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Open Trial
Venue: Ballater
Trial Held: 25 June 2006


Stake: UD Nosework


Tracklayers: Saturday: Robert Slack and Derek McAuley; Sunday: Hilary Hirst and Colin Thain

Stewards: Saturday: Yash Kumarasamy; Sunday: Carol Ashworth

I  would like to thank Scottish Working Trials for the invitation to judge at such a wonderful venue; it has to be one of the most beautiful  places in the country.  I would like to thank everyone involved with running the trial, Lorna who kept everything running smoothly, everyone providing wonderful food, and Betty and David at the base.

All four of my tracklayers put the tracks down exactly as required, even though some of the ground made things difficult for them.  Colin was laying competition tracks for the first time, and did well.  Both my search stewards were laying competition squares for the first time, both did exactly as asked.  I think Yash will remember his wellies next time!

1st     Mr J. McKay and CONADREW VASKO, (GSD), 183.5, Q.  Hubble dragged Jim round the track, through all the places where the water was lying, and splashed his way around the square.  The delight on Jim’s face with Hubble’s performance was wonderful.  A very worthy winner and a lovely team.  Winner of the Larach Gordon Trophy.

2nd   Mr. A. Bolton and NORSHEP SHADOW, (GSD), 183, NQ.  Alan and Shadow had the worst piece of ground as far as the water went, but Shadow made it look easy, making Alan work hard to keep up with him.  This was Shadow’s first trial; what a lovely dog with a great future.  Very well done.  Winner of the Taylor Trophy for Best Track.

3rd   Miss S. Ashton with DOTTY DOTTY, (WSD), 178.5, NQ.  Dot is quite a small collie, but coped with the rough terrain very well.  Samantha only fell over once!  They had a problem at the last corner, but Dot sorted it out and Samantha believed her – very good handling. Well done, one to watch.

4th    Miss S. Ashton working Hilary Morris’s CARISHILL PARSLEY, (G. Ret), 178, NQ.  Pepi went round the track beautifully.  This was Pepi’s first trial, and only the third time that Samantha had handled him, so well done to both of you.  Pepi shows great promise.

Thank you to all the competitors; without exception you were all very sporting, and it was a pleasure to watch your dogs working.  I would just like to mention two in particular.  Ms. D. Traynor and Pye, a Staffie who spent most of his time falling into water every time he stepped off a rut, but just shook himself and carried on - what a lovely dog.  We could hear Anneli Shearsmith laughing as her mother’s Labrador Rosie pulled her round the track, but sadly Rosie was stung by a bee during her control round, so was unable to finish the test – a real shame.

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