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Open Trial
Venue: Ballater
Trial Held: 21 June 2015

Stakes: UD and WD Stakes, and TD Control and Agility


Tracklayer: Derek McAulay

Steward: Shirley Windsor

Thank you to SWTS for asking me to judge the UD and WD stakes, and TD control and agility at Ballater trial this year.  Many thanks to Alison Robertson and the people in the kitchen and BBQ, and to Ann Bedford and the gang at base for running a great trial.   I always enjoy a trip to Ballater - it really is a special trial, but if you’re coming up equip yourself for all weather systems.  Oh, and the midges!

My steward, Shirley Windsor, did a fantastic job, even equipping me with a fab bush hat to keep the rain off.  Derek McAulay laid my tracks and found himself some antlers to boot.

UD Stake:

Only one competitor, who scratched after failing the stay, which was the first C/A exercise.

WD Stake:

2 competitors entered and ran.  

C/A was completed first and unfortunately after good control rounds, both dogs getting full marks sendaways, they both failed in the agility section.  Tracking was on heather and moor - well this is Ballater - which looked flat from the roadside but once you got into it you could find yourself bog snorkling!

1st           Jenny Beaton, FORGUECROFT DARK KNIGHT (Axel), 144, NQ.  Was going great guns on the track but overshot the corner 4 legs from home.  Found Jenny a nice antler though.

2nd         Alison Robertson, FORGUECROFT MIDNIGHT FOLLY (Folly), 82.5, NQ.  Struggled from the start, just not her day today.

TD Control and agility:

Stays were first so people could get to their tracks after they finished their round.  Speak - place your dog and walk 15 paces turn and ask for 10 barks.  S/A - 100 paces to a blue pole then redirect right to blue cross poles.

1st           Lorna Cottier, STARDELL MARS (Clyde), 212.5, Q.  Good solid control and agility round.

2nd         Jenny Wood, FORGUECROFT TOP GUN (Marv), 186.5, NQ.  Unfortunately sat up in the stay.  Good round otherwise.

3rd          Bill Mackie, BUDLAUBER ANYA (Liesle), 166, NQ.  Unsettled in the stay, sat up as soon as Bill left her.

4th          Pat Parkinson, WAGGERLAND MY SHADOW (Shadow), 154, NQ.  Good control and lovely heelwork.

A mention for Jackie Hilton, who was competing in her first TD open and gained a full mark control round.  Well done, lovely to watch.

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