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Open Trial
Venue: Gateside
Trial Held: 21 March 2010


Despite a few months of heavy snow the ground was in good shape for this trial, albeit the grass was fairly short.  The area is known for game and this can make the tracking a little more challenging but we did have some qualifiers. 

Thank you to the Judges, Terry Austin, Cath Phillips, Stevie Braithwaite and Caroline Wright, who were great company, set good tests and made for a very enjoyable trial.  Thanks to Derek McAuley for sorting out the jumps at the start and the end, dropping everything to come up early and tracklaying in between.  Thanks to all of the tracklayers, stewards, base staff and criminals (Jimmy, John, Derek, David, Lorraine, Ann, Sylvia, Pete, Debbie, Jackie, June, Helen, Mary, Dave, Sarah, Davie), you were all brilliant.  Your time and effort was very much appreciated.

Once again thanks to the farmers, without whom we wouldn’t have the trial, and who are very accommodating in my requests not to do anything in the fields until the trial is over!  Especially Keith, who moved sheep in and then out of fields to make sure we had sufficient land.

All in all it went well, with only a couple of incidents with some marauding sheep and the Trials Manager falling flat on her face!  But as always everyone is very helpful and things are sorted out very quickly. 

Well done to those who qualified and good luck to everyone in their next trial.





Steward: Debbie McKay

Thank you to SWTS for asking me to judge the C/A, to Gwen Matear for giving up her time to organise and manage the trial, to Helen Jones far collating the entries, manning the base and sorting out the scores and to Sarah, June, David and Mr Gwen for the wonderful food and drinks.  Thank you also to the farmers who allow us to use their land.  My biggest thanks of course go to Debbie my steward - she went over the tests time and time again before the first competitor started, making sure she knew them perfectly so everyone had an equal chance.  She ran around the field all weekend fetching cones, tape measures, stopwatches and dead birds - leaving me to judge.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Debbie, you were BRILLIANT.

We were lucky to have two days and not too much wind.  We had UD and TD on Sunday which kept things nice and simple. The standard on the jumps was very good with most teams qualifying in this section, and in the stays there were only a few casualties.  TD sendaway was 130 yards to a white pole at a mottled white wall, then the redirect 80 yards along the wall; UD was 60 yards to a white pole at the wall; WD was 80 yards up the field to a blue pole, so the dogs had to run out in a straight line ‘to nothing’ initially until they ran closer and saw the marker.  Most of the dogs performed this well, although some were obviously not used to being asked to do a `send away’ rather than a `send to`. In the speak the handler walked five paces from the dog, and whilst still facing away the dog was asked to speak - I was looking for 5 clear barks whilst the dog remained stationary.  Heelwork performances ranged from very good to those who need a lot more work.  Can I highlight that the heelwork command is given at the start of the exercise, and I believe shouldn’t be given again every time you halt and begin a new pace?  Overall the standard was good, however I was surprised at the number of people who, even in the higher stakes, needed to use their leads to control their dogs between exercises.

Thank you to the competitors for entering and being so cheery despite your nerves, and for accepting my decisions graciously. Also very worthy of noting is that everyone, without exception, thanked Debbie and me at the end of their test.


1st Pam Cuthbert and PIERCES APPRENTICE, XB, 193, Q.  A competent, workmanlike performance, including a nice confident, controlled sendaway.  You did so well - remember to enjoy it!!

2nd Mrs V Hunter and SIR PATCHALOTT BEADNELL, WSD, 178.5, Q.  Another sharp control round with nice quiet handling by Vicky.  Well done on the qualification.

3rd Mr N McMechan and BLACK AMAETHON, XB, 146, NQ.  Lady is a very willing little dog who wants to do her best for Nick.  A bit more work and there will be no stopping you.

4m Mrs Susan Sentinella and SHADOWSQUAD ZOFIA, GSD, 136, NQ.  Impressively sharp retrieve and confident sendaway. You are right to be delighted with her, Susan.  Well done.


