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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 22 May 2016


Stake: INTRO


Steward: Sharon Dunn

Many thanks to the Scottish Working Trials Society for inviting me to judge the above Stake.  My first time for Intro, so much reviewing of rules and regulations took place. I really enjoyed the experience and Sharon, my steward, kept me right.  Thank you, Sharon, for agreeing to be my steward; we had a great day with brilliant competitors.

Thank you to the Trials Manager, Ann, and her team for help and assistance throughout the day, to those who were at the base, and also a big thank you to the hotel staff, who provided amazing food.

Many thanks to the two competitors, who gracefully took my decisions - both were a pleasure to judge

1st           Mr Dave Stretch, OAKENHOLT BAIRD, Labrador, D, 89.5, Q.  Lovely team work and only dropped 1.5 marks on the control round.  Well done and a pleasure to judge.

2nd         Mrs Evelyn Hall, HOPE PEDRO, Cross, B, 60, NQ.  Lovely team work, but unfortunately the jumps proved difficult.  No doubt this team will be seen in many more trials.  Well done


Stake: CD


Steward: Sharon Dunn

Thank you to the Scottish Working Trials Society for asking me to judge.  I really love Lauder Trial and it was great to be there.  Thank you to Sharon, who was with me all day - great support and good fun.

Thank you to the Trials Manager and her team who did a sterling job keeping everybody right and in the right places, and to the staff at the base who do an amazing job.  Also thank you to the Hotel staff, who provided everyone with lovely food.

Thank you to Jackie, who was my gate steward and who kept the competitors in line and made sure everyone knew when it was their turn.  A big thank you to all of the competitors, who waited patiently and accepted my decisions.  It was a long day but a pleasure to judge you all.

We had 11 competitors and 6 qualifiers

1st           Mr Rod Roberts, LITTLE ED, Cross, D, 99.5, Q.  What a lovely team to watch, only dropped 0.5 on the control round.  No doubt this young dog will go far.  Well done.

2nd         Mrs Helen Kelly, CELTACASTUS NATIVE BREEZE, GSD, D, 96.5, Q.  Another team worth watching - lovely round, and well done.

3rd          Mrs Sharon Brown, TARNEDGE ECLIPSE, Labrador, D, 90.5, Q.  Great team work and very well done.

4th          Mrs Barbara Sharkey, GO BELLISTIC, GSD, B, 89.5, Q.  Another lovely team and gained this position as a result of a faster search square time.  Well done and great to watch.

Also qualified CDEx:

Sue McCabe, EINHALLOW'S PINT O'BLACK STUFF, Working Sheepdog, D, 89.5, Q. 

Mr Dave Stretch, OAKENHOLT BAIRD, Labrador, D  Q 84.5

Many thanks again to all of the competitors in both stakes for their patience, support and acceptance of my decisions.

Stake: Veteran


Tracklayers: Jimmy, Derek and Andrea

Many thanks to SWTS for inviting me to judge the Veteran Stake at this lovely friendly trial.  Ann ensured all ran smoothly on the day and was ably assisted by Caroline and Heather at the base.  Thanks to my tracklayers, Jimmy, Derek and Andrea, who laid the tracks exactly as I wanted.

We had sun, rain, wind and thunder all in the space of a few hours but the weather did not dampen the enthusiasm of the older dogs tracking.  What a pleasure they were to watch.  Whilst not in the placings, I must give a special mention to Judith Stamp and Jess.  Judith was ready to pull 13-year-old Jess off if it was too much for her but Jess decided she was going to the end!!

1st           Nick McMechan and BLACK AMAETHON, 130

=2nd       Lorraine Wilson and LEEFSIDE WHIZZ KID, 129.5

=2nd       John Wykes and KIPCROFT RED KYLE OF TARNFORCE, 129.5

4th          Mary Edgar and KIPCROFT LEX

Thanks to all for allowing me to judge you.  It was an absolute pleasure.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Shirley and Jackie

Steward: Cath Gordon

Many thanks to the Scottish Working Trials Society for the invitation to judge the UD stake in sunny Lauder, it’s a privilege to be asked.

Thanks to Ann for running another super trial, and for organising my helpers, Shirley and Jackie, who laid spot on tracks, always very tricky on the common.  Big thanks to Cath Gordon for stewarding the C/A very professionally, and for laying all the squares.

Thanks to Derek and Jimmy for sorting out fields, sheep and tracking land, without which we wouldn't be trialling.  Thanks to Heather, Judith and Caroline for sorting the base and scores, and also to Wilson, Mary and Joanne for looking after us all at the Lauderdale Hotel.  Thank you to all the competing teams at the trial, especially to the UD teams for having a go at my test.

The weather was changeable, helping and hindering in equal measure, but all the dogs worked at their best.

1st           XANDOAS SCOUT, handled by Moira Rogerson, 196.5, Q UDEx

2nd         XANDOAS ISA, handled by Bill Richardson, 195, Q UDEx

3rd          RUNE THE LOON, handled by Alasdair Bunyan, 184, Q UDEx

4th          WAGGERLAND CAPPUCCINO, handled by Fran Atkin


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