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Open Trial
Venue: Gateside
Trial Held: 19 March 2011



Steward: Joan

My thanks go to the society for the invitation to judge, to the competitors for accepting my decisions and to my steward Joan for her assistance and good company.

There was a very small entry for this trial, only three, but the quality of the dogs was extremely high and they were a pleasure to judge.  All the dogs had a great attitude to work, a lovely bond with their handlers and each one will have a great trials career ahead with just a little more training and experience.  Unfortunately we had no qualifiers on this occasion, the jumps taking their toll in each case.

The test was straightforward, commencing with retrieve and search square, then followed in order by stays, heelwork, recall, sendaway and finally jumps.  The weather was dry but breezy and the field was good pasture, large and well enclosed.

Articles: Comic Relief red nose, 15cm long x 1.5cm diameter wooden Dowling rod, 15 x 10cm piece carpet.  The sendaway was 70m to cross poles against a fence.

1st Mr A Rintoul, CASPAR, Weimaraner, 85/100.  A stunning, well muscled dog with a fabulous attitude to his work. Every aspect of his round was there with the only exception of the scale.  Once they master that they will be a force to watch.

2nd Mr A Bunyan, RUNE, WSD, 83/100.  This dog did not live up to his name ‘Rune the Loon’ at all, putting in a very credible and calm performance ably assisted by a very experienced handler.   Full mark nosework and an almost flawless control round.  Once Rune has the confidence to do the jumps away from home there will be no stopping this team.

3rd Ms N Feilden, INDRA, GSD, 69.5/100.  Lovely nosework and a great attitude in his sendaway.  This dog just needs more experience and confidence in his stays and jumps.  Again, lots of potential for the future.




Thank you to the SWTS committee for asking me to judge the PD stake.  Thanks to Gwen and her team for all their help.  My steward for the day was Lorna Cottier - no problem there then.  Ian Forrest and Lorna were my criminals.

Unfortunately only one dog entered.  The PD test started with the quarter round three hides, then locate criminal behind a car, which was well done. Chase was next, for full marks, and search and escort followed - good.  Next was test of courage; this dog has no problems with his courage, full marks.  Recall came next; a good test of courage mark can often be followed by no recall. This is my kind of dog.  Add everything up and you get a well deserved qualification.          

1st Julia Findeisen, TOLBERG JUMPING JACK, GSD.   Lovely control and agility and good nosework.  A little more commitment in the manwork section and you’re there.  Well done.

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