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Championship Trial
Venue: Lauder
Trial Held: 04 September 2016

Stakes: Intro and CD

Steward: Alison Pollard

I would like to thank SWTS for asking me to judge at their championship trial, and to trials manager, Caroline Wright, for all her hard work and running a very efficient and friendly trial. Thanks to Ann and Jill on base and The Lauderdale for the lovely food. I would also like to thank my steward, Ali Pollard, who always makes my job that little bit easier by being very professional and brilliant company. Finally, thank you to all the competitors for entering under me - you all had such lovely attitudes to the test and your dogs.

Introductory Stake:
6 Entered, 4 Competed
1st Mrs Lorraine Wilson with BLIMEY LIFE OF RILEY, Riley, 99.5, Q. This partnership had a fabulous day, dropping only half a point on the nosework and getting a full mark C/A round. Lovely to watch.
2nd Mr Colin Telford with STRETTON HILL KALEM, Storm, 90, Q. Storm is a stunning dog who just loved working for Colin - he was very enthusiastic in fast pace. Just unfortunate that he didn't come back over the scale.
3rd Roberta Bolster with WYNNERIDGE VIXEN, Wynnie, 77, NQ. First competition for this team and Roberta was very nervous, but they both did a lovely round, only failing to qualify on the scale and the down stay, where poor Wynnie couldn't bear to be away from her Mum, and was by her side before she got to the van.
4th Ms Claire Lacey with CUPAR BOUNCER, Bouncer, 59.5, NQ. A lovely team who were also at their first competition. Bouncer really enjoyed the search square and managed to find two articles whilst still finding time to eat the grass. I look forward to seeing this partnership progress.

CD Stake:
7 Entered, 6 Competed
1st Mr Michael Wilson with THE MELV MIX, Melvin, 98.5, Q. This partnership is incredible and work so well together. They only lost half a mark on their nosework and one mark on their on-lead heelwork, as poor Melvin didn’t want to sit on the wet grass. I can see this team going through the stakes very quickly. Lovely to watch.
2nd Ms Joyce Watson with BANDAITCH BLYTH BREA, Breagh, 95, Q. A very nervous Joyce came on the field but had no need to be as this partnership went on to do a fabulous round, only dropping 5 points in total. Everyone cheered as Breagh came back over the scale.
3rd Mrs Pauline Cook with APRIL WINDY WILLOW, Bronte, 93, Q. Pauline and Bronte had a lovely round, they worked so well together. Their off-lead heelwork was so relaxed.
4th Mrs Sheila Tannert with TARNEDGE LEIA, Leia, 87.5, Q. This team had a lovely round. Leia worked her socks off in the search square getting two out of the three articles. I’m sure this partnership will go through the stakes very quickly.


Stake: UD


Tracklayers: Shirley Windsor, Steve Hirst and Jackie Hilton

Stewards: Mike Wilson and Fay Rae

I would like to thank the Scottish Working Trials Society for asking me to judge the UD Stake at the Lauder Championship Trial. A big thank you to Caroline Wright and her team of workers for organising the trial and sorting my helpers; you have a good support and brilliant crew.

Firstly, thanks to the tracklayers, Shirley Windsor working both days, Steve Hirst and Jackie Hilton for one day each - well done, you make it look so very easy out there on the heather, phew!!!! Thanks also go to Mike Wilson for stewarding on the first day and to Fay Rae on the second day; you both did a brilliant job, giving guidance and direction to the handlers, and most of all making them feel relaxed - thanks again.

1st               Kate Wykes with DREAGANTA XARYS’S STAR OF TARNFORCE, Border Collie, 188, Q UDEx. What a lovely round, gently handled by Kate, well done to you both, a worthy winner.

2nd             Sharon Brown with TARNEDGE ECLIPSE, Labrador, Q UD.

3rd              Rosemary Smyth with FINN MY COOL COLLIE, Border Collie, Q UD.

4th              Peter Brooke with PACESCOTT NORTHERN SPY, Labrador, NQ. Receiving the best nosework trophy, lovely to watch.
Thanks to all the competitors for entering; I wish you all success for the future.