1st Miss A Symon and MIDNIGHT ONYX, CDEx, UDEx, Lab, 129.5, NQ.  Nice competent round with a full mark sendaway.

2nd Mrs C Savage and GLENLOXLEY STAR WIZARD, BC, 116.5, NQ.  Brock is a whizzy little dog who just can’t wait for what’s next.  Nicely handled by Cheryl.

3rd Alison Pollard and HAGGIS OF GLENDALE, XB, 102, NQ.  Excellent control marks, with just the long jump causing a problem.

4th Betty Orrin and TOLBERG MAN OF MYSTERY WITH MERLOCK, GSD, 96, NQ.  Josh was lovely and attentive throughout the whole test, and always wanting to know ‘what’s next?’.  The dog I’d like to take home.


1st Nelson Smith and LITTLE CROW, CDEx – WDEx, BSD, 207, Q.  Mali is a real firecracker but was handled beautifully quietly by Nelson.  Congratulations on the qualification.

2nd Mrs R Robertson and CORBY CRAGS KIZZY, Lab x Poodle, 123.5, NQ.  A lovely dog.  Needs to iron out some problems in the sendaway but a good effort overall.

3rd Jim McKay and CONADREW VASKO, GSD, 117.5, NQ.  Hubble gave a good account of himself in the control round.  I’m sure a qualification isn’t far away.

4th Mrs J Hall and NUNNEYEWOOD RHYTHM N BLUES, Ches Bay Ret, 111.5, NQ.  Full mark jumps and a competent performance overall.  Well done.




Tracklayers: David McPhillips, Lorraine Wilson, Derek McAuley

Steward: Peter Phillips

Many thanks to the society for the invitation to judge.  Thanks also to trials manager, Gwen Matear, trials secretary, Helen Jones, and society secretary, June McPhillips, who kept everything running smoothly back at base.  This is a very friendly trial and Peter and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with you all.  The kitchen staff not only kept us fed and watered but also warm with a rather amazing chilli.

Out in the field thanks go to my three loyal track layers, David McPhillips, Lorraine Wilson and Derek McAuley, who carefully laid the tracks and also kept us good company.  Of course, thanks also to Peter, who stewarded for me and for once didn’t argue with any of my decisions.


1st Mrs D Smith and SASSY SUZY, Lab.  A lovely keen dog.  Disaster on the jumps cost the qualification.  NQ

2nd Miss S Ashton and MOSS OF PRIMSIDE, Border Collie.  I think Moss unnerved himself on the clear jump which affected the other jumps, and this cost him a qualification.  NQ

3rd Mrs M Aitchison and KENMILQUIN DIAMOND GUY, Golden Retriever.  Not quite ready to qualify - I know Maureen is still working on the scale so I hope today was a useful experience.  NQ

4th Mr McMechan and BLACK AMAETHON, X-Breed.  Lady had a memory loss as regards the sendaway but I’m sure that will be soon put right, really needed that sit stay in the control section - and of course the jumps!  NQ

There were no qualifiers but no one looked too disappointed.  I think you all enjoyed working your dogs which is really what it’s all about.  Good luck with your training and future competitions.


1st Miss A Symon and MIDNIGHT ONYX, CDEx, UDEx, Lab.  Well done, although Betty didn’t complete the track the part she did was very accurate.  Once she got the first article I really felt she was going to have very little difficulty.  Never mind, the potential is there!

2nd Mrs C Savage and GLENLOXLEY STAR WIZARD, Border Collie.  Brock took the track well and found the first article.  He took the acute angle then wandered down the field in to no-man’s land.  Hard luck as this was another dog that showed potential.

3rd Mrs A Pollard and HAGGIS OF GLENDALE, X - Breed.  Hamish started off fine on the first 4 legs but then went left instead of right - Damn!

4th Mrs B Orrin and TOLBERG MAN OF MYSTERY WITH MERLOCK, GSD.  Josh didn’t seem to acknowledge the walk in scent but as soon as he got to the pole he located the track and off he went.  He had to work hard on the 2nd corner but he worked it out and tracked the next 4 legs to the article.  Unfortunately he got lost on the following leg and Betty made the wise decision not to let him struggle and lose confidence.

