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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 29 August 2015

Stakes: Introductory and CD


Steward: Cath Gordon

Many thanks to SWTS for the invitation to judge once more at my favourite trial.  This was Caroline’s first stint as trials manager - she did a great job and the trial ran like clockwork.  Thanks to everyone at the base for all their hard work, making my job much easier.  Thank you to Cath for stewarding for both stakes, and keeping me in order and thanks to Shirley who acted as gate steward for CD.   You were good company and put all the handlers at ease.  Finally, thanks to the competitors for accepting my decisions and allowing me to judge their dogs. 

Introductory Stake:

The standard was very high for this stake.  It would have been nice to have more newcomers, however we did have one and she did put in a very creditable performance.  Well done, Evelyn, and keep at it with Hope, I am sure she is capable of a CDEx with a bit more work.

1st           Diana Collie, WAGGERLAND TIP TOP, WSD, B, 99, Q.  Nice to see Diana back in trials again.  An almost perfect performance from this stylish pair.  Destined for the top, I am sure.

2nd         John Turtill, DREAGANTA MYCORRAN GEALA, BC, B, 94, Q.  A very happy pair, I really enjoyed watching you both.  Good luck with Teela, John, I am sure she will do you proud.

3rd          Helen Kelly, CELTACASTUS NATIVE BREEZE, GSD, B, 94, Q.  A lovely Shepherd, full of enthusiasm, and she’s much better than you give her credit for, Helen.   So nice to see you again, keep at it.

4th          Kate Wykes, DREAGANTA XARYS’S STAR OF TARNFORCE, BC, B, 93, Q.  I’m glad you’re giving trials another go.  Star is aptly named and she really did shine today.  


 CD Stake;

Unfortunately there were no qualifiers in CD despite the fact that there were several impressive dogs.  The jumps and stays took their toll, as usual in this stake.

1st           Jackie Dykes, ZINZAN ZOO, Cross, B, NQ.  Very nearly there, Jackie!  I know how hard you have worked with Poppy on the jumps.  Good luck with her.

2nd         Diana Collie, WAGGERLAND TIP TOP, WSD, B, NQ.  Didn’t quite manage the jumps today, but I’m sure Diana will soon put this right.

3rd          John Currie, DREAGANTA BIG MAC, Border Collie, D, NQ.  Mac also failing the jumps today.

4th          Yvonne Walker, BANDAITCH SHIRIN, Cross, B, NQ.  Jumps again causing the problem.  Everything else was a joy to watch.

Thanks all of you for accepting my decisions. 


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: David McPhillips, Derek McAulay and Terry Austin

Search Squares: Vickie Dixon, Thurs and Sat; Lorraine Wilson Friday

C/A Steward: Vickie Dixon

Stay Stewards: Pam Cuthbert and Nick McMechan

Many thanks to SWTS for inviting me over to judge the "Ticket", I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Scotland.

It was a real privilege to get the opportunity to stand on Lauder Common surrounded by the most beautiful scenery and watch how each different dog coped with the varying terrain and sometimes strong  winds...... and there was not a sheep in sight; many thanks to Derek, the shepherd, for looking after that.

The weather, even though a bit windy at times, was pretty decent overall with just the odd brief shower, and we had a lovely sunny day for the C/A.

My tracklayers, David, Derek and Terry - you were all just fantastic...... I have great respect for anyone who tracklays on Lauder Common but particularly in TD..... it's not for the faint hearted, either physically or mentally........ Thanks guys, you were all great, I really appreciated all the effort you put in to the job.

And Lorraine, thanks for putting down the run off tracks, as well as doing squares for me one day.... good luck with your young dog, he's lovely!

Sincere thanks to Vickie Dixon who travelled over with me to steward; who put up with my fussing, dithering and panicking.... it was much appreciated as always!  Delighted that you got the bonus of a WDEx qualification.... brilliant!!

Thank you to everybody who helped out at the base, adding up the marks, doing certificates and all the other jobs... and last, but certainly not least, a BIG thank you to Trials Manager, Caroline Wright, for being cool, calm, efficient and always good humoured.... it was a pleasure to work with you.

My aim, when setting a test for TD Champ, is always that the emphasis is on the nosework, and that the really good nosework dogs will, with luck, get the opportunity to shine, but also, that the test is achievable for those whose goal is just to qualify.  Ideally, as it is a Tracking Dog stake, I always hope that my test will be won on the tracking field rather than the control field. 

Thus, my C/A round was straightforward; it started with the speak... dog was left behind a low barrier, handler walked about 15 paces up to where I was, they stood with their backs to their dogs with the steward directly behind them.... after giving me their details, they got their dogs to speak, cease, then walked back to their dogs.  Then heelwork between jumps straight up to the sendaway point.

Outrun, for 4 marks, was 130 paces out to a short yellow pole, with the stone wall boundary fence about 75 paces beyond that... most dogs didn't spot the pole until they were nearly on top of it, which was the intention.  The redirect was at a right angle straight down the field about 150 paces to a large pylon.  Most dogs did the exercise really well.  Then, heelwork back to the clear jump, long jump, and a bit more heelwork to get back to the scale to finish.  The majority of dogs did the jumps really well, which was good to see.

Thank you to Jim, the farmer, for letting us use his wonderful big field and for taking all the stock off.


Track articles: a 3" wooden peg, a 5" long piece of green and yellow plastic tape and a 6" long, bright blue pencil.

Search articles: a 7" long razor shell; a green pipe cleaner; a 7" long, doubled up and knotted in the middle, thin, brown plastic piece of tubing; 2" x 1.5" fawn carpet.

29 dogs entered, 28 dogs worked, 12 dogs were qualifying after nosework, 2 dogs went out on the jumps and 1 on the stays, leaving 9 qualifiers.

1st, and winning the CC     TADMARTON ELEANOR, CDEx-TDEx, Lab, B, with Mike Williams, 97.5, 30, 26, 33, 19, Total: 205.5, Q.  A super track, followed by a good overall performance, gave Tara the win which makes her a WTCh (subject to KC confirmation).  A lovely keen and happy worker.  Congratulations, Mike and Tara.

2nd and Reserve CC           WTCh BILKO'S GLORY, CDEx-TDEx, PDEx, WSD, D, with Glenys Page, 91.5, 30, 27, 30.5, 20, Total: 199, Q.  A great performance by Glenys and Sam.  That 4th article out of the square would have made all the difference!  Well done, Glenys.

3rd          WTCh GLENALPINE COSWORTH, CDEx-TDEx, BC, D, with Barry Gilbert, 96.5, 15, 34, 32.5, 20, Total: 198, Q.  A lovely track by Cossie, but those track articles proved to be very expensive at the end of the day.  Well done, Barry.

4th          SHEREBRIDGE KHAOS, CDEx-TDEx, BC, D, with Heather Patrick, 91.5, 30, 33, 25, 15, Total: 194.5.  The only dog to get 3 and 4.  Big, strong, enthusiastic dog....loved his attitude! Also Winner of the Victor of Aycliffe Trophy for Best TD Nosework.  Well done, Heather.

Also qualifying TDEx:

DREAGANTA ROB ROY with Carol Grant, 194

WAGGERLAND TYNE with Tracey Park, 190

REBARK BUBBLY PEG with Andrea Lynd, 188.5

STARDELL MARS with Lorna Cottier, 181.5

TARNEDGE WISP with Sheila Tannert, 180.5

Thank you all for entering under me - some of you came a long, long way!  Best of luck with your future trials.

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