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Open Trial
Venue: Gateside
Trial Held: 16 March 2013


This was a new trial and venue, in an effort to maintain as many trial dates in Scotland as possible – we need to add to the current list as there are already so few for people to compete at north of the border.  I would like to start by thanking John and Alan McGregor of Balvaird Farm for allowing us to use their land.  The base was at The Gateside Memorial Hall; it was excellent and provided a warm place for both competitors and helpers to defrost!

Now for all the people who helped in various ways in this trial.  Thank you to Pam Cuthbert for judging both the stakes (Intro and CD) and Jackie Hilton for stewarding for Pam – they did not have an easy day due to the weather; as soon as we started the snow came on - the joys of judging in Scotland.  Thanks to Bill Mackie and Roy Drummer for their help on the Friday for putting the jumps up, Jim Jeffrey and Bill Mackie for doing the search squares.  And thanks to Lesley Drummer for turning up on the Friday despite not being very well and delivering paperwork etc for the base and then staying to make sure that I understood all the relevant procedures (paperwork) before finally giving in and going home to bed – get well soon, Lesley.  I must also thank Karen (my wife) for doing the catering and helping out with the base, and Shirley Windsor for drawing the raffle and entertaining us.

I would like to thank all the competitors who turned up; it turned out to be a very small trial (a good introduction for me being Trials Manager) but thoroughly enjoyable and it was such a shame that due to the snow we had to cancel the training that was to start after the end of the trial.  I hope you all enjoyed it and will encourage others to participate next year, and good luck for your future trials.






Search Stewards: Jim and Bill

C/A Steward: Jackie

Thanks to SWTS for the judging appointment.  This is a new venue and a new job for Gary as Trials Manager - well done to the team who pulled everything together for a fab new trial.  Karen in the kitchen and base – Lesley, I hope you’re feeling better soon, you were missed.  Jim and Bill for putting up the jumps and laying the search squares, and to Jackie who was my steward.

Have a look on the SWTS website to see the pictures from today.  It was like Narnia!  No snow at base but total white-out at the control field! 

A special mention to Maggie McPhee, who came down from Skye to compete, and although did not qualify did really well in the conditions and with 1st time nerves.  I had to position the dogs in the stays so that the snow didn’t blow into all those GSD ears, poor souls - 10 minutes in a blizzard.

Thank you everyone who competed for helping take down the jumps when we were finished without needing to be asked - everyone just mucked in.  Real trials spirit.


1st Louise Saunders and Murphy, Sheltie, 96, Q.  This little dog hardly put a foot wrong.  Louise was worried about his jumps but not a worry today!

2nd Maggie McPhee and Luther, GSD, 56.5, NQ.  Maggie and Luther have just started in trials but there’s more right than wrong here, Maggie.  Jumps and stays to be sorted but after that you’ll get there.


1st Jim McKay, Midge, GSD, 94, Q.  Full mark square, only lost 1 mark in control and no return over the scale.

2nd Jenny Wood, Marv, GSD, 93.5, Q.  Some mouthing of articles in the square for 18; good control round and a second attempt on the clear

3rd Shirley Windsor, Flash, AS, 88.5, Q.  Remembered to slow down and relax!  Flash did not like the metal spoon but you kept with it for 17 - well done.  Again, good control but didn’t do the long today (conditions?)

4th Maggie McPhee, Luther, GSD 52, NQ.  Well done, Maggie - keep training.

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