Robinson. 203.5 marks, Q TDEx.  A good nosework round followed by a consistent control round made Margaret and Lace winners.  Well done.

2nd         CAREFREE COOL CUSTOMER, CDEx–TDEx, Lab, D,           handled by Heather Halton. 201 marks, Q TDEx.  Another good nosework round.  Heather was nervous going onto control, but the sendaway worked out well, much to Heather’s delight.  Well done.

3rd          RENDALE ROBIN, Lab, D, handled by Fran Mitchell.  200.5 marks, Q TDEx.  Good nosework followed by an excellent sendaway in the control round.  Well done.

Also qualifying TDEx:

GLENALPINE IZZIE AT DALEMAIN, CDEx–TDEx, BC, B, handled by Anne Thorpe. 191 marks, Q TDEx.

JASUETER RED GARNET, CDEx-TDEx, GSD, B,  handled by Jill Carruthers. 189.5 marks. Q TDEx.

WOODHEADS BLACK AGNES, CDEx-TDEx, Lab, B, handled by Lindsay Errington. 188 marks, Q TDEx.

WTCh LAETARE DAY JAVU, CDEx-TDEx, BC, D, handled by Barry Gilbert. 187 marks, Q TDex.

GETAWAY BACK TESS, CDEx-TDEx, WSD, B, handled by Glenys Page. 184.5 marks. Q TDEx.

TYTRI ROY, BC, D, handled by Gary Martin. 184 marks, Q TDEx.

STYPERSON TAY, CDEx-TDEx, Lab, B, handled by Maeve Weselby. 181.5 marks, Q TDEx.

BRIGLEN NUTMEG, CDEx-TDEx, WSD, B, handled by Glenys Page. 181 marks, Q TDEx.

WTCh JOLLY JILL, CDEx-TDEx, WSD, B, handled by Pat Herbert. 180.5 marks, Q TDEx.

Qualifying TD:

DREAGANTA DOUBLE DISTINCTION, CDEx-TDEx, BC, D, handled by Rosie Jones. 174 marks.

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