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Open Trial
Venue: MacMerry
Trial Held: 02 October 2016

Stakes: UD and WD

 Judge: FAY RAE

 Many thanks to SWTS for the invitation to judge the UD and WD stakes at Macmerry, in what was my first judging appointment. Thank you to Nick McMechan, trials manager, for ensuring a successful, friendly trial and providing us with excellent tracking land and control field. Big thanks to all who work so hard behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the trial and provide a good experience for the competitors, and to Ann Bedford for running the base with unflappable efficiency. There was a new base this year, The Brig Inn in Tranent, which worked very well, providing a comfortable base and keeping us well fed over the weekend.

Big thank you to the farmers for their generosity.

We were blessed with beautiful weather all weekend, which added to the relaxed friendly atmosphere.

UD Stake:

Tracklayers: Cath Gordon and Shirley Windsor

Steward: Bill Mackie

I’d like to thank Bill Mackie for stewarding and being such good company; it’s reassuring to have such experienced help on board. Thank you to my tracklayers, Cath Gordon and Shirley Windsor, for doing a great job.

There were 7 entries and 5 ran. Nosework was in the morning and tracking was on well grown grass with stubble through it. Tracking articles were a 3” x 3” piece of cream carpet and a 5” piece of plaited felt. 4 out of 5 completed the track recovering both articles. Search articles were a 4” piece of wood, a 4” piece of green pipe, a 3” x 1” piece of carpet and a red gun cartridge. One competitor recovered 4 articles, 3 recovered 3 articles and one brought 2 out. Control was of a high standard for all dogs, but the jumps proved costly for 2 dogs. There were 2 qualifiers.

1st           Mike Wilson, THE MELV MIX, Cross, B, 194.5, Q and best nosework. An excellent team who will do well in future trials.

2nd         Lorraine Wilson, BLIMEY LIFE OF RILEY, Cross, B, 188.5, Q. Great work from this team.

3rd          Jackie Hilton, GOOSECREEK DAKOTA, 163.5, NQ. The jumps proved costly on the day with this young dog.

4th          Joyce Watson, BANDAITCH BLYTH BREA, 153, NQ. Again, the jumps cost a qualification.


WD Stake:

Tracklayer: Jackie Hilton

Steward: Caroline Wright

 Thank you to Jackie Hilton who laid all the WD tracks, and to Caroline Wright for stewarding, your support and great company.

There were 4 entries and 3 ran. Nosework was in the morning, with tracking on well grown grass with stubble through it. Tracking articles were a 3” x 1” piece of carpet and a 4” piece of white pipe. 2 completed the track recovering both articles. Search articles were a gun cartridge, a metal teaspoon, a 2” piece of green pipe and a 2” x 2” piece of carpet. One competitor recovered 4 articles with the other 2 bringing 3 out. Sendaway was 80 yards to 2 cross poles in the middle of the field, successfully reached by all 3 competitors. Control was of a high standard, and there was 1 qualifier.

1st           Andrea Lynd, SELDOMSEEN JET, Lab, 187, Q. Watching this team complete a near faultless track was a joy! Super work and a well-deserved first place.

2nd         Yvonne Walker, BANDAITCH SHIRIN, Cross, B, 182, NQ - best nosework. A good performance but no scale cost a qualification today.

3rd          Alison Robertson, FORGUECROFT MIDNIGHT FOLLY, NQ. Some great work but Alison didn’t believe Folly on the track.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first judging appointment and hope the competitors enjoyed the tests.


Stake TD:

Tracklayers: Derek McAulay and Jimmy Scott
Search Stewards: Alison Robertson, Lorraine Wilson
C/A Stewards: Shirley Windsor, Lorraine Wilson

Many thanks to the trials manager, Nick McMechan, for all his hard work in organising this trial; he really did put a load of effort in to finding a new base, as well as new and plentiful good quality land and this was a great success. Thanks also to the fab helpers for the stake – great work, excellent company and I know that the competitors also appreciated all your efforts.
The weather was glorious and that’s not something you can often say at this trial each year. Conditions for tracking were excellent and the stubble fields offered the opportunity for dogs to track at their best.
13 dogs were entered, 11 ran; 5 qualified the nosework and a further 4 qualified overall. Articles were rubber, cable and carpet (track) and a large ribbon (most dogs lost marks for dropping it on several occasions), cigar tin, fabric and wooden curtain ring (search).
The huge C/A field was next to the tracking fields and offered loads of potential; however, the bright sun meant that the round had to be arranged to ensure it didn’t affect the dogs’ performances. We started off with slow pace heelwork, then the speak, with the dog at the side of the handler, then fast pace heelwork to the sendaway pole. The sendaway was 75 paces out to the hedge, followed by a 170 redirect along the hedge to the corner. It was marked 3 and 7 and those whose dogs went to the boundary generally succeeded in the redirect. It was a longer redirect than I would usually have for an open, however I felt it was balanced by the short easy outrun for that level of open stake. Normal pace heelwork took you back to the jumps, where there was a second attempt at the face of the scale.

1st Caroline Wright and DREAGANTA DASH O’DEVILMENT, BC, D, 206.5, COM. Super, confident, steady track and search; very polished in the control round. An uncharacteristic blip in the long jump but there’s no doubt that this team are more than ready for ticket. Won the run off with Sharon and Ernie with smarter heelwork and a more consistent speak – done in the pub/base car park. Well done
2nd Sharon Brown and TARNEDGE ECLIPSE, Lab, D, 206.5, COM. Just a youngster is Ernie, only just two but you can see why he’s done well so quickly. Very positive track at a lovely pace considering his potential strength. Good attitude in the control round, just needing more experience in the speak and a bit more control in the sendaway but love his enthusiasm for it! Well done.
3rd Elaine Barr and FREDDIE’S JUST DYNAMITE, Cocker Spaniel, D, 205.5, COM. Another excellent track, which after the first two legs was paw-perfect. One of only two full point searches gave this team best TD nosework. The C/A was super; Freddie’s tail never stopped wagging throughout. Would have been winners of the stake but for a blip on the recall of what had been a brilliant sendaway and redirect, Freddie’s spaniel character getting the better of him. I remember meeting Freddie just after Elaine took him from rescue and he had no idea how to play – what a brilliant job you’re doing with him.
4th Joyce Watson and COLINTON CEIL, X Breed, B, 196.5, COM. Ceilidh worked her way round the track steadily and confidently and only lost marks on one short leg. Beautifully line handled by Joyce throughout. Gain more motivation in the search and with the obvious solid C/A Ceilidh has, this team are also very ready for ticket.

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