Stake: WD

Tracklayer: Gary Tait and Jim Jeffrey
Steward: Brian Glasgow

I would like to thank SWTS for inviting me to judge the WD stake at Lauder trial, also the trials manager. It was a great trial, the weather was not too bad and all the competitors appeared to enjoy themselves and so did the dogs.
9 out of 15 dogs qualified, so I would say this was quite a successful trial for them; for those who did not qualify, better luck next time. A special thanks goes to my two tracklayers, Gary Tait and Jim Jeffrey, and to Brian Glasgow, my control and search square steward. Also to all the other people who helped at the trial, because without them we would not be able to run the trials.

1st Rita Kidson with TREGADA TYE, BC, 195, Q. Super track and search dog - full point track and search square. A worthy winner
2nd Diane Ellis with DIANDIE SUMMER MAGIC, GSD, 189.5, Q. Well done, a valiant effort.
3rd John Wykes with DREAGANTA RED RORY OF TARNFORCE, BC, 189, Q. Very good for a young dog.
4th Jenny Beaton with FORGUECROFT DARK KNIGHT, GSD, 187, Q. Great for the dog, even better for the handler.

Also qualified:
Jenny Holt and BEELAHOLT BRYN, 186.5
Jenny Holt and BEELAHOLT BRIAR, 186.5
Elaine Barr and WINDLEGREY PHANTOM, 184
Jackie Dykes and ZINZAN ZOO, 183.5

Thanks again to everyone. I had a great time, see you all at the next trial.


Stake: TD

Tracklayers: Andrea Lynd, Derek McCauley, Jimmy Scott, Jeff Margreaves
Steward: Jill Carruthers

I would like to thank SWTS for the invitation to judge the TD stake at their Lauder Championship trial.  Trials manager, Carloine Wright, and her team organised a happy and well-run trial.  The Lauder trial has always been a very popular trial and it was a pleasure to be part of it.  I thank you for your hospitality – we were made to feel very welcome.
Special thanks got to tracklayers, Andrea, Derek, Jimmy and Jeff, who all worked very hard to make sure all competitors had a fair chance; your knowledge of the common is invaluable.  You were all good company and a pleasure to be with.
An extra special thanks to Jill for being my steward over the four days.  You had the competitors’ interests at heart at all times, again, doing your best so that they all had a fair chance.  Thank you, Jill, for your help and support.  PS. Spending four days with Jill Carruthers is a life changing experience – but I expect I will get over it!
On behalf of the competitors and myself, thank you all again for your time and efforts.
Tracking on Lauder Common is a bit of a challenge for most competitors, as it is different!!  The weather over the three tracking days was pretty much the same, cool with a light breeze.  We were treated to some very good nosework performances, which were a pleasure to see.  Of the 31 entries, 26 took part in the nosework, of which 16 qualified.  At the end of the C/A there were 10 qualifiers.

1st    and CC, Mike Williams and WTCh TADMARTON ELEANOR, Lab, 214, Q.     Mike and Tara put on a very good all-round performance, with no weak points.  You make a very good team and, on your day, hard to beat.  Well done and good luck at next year’s KCC’s.  Track 97, articles 30, search 34, control 33, agility 20.
2nd    and Res CC, Pat Herbert and GLENALPINE FEN, BC, 213, Q.  Two Reserve CC’s in two outings, and not yet three years old – that’s some record.  What does the future hold for this team?  Winner of the best nosework trophy.  I think that perhaps the occasion got the better of then in the control round, but still a very exciting prospect for the future.  Well done, Pat and Fen.  98.5, 30, 35, 30, 20.
3rd    Barry Gilbert and WTCh GLENALPINE COSWORTH, BC, 212.5, Q.  Another good all-round performance by this very experienced team; on another day it would have been yours.  Well done.  97.5, 30, 34, 31, 20.
4th    Glenys Page and WTCh BILKO’S GLORY, WSD, 207.5, Q.  Sam does it all at top speed; you handle him very well.  Did one of the best sendaways.  94, 30, 34, 29.5, 20.

Also qualified TDEx:
Lorna Cottier and STARDELL MARS, BC, 204
Mike Williams and MARINA BEN’S PAL, Cross, 201.5
Bill Richardson and KENOCTO OCTOBERS DELIGHT, Mali, 191.5
Jane Wood and LUDGATE POWER ‘N’ GLORY, BC, 187.5


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