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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 17 May 2015

Stakes: Introductory and CD


Steward: Jackie Hilton

I would like to thanks SWTS for the invitation to judge the Intro and CD stakes at the Lauder trial.  The base was run from the Lauderdale Hotel.  Thanks to Heather, Ann, June and Gwen sorting out scores, certificates, competitors etc, not forgetting Kathy for our goodies bag out in the field - thank you.

Jackie Hilton is a very successful search steward; all dogs recovered all articles.  Jackie is also a brilliantly efficient C/A steward, giving each competitor clear concise instructions - just great.  Many thanks, Jackie, I appreciated you giving up your Friday to help me and the competitors.  I enjoyed your company for the day and hope I wasn't too bossy!  What, me?

Introductory Stake:

1st           BERTIE WOOFSTER, ESS, with Ann Bedford, 94, Q.  Robert produced a lovely round and thoroughly enjoyed his day out.  Just lost little bits on control and required a second attempt on the long jump, but he proved himself to Ann.  Congratulations, Robert and Ann

CD Stake:

1st           EVA PARNASSUS MUSE, WSD, B, with Barbara Brown, 91, Q.  Eva worked very well; with full marks for the agility she made the jumps look so easy.  Lost marks for extra commands, which may have been caused by a few nerves on Barbara's part?  She will do you proud, Barbara; congratulations on this win.

2nd         FORGUECROFT DARK KNIGHT, GSD, D, with Jenny Beaton, 88.5, Q.  Axel is such a joy, Jenny, you must be delighted with him; I am so delighted for you - not that I am biased?  He gives you his all with such enthusiasm, a brilliant all round performance.  Congratulations to you both.

3rd          BEELAHOLT BRIAR, BC, B, with Jenny Holt, 87, Q.  I know how pleased Jenny was with Briar getting full marks for the jumps; a good solid control round - shame about the sit, but she obviously knew she would not need it.  Congratulations

4th          DREAGANTER TUIGA MALA, BC, B, with Doug Shearer, 84.5, NQ.  This was the hard luck story of the CD stake!  Up to the agility Stumpy had only lost 0.5 of a mark, with a superb round of control.  Sadly, she refused the long and failed the scale; I know in Doug's more than capable hands she will be fine.

Thank you to the competitors for entering; you were all happy with your dogs, no matter what the final outcome.  Good luck for your next trials.



Stake: PD


Tracklayers: Derek McAulay, Gary Martin, David McPhillips

Search and C/A Steward: Fay Rae

Protected Stewards: Chris Trevor, Mike Wilson, Iain Forest

Patrol Steward: Gary Martin

Patrol Scribe: Fay Rae

My thanks to SWTS for inviting me to judge at my local trial.  Judging the PD Stake was on top of my usual Lauder duties, i.e. collating the entries, and an unexpected necessity of a change of trials manager about a month prior to the trial meant that I made a grovelling phone call to Ann Bedford to organise the rest of it for SWTS.  So a huge thank you to Ann for stepping in to do this.

There was a change to the usual base in that the Lauderdale Hotel was opted for, rather than the traditional tents on the Common.  This was something that had been discussed before, mainly due to the large amount of effort and volunteers the setting up and dismantling of the tents required for a three-day trial, in often dreadful weather conditions.  With the weather extremely windy throughout this trial and some heavy showers, I think it was a very good decision and there still seemed to be a very sociable atmosphere at the base. 

Thanks must also go to everyone who helped at the base and donated lovely homemade cakes, as well as those who signposted the common to ensure no one wandered or was lost.  A special thanks to Derek McAulay, who not only gave his name as TM (so Ann could work her dogs) but also transported and sorted the jumps.

We all very much appreciated the efforts Wilson and his staff at the Lauderdale went to in accommodating us and feeding the many requests for bacon and chip rolls – a good healthy diet for all.

So back to the PD Stake - 10 entered, 9 worked.  Friday saw sunny and breezy conditions; Saturday saw it cooler and much windier; Sunday was showery and very windy.  Fabulous helpers assisted me – all of them were great company and ensured we had no issues anywhere whatsoever.  Thanks to you all.

