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Championship Trial
Trial Held: 31 August 2003




Lauder Common is a large expanse of moorland in the heart of the Borders owned by the people of Lauder. We are very privileged that the Council allows SWTS to use the land twice a year. All the sheep are taken off by the shepherd, Derek Taylor, giving us the full extent of the common for the trial. Small jumps had been erected at the back of the Common for a sponsored ride which took place on the Sunday. A few tracklayers panicked when. halfway through laying a track, they looked up and saw a large shape that resembled a person standing near where they were heading. It was in fact some willow screening at the side of the jumps. Over 80 26 horses rode over the Common on Sunday in aid of Macmillan Nurses (Cancer care). We raided people's pockets to raise £34 to donate to the cause. I found out after that they raised £5,500 in total. The Common, being covered in thick heather, is not ideal for control land so a local farmer, Jimmy Runciman, allowed us the use of two of his fields. Many thanks to him and his wife for giving us a different field from usual to save there being any problems with the Sponsored Ride on Sunday.

The week started with a few helpers erecting tents and jumps. These included Derek McAulay, Ann Beford, Bob Slack, Helen Jones and Bryan Pole. These people have the process down to a fine art, making the job look easy and very speedy.

Thirlstane Caravan Park seemed to be the centre for all the Officials for the Trial, with TD, WD and UD judges all living out of caravans. Just as well that the weather for the time of year was great.

We had a little rain on occasions during the week which helped to damp down the pollen coming off the heather moor and making tracking easier?!?

Thanks must go to everyone who helped to make this trial a success. These include:- All the judges, TD Jill Carruthers, WD, Dorothy Bowen, UD, Bob Russell and CD/Vet John Watts. A big thank you must also go to all the stewards, gate stewards and tracklayers - Ian Beaton, Bob Slack, Tom Middlemass, Rudi Fruzynski , Alan Bolton, Jim Jeffries, Pat Lawrence, Deb Allen, Lorna Cottier, Joyce Hudson, Bill Mackie, Gary Tait, Carol Russell, Robert Boyle, Julia Findeison, Lol Campbell, Tracey Park, David McPhillips, Helen Jones and Joyce Rae.

Base Staff- normally at Lauder we have the teamwork of Fi McLeod and Carol Lamb. As Fi was in hospital undergoing a leg operation - that by the way was successful - we had to enlist the help of different people this year. These included Ann Bedford, Lorna Cottier, Lorraine Wilson, Helen Kelly, Lyndsey Errington, June McPhillips, Gwen Matear, Joyce Slack and Helen Jones. Also Colin Carruthers for organising the raffle.

Catering- This unenviable task was managed by Maureen Park with the assistance of Joan Bolton, Debbie Davidson, Carole Hall, Linda Cammidge, Helen Watson, Yvonne Walker, Helen Jones, Dav id McPhillips and anyone 'se who was naYve enough to stay too long around the tents.

Thanks must go to John Bowen who helped with the jumps (John, I hope the paint came out in the wash! )

The trial ended in record time (I think) and a gang of helpers pulled down the tents and packed the catering equipment away. The trailer load of stuff was then packed into storage by Derek McAulay and John Gray. Many thanks to you all.

All in all it was good trial, made much easier for me by having Betty Calderwood there to make sure I was in the right place at the right time and keep me out of trouble. She also provided a great taxi service for Colin and Betty, who were abandoned by Jill at some ungodly hour each morning. I hope all competitors enjoyed it as much as I did.





Search & Control Steward: Tracey Park

Thank you to the Scottish W.T.S. for the invitation to judge the CD stake. Thank you to Trials Manager Rachel Henderson and her willing band of helpers, how they turn out a selection of food, like they do, in the middle of the moor, is amazing. Excellent weather, and the action took place in a nice grass field. Thank you to Tracie for stewarding through­ out the day. We had a mixed bag as is com­ mon in this stake, some good group 1 V work, from all the dogs, but the jumps took its toll, and alas, we finished up with only 3 qualifiers.

1st NORSHEP SHULA (GSD) Handled by Mrs S Braithwiate. Qex, 93.5. Well done Stevie nice and steady throughout, just little things here and there, otherwise a polished performance.

2nd ALFIE PEPPER POT (X Breed) Handled by Mrs L Wilson. Qex 91. A young dog feeling its way, with Lorraine's sympathetic handling should do well.

3rd         KANE SYRUS (X Breed) Handled by Mrs L Davies. Qex 88. 5. A smashing little dog really enjoyed himself. It's nice to see other breeds doing the business, well done.

4th PRINCESS VALLANTHORP E (BC) Handled by Mrs D Wait NQ 87. Just the jumps, the rest was fine, it will come Doreen. Keep the faith.