No qualifiers but a great bunch of competitors demonstrating that qualifying isn’t everything.  Only trials folk could travel hundreds of miles, pay out a small fortune, come home empty handed and still be proud of their dogs.  Good luck to you all in the future.




Tracklayers: John Hood and Jimmy Scott

Steward: Jackie Suckling

I would like to thank SWTS for the invitation to judge at Gorebridge.  Thank you to Gwen for organising a successful trial, and to people in the kitchen for keeping us well fed.

Thank you to Jackie for laying the search squares, and to John and Jimmy for laying the tracks.

1st Mrs Pam Cuthbert and PIERCES APPRENTICE, X-breed, 193, Q.  This dog applied himself to the track in a very determined manner, and the experience of the handler saw them safely through the sticky moments.  Very impressive, and very well done.

2nd Mrs Vicky Hunter and SIR PATCHALOTT BEADNELL, 178.5, Q.  A steady track with just a couple of sticky moments, and one delighted handelr when they finished the track.  Well done to you both.

3rd Mr Nick McMechan and BLACK AMAETHON, X-breed, 146, NQ.  A very happy dog, tracking beautifully, but a bit more work needed in the search square.  Well done.

4 Mrs Susan Sentinella and SHADOWSQUAD ZOFIA, GSD, 136, NQ.  They were unlucky not to finish the track, but the happy sporting attitude of this handler is what the sport should be about, it was a pleasure to judge them.  Well done.

Thank you to all the competitors for entering the stake; I really enjoyed seeing your dogs, and good luck for the future.




Tracklayers: Anne Bedford and David McPhillips

Squares: Sylvia Austin

My thanks to SWTS for the invitation to judge the TD nosework at this very friendly trial.  A special thank you to everyone at the base, Helen, June, trials manager, Gwen, and everyone in the kitchen.  To Anne and David, thanks for the tracks and Sylvia for the squares.

1st LITTLE CROW, CDEx - WDEx, BSD, Nelson Smith, 207, Q. Track 91.5 + 30, square 33, gun 5.  Our only qualifier, Mali had to work hard on her track, but she kept at it to produce an excellent nosework round.  A well earned qualification.

2nd CORBY CRAGS KIZZY, Lab/Poodle, Rosie Robson, 123.5, NQ.  45 + 10, 26, 5.  Tried really hard; seemed to have settled into the track then turned the wrong way.

3rd CONADREW VASKO, GSD, Jim McKay, 117.5, NQ.  23 + 20, 27, 5.  Hubble made a good effort but again only a couple of legs of the track completed.

4th NUNNEYSWOOD RHYTHM N BLUES, Ches Bay Retriever, Jacquie Hall, 111.5, NQ. 19 + 10, 33, 5.  Another team who tried hard, but unfortunately not successful today.

The fields looked excellent, the weather ideal – but what do we know?  The dogs really struggled with the tracks, there appeared to be no moisture at all – very dry and not holding much scent.  To the competitors, thank you for entering and allowing me the privilege of judging your dogs working.  It was the conditions which made it hard – good luck for your future trials.




Tracklayer: Mary Edgar

Search, C/A and Patrol Steward: Ann Bedford

Patrol Criminals: Dave Torrance and John Hood

Thanks to Gwen Matear for her organisation of the trial. She was so ably assisted at the Base by Helen Jones doing the scores (and having taken all the entries) and Davie, the Rangers man, and her mum working hard in the kitchen. Thanks folks.

To my helpers – thanks for your time and efforts and also to Cath and Terry for giving me the luxury of run-throughs in the Patrol round.

There was just one entry in the stake.

1st Jim McKay and CONADREW VASKO, GSD.  Here is a very good GSD with loads of potential for this stake.  His commitment in the patrol round can never be questioned; Hubble just needs better control overall and more motivation for his tracking.  Well done on a good effort throughout. 184.5, NQ

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