The nosework caused no issues on Friday and was fine on Saturday until we changed direction on the common and the wind practically blew the last 4 competitors in the wrong direction.  C/A was okay – surprisingly redirects, along a boundary wall, were an issue.  The speak was done after the nosework, with the handler leaving their dog in the middle of the search square, thereafter lifting the poles and walking round giving the command to speak at alternate poles.

The patrol:

We started with the quarter, with all dogs completing this before moving on to the rest of the test.  This was to ensure that we didn’t disturb UD C/A who at that time were in the next field.

Quarter – Dog was sent out to a car, then to top left corner of field.  Handler then had to sweep dog back to start then on to a red hide lying flat across other side of field.  Or the handler could recall the dog and resend to other part of field.  Dog was not allowed to go along boundary.  From red hide dog to be sent up to top wall of field, along it and location was Mike sitting behind a collapsed part of the wall, in the wood.  Handlers were restricted as how far they could go to work the dog.

Search and Escort - 3 criminals playing football noisily.  Handler tells Iain to come over – cursory search and escort past Chris and Mike who continue to play football.   Attack on handler by Iain.

Chris and Mike join Iain then do chase.  Handler shouts; they run and go in different directions (dog sent just before they split) – dog detains one and the other two walk over towards him, complaining bitterly.  Dog to remain on detained person; others pose no threat.

Recall – same as chase.

Test of courage.  Iain enters car; Chris and Mike go to back of car; they attract dog then hide behind again.  Dog sent after a few seconds and as it approaches car, Iain blasts horn and others come out and attack.  Dog wins sleeve.

1st           Manda McLellan and LITTLE TIGER, X Breed, D, 282.5, Q PDEx.  Have seen them do better C/A but Tiger did then focus well on the track on the Saturday against the wind.  Pulled out all the stops in the Patrol round and showed everyone how it should be done – great quarter, very well handled and moved positively around the field with a strong and focused location; a wee bit distracted at the start of the search and escort due to the footballers, but faultless with the test of courage, chase and recall.  Best joint (with Lee and Diesel) Patrol round.  A worthy winner and this now makes Tiger a well-deserved WTCh.  Control – 26.5/35; Ag – 14.5/20; Track – 77.5/80 (inc 2 articles); Search – 25; Patrol – 139/150      

2nd         Alan Bexon and WTCh FLY BY NIGHT LAD, WSD, 279, Q PDEx.  Very good C/A and a near faultless track in Saturday’s wind.  Excellent focused search and escort, test of courage and chase; cracking quarter in the Patrol round but a nibble in the hide and extra commands on the recall proved very expensive for Fly.  Well done on the Reserve Ticket.  29; 20; 79.5; 27; 123.5

3rd          Terry Austin and MANPOL VIXEN, GSD, B, 275.5, Q PDEx.  Worked Friday and excellent nosework throughout.  Okay C/A; needs more polish.  First time in a Ch patrol round and you wouldn’t have known it – did really well with just a couple of minor blips in the quarter and escort.  Fabulous recall when at full speed and very strong chase and test of courage. Very well done on your first PDEx.  27; 15; 78; 33.5; 122

4th          Dave Olley and WTCh LITTLE RAYMOND, Crossbreed, D, 272.5, Q PDEx.  Fabulous C/A and nosework – lost only 3.5 marks altogether.  Good enough quarter with excellent location but the wind fired Ray up another gear and he had no intention of letting the recall steward get away.  The fact that he still qualified without this reiterates the high quality this team are.  33.5; 20; 78; 35; 106

Also qualifying PDEx:

Bill Richardson and KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, Mali, D, 271.  Excellent C/A; would have been the only 10 for the sendaway if he hadn’t got side tracked on the recall.  Good nosework and strong patrol with the extra commands for control costing the marks.  Well done on another PDEx.  31; 20; 77; 24; 119

Thanks to the competitors for entering and supporting this stake at this trial. It’s much appreciated.

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