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Open Trial
Venue: Ballater
Trial Held: 23 June 2013



Control/Search Steward: Philip Glasgow

Thanks to SWTS for the invitation to judge the CD Stake at this beautiful venue.  The weather was kind to us, not too warm, in fact it was very pleasant standing judging the four competitors who had taken the time out to compete, although it was a pity we only had four dogs and handlers taking part.  Thanks to Phil Glasgow who laid the search squares and took charge of the control round - he put the competitors at ease with his relaxed manner and wit.

The round started with the sit stay while the square was being laid, followed by the retrieve.  This section was carried out well by all four dogs, apart from the sit stay; only one dog did a successful sit.

Unfortunately we did not have any qualifiers on the day.  CD can be a nerve racking experience and it showed in some handlers’ work, but with a little help their dogs will progress.

Thanks to Jackie Hilton, Shirley Windsor, Cathy Gordon and Dave McPhillips for the food at the base.  Thanks to Helen Jones for doing an excellent job of the paperwork.  Also thanks to the competitors for accepting my decision.  Good luck to all in future trials. 

1st John Tait working PINFOLD TYG LAST CHANCE, 63.5, NQ.  John’s laid back attitude will help Tyg in the future, a good team to watch.  Keep up the good work.

2nd Louise Saunders working TORRIGLEN TRAILBLAZER, AW, B, 60, NQ.  Murphy, a small dog, was on a mission till he came to the jumps and decided enough was an enough.  Keep up the good work, Louise.

3rd Alison Robertson working FORGUECROFT ANNEKA for Mrs L Walker, 55.5, NQ.  Alison was working her friend’s dog and did a fine job - it is not an easy thing to do.

4th Margaret McPhee working CELTACASTUS VENTURA, 53.5, NQ.  This partnership just needs to tweak a few things and there will be no stopping them.





Tracklayers: Jimmy Scott and Bill Mackie

Steward: Phil Glasgow

Thanks to SWTS for the invitation to judge the WD Stake.  Thanks to my tracklayers - the ever dependable Jimmy Scott and the now retired Bill Mackie (hope you enjoyed your beer), who had horrendous conditions as the rain never halted.  The tracking was moved from the usual tracking ground up on the hill behind the base to the lower ground on the way to the visitor’s centre, which unfortunately was holding a lot of water.  Tracking was not easy for the dogs with wind and rain, but all gave it their best shot; in better conditions I am sure they would have all flown round.  My search steward, Phil Glasgow, even had difficulty laying the squares but he soldiered on, even after taking a tumble and getting wet for the cause.  Phil was also my steward for the control round which was a pleasure to judge, all dogs performing most of the exercises to a high standard - minor adjustments and it won’t be long before they move up the stakes.  Phil again took control which allowed me to judge at ease and enjoy the round.  Thanks to Dave McPhillips for the bacon croissant in the morning and the burger in the afternoon – hit the spot nicely.  Thanks to Cathy Gordon and Shirley Windsor for the catering.

1st Alison Robertson working her own dog FORGUECROFT DASH n DAMMIT, GSD, 144.5, NQ.  Alison handled Dash well; the control was faultless, but unfortunately the track let them down today.

2nd Jackie Hilton working GOOSECREEK CHINOOK, ASD, 144.5, NQ.  Sonic did a perfect sendaway, but the down stay let this normally steady dog down today. This team is worth a watching in the future.

3rd Jim McKay working BERRYLEY BERGEN, GSD, 129.5, NQ.  Midge loved to work for Jim, a steady round.  Once Jim sorts his scale out watch this team progress.

4th Gary Tait working MASTER FELDSPAR, GSD, NQ.  Gary handled Ice with confidence; their heelwork was faultless, a good team to watch.  Once Gary sorts the down stay there will be no holding them back.

We had a tie for first with Alison and Jackie, so I decided to use the times for the square, with Alison coming out on top with 2 min 8 sec.




Tracklayers: Bill Mackie, Gary Tait and Steve Hirst

Square Steward: Sylvia Austin

My thanks to SWTS for the invitation to judge the TD stake.  Thanks also to the ladies in the kitchen for keeping us well fed and watered.  Special thanks go to my tracklayers, who did a wonderful job laying the tracks just as I had asked - Bill Mackie and Gary Tait on Saturday and Steve Hirst on Sunday.  Because of the interesting tracking ground I had decided on a straight forward track pattern with just eleven legs.

1st SHEREBRIDGE KHAOS, WSD, IPO2, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, 215.5, Q, with Mrs Heather Patrick.  All I can say is "Superb", with 3 and 4, losing only 3 marks in the nosework.  Then an excellent control round – 33.5 and full agility.  A very well deserved qualification and win.

2nd TADMARTON DARK REMY, Lab, CDEx, WDEx, 202.5, NQ, and Mrs Carole Brooke.  Another excellent track with full mark square.  Just missed out on the control, no speak or redirect today.  Get those nerves under control Carole and Remy will do it for you.  Good luck with future trials.

3rd SNOOP DOG XIMENA V CAYA’S HOME DOGANODOGS (IMP), Bouvier des Flandres, CDEx, UDEx, 147.5, NQ, and Mrs P Wadsworth.  Snoop tracked beautifully for 2/3 of the track than lost concentration; 3 from the square, though 1 was just out of time.  Very impressive control and agility.  This team were having their first go at TD - well done and good luck.

4th WAGGERLAND WELLS, WSD, 111, NQ, with John Grey.  This dog hadn’t lost a mark on the track until inexplicably he turned the wrong way.  Very good control round – though decided not to speak, full agility.

The tracking ground here is for the adventurous so thank you competitors for entering and accepting my decisions.  Good luck to you all for your future trials.

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