Tracklayers: Lorna Cottier, Joyce Hudson, Bill Mackie & Gary Tait

Steward; Deb Allen

Many thanks to the Committee of the Scottish W.T.S. for the invitation to judge the WD stake at their Championship Tri al on Lauder Common. Thanks to Rachel Henderson, the trials manager, for running the trial so efficiently, and Deb Allen my steward and chauffeur, who did a great job stewarding the control and searches. Lorna Cottier, Joyce Hudson, Bi ll Mackie and Gary Tait deserve a special thanks, it's not easy layi ng tracks on Lauder Common. Thanks to Maureen Park and all her helpers who kept us well fed; I can't believe how you manage to serve three-course lunches cooked on a gas ring in a tent. Thank you to Bob and Carol Russell, Ann Bedford and the ladies doing the scoreboard. You all did everything so efficiently. The weather was good- we only had a small amount of rain. I enjoyed Scotland so much I am determined to go back next year. The scenery is fantastic, we stayed there for another week after I had finished judging.

1st Pat Parkinson & DREAGANTA DOUBLE DECKER AMONG MELNOLA (BC) B. An excellent team. Full mark square and agility. Super track and retrieved all the nosework articles. Good retrieve. I liked Pat's calm handling. A well deserved win. 194.

2nd Ann Thorpe, GLENALPINE lZZIE AT DALEMARN (BC) B. Another excellent team, super track and retrieved all nosework articles. Full mark agility, good heelwork. Well done. 191. 5.

3rd Stevi Boyall & STYPERSON LOMOND (Lab) D. Retrieved all nosework articles. Full mark agility, good control. Well done 190.

4th Liz Roberts & ELECAMPANE ETTA AT CALLANWAY (GSD) B. Full mark agility and retrieved all N/w articles. Well done. 189.

Also Qualifying WDex:

Joan Miller, TRKINDALE ACE (WSD) D. 185.5



Heather Halton, CAREFREE COOL CUSTOMER (Lab) D. 177.5.

Betty Calderwood, ISLA WAY AHEAD (X) B. 175.5.

Pat Herbert, JOLLY JILL (WSD) B. 169.5.

Alistair Fruzynski, BURNWATER CHOCOLATE CHIP (G/Ret) D. 169.5.

Ann Dent, GERTY'S DARK SECRET (X) B. 168.

WD only:

Helen Jones, NORSHEP TILA (GSD) B. 158.5.

Well done to all the qualifiers and to the others better luck next time.




Tracklayers: Robert Slack, Alan Bolton, Rudi Fruzynski, Tom Middlemass, & Jim Jeffrey

Steward: Ian Beaton

 I would like to thank SWTS for the invitation to judge the ticket at this fantastic trial. The scene1y is just spectacular, views for miles & the weather was very kind to us, only rained a couple of times. Many thanks to Robert Slack, Alan Bolton, Rudi Fruzynski, Tom Middlemass, & Jim Jeffrey for laying all the tracks & recovering a few articles. The sheepskin was a cinch to find, easily spotted at 40 paces! You were all great, giving up your free time for the competitors & me, we certainly appreciated it. To Ian Beaton, square steward extraordinaire & C&A steward too, a devil for punishment' Thanks Ian for all your invaluable help & time spent on lots of aspects all around the trial. Well what can I say about the catering at Lauder that has not been said before? Maureen Park will end up with the job for life, your skill in the catering world has overtaken Nigel a Lawson by a mile. A fantastic job well done & thank you Maureen & all your very hard working & kind ladies who helped with the catering & donated the fabulous food.

1st 211.5 WT CH WAGGERLAND BLUE 28 WILLOW with John Gray. Congratulations "you did it again" , best wishes for the 2004 KCC's.

2nd 204.5 KALIYON SHEEFRA with Miriam Lyons. Lovely nosework 3 & 4, & super control & agility, on this performance your second ticket will not be far away Miriam. Sheefra worked beautifully for you.

3rd 200.5 MELNOLA SWINGTIME with Suzanne Plumb. Tempo worked a brilliant round 33 & 20, no wonder you were thrilled with him Sue. A very expensive track article!

4th 199.5 KINGSLODGE ACE OF SPADES with John Currie. Gaining 3 & 4 with a very nice track John was delighted with Ber. sendaway he kept his cool, it's all coming together, congratulations to you both. 192.5

NORSHEP DIGGA, Doug Shearer 191.5

STYPERSON BRIAR, Sheila Tanne1i 190.5

WOODH EADS BLACK AGNES, Lindsey Errington 189


LAURIANE HAKA, Nelson Smith 181.5

KA1's KINDRED SPIRJT, Celia Bourne

The highest track mark was 96.5 by Chris Stewart & Clancie, who unfortunately had to withdraw due to Clancie requiring emergency surgery. I do hope he is well Chris. 


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