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Open Trial
Venue: Gateside
Trial Held: 18 March 2012


I left for Crufts feeling pretty organised for the Trial the following week, despite having to find some new ground to replace fields which had been ploughed.  My feelings of well-being were misplaced, however, as on my return five fields were now full of sheep!  A mad dash to find more new ground ensued and all was eventually under control.  All in all, the trial went very well, and despite the area being known for game we saw some fantastic tracks.

Thank you to the judges, Alison Pollard, Mary Edgar, Liz Roberts and John Gray, for giving up their time to judge and for setting good tests.  Thanks to all of the tracklayers, stewards, base staff and criminals (Jimmy, Derek, Helen, David, Sharon, John, Heather and Ann, June, Sarah, Davie) who were all brilliant.  Your time and effort was very much appreciated.  Thanks also to Helen Jones for helping out on the Friday and Derek for transporting the jumps.

Once again thanks to the farmers, without whom we wouldn’t have the trial.  Special thanks to Keith who always comes to the rescue.

Well done to those who qualified and good luck to everyone in their next trial.





Steward: Sharon Dunn

Thank you to the Scottish Working Trials Society for inviting me to judge at the Gorebridge Trial.  Many thanks to Gwen and June for their support and keeping me right, very much appreciated.  To the hard workers in the kitchen, many thanks and as always the food was 1st class.

To my steward, Sharon, a huge thank you again for your support and enthusiasm. A good steward is essential.  To the competitors, I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did and thank you for accepting my decisions.  It was a pleasure to judge these four competitors with their lovely, lively enthusiastic dogs and I hope we see more of them in the future.

Unfortunately there were no qualifiers and it was the jumps that overawed them all.  Four dogs competed on the day, which thankfully stayed dry and sunny.

1st Andrew Rintoul with SILBERSTERN BLUE BLAZER, Weimeraner, 83, NQ.  What a lovely enthusiastic dog who really worked hard for Andrew and gave a great performance.  His control round was awesome.  Unfortunately, the scale let him down but no doubt Andrew will get this sorted and will be back another day.  A joy to watch and well done.

2nd Nanisa Feilden with FOLKVANG ERAGON, GSD, 79.5, NQ.  Another dog who really wanted to please and again a pleasure to judge.  Lovely control round and search square.  It was a shame about the jumps but I am sure Nanisa will sort this out and hopefully we will see more of them at future trials.  Well done.

3rd Susan Henderson with ADDACI PAJKOS, Hungarian Vizsla, 64.5, NQ.  It is great to see different breeds in one stake and this Vizsla was lovely.  This team worked well together and again the control was very good.  Unfortunately the jumps phased her slightly but she really tried and did her best.  Hopefully we will see much more of this team in trials to come.  Well done.

4th Jane Rintoul with SILBERSTERN WATER BUOY, Weimeraner, 56.5, NQ.  Lovely team to watch and another enthusiastic dog.  Unfortunately he did not want to do the sendaway or the jumps, but his enthusiasm never waned.  It would be great to see this team working in future trials.  Well done

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