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Open Trial
Venue: Ottenden
Trial Held: 21 September 2014



This is the second year running that we have run a trial in this beautiful area of Kent; the village hall we used as a base last year is being rebuilt, however we were fortunate to have the use of an out building belonging to Dave and Julie Murray, who also allowed us the use of their land for some of the tracking and a superb control field directly in front of the base. Once again none of this would have been possible without Sharon Carter’s relationship and influence within this community - we are so lucky she lives in the heart of this village.

My sincere thanks to Eric Baker for the use of the stubble fields for TD tracking and to Dave and Julie Murray for the grazing land which was used for UD and WD tracking, all control and Intro. The gamekeeper, Garry Bell, who has pens all around our tracking land, was once again most accommodating.

We were lucky enough to have a very small kitchen area in the base and somehow Linda seemed to manage to keep everyone fed and watered with minimal facilities and contributed in no small way to the great atmosphere in the base - well done and many thanks, Linda. Whilst on the subject of food, many thanks to those who generously brought cakes and pies etc.

What a superb team I had: Sharon judged UD and WD and also played a key role in helping generally; stewarding was split between Sandra Lewindon and Rita Banfather. Joyce Tibbetts judged TD for us and Sandra and Rita shared the square laying, with Sandra stewarding control on both days. I had a brilliant team of track layers, Mark Lewindon, Steve Banfather and Andy Baker - thanks guys, you did a first class job. Dave Self judged the Intro and Rita stewarded for him - between them they did a great job in welcoming a lot of newcomers to the sport; the buzz from this group once they had competed was a real reflection on how Dave and Rita had handled the stake. Sylvia Cook looked after the base and Peter Brook played a significant part in helping me establish the base and as importantly was there at the end to help close everything down. For those of you that came to compete or help you will have noticed the directions signs all the way from the A20, which Pete made and put out for me - the feedback on this small attention to detail was excellent.

My last thank you goes to all those that entered, without you there would be no trial; for a SATS Open we had a good entry overall (45).

Having spoken to both the farmers involved in providing us the land, I know their confidence is growing in us and we are looking at the possibility of running the whole trial on pasture next time, but a year in the farming and trials world is a long time, so fingers crossed. I am pleased that the much valued core team, that for the second year running have played such a key role in the success of this trial, have already booked in to return next year.







Steward: Rita Banfather

 Thank you to the SATS committee for the invitation to judge the Introductory Stake at their open trial. Les Allen, trials manager, ensured everything ran smoothly and many thanks to everyone involved in organising this trial. Thanks to Sylvia Cook in the base and to Linda Allen in the kitchen. Also, many thanks to the farmers for letting us have nice lush grass for the Introductory search squares.

Big thanks to Rita Banfather, my search square and C/A Steward. As expected for an Introduction to Working Trials Stake, we had a majority of first time trialists, but Rita is extremely adept at putting nervous competitors at ease.

8 dogs entered and 7 ran. We started with individual sit stays followed by the nosework and retrieve. After a short break we completed the control and agility, ending with all competitors together for the 5 minute out-of-sight down stay.

The search square wasn’t laid until after each dog had completed the 1 minute sit stay and the square was followed by the dumb-bell retrieve. Search articles: 5" green hose, 4" x 3" rubberised mesh, green plastic toothbrush and a 5" brown rat soft toy. (All 7 teams retrieved the required 3 articles). Sendaway: 30 paces to a 3 foot high red/white traffic cone against the hedge.

All 7 teams qualified on the control section with 6 out of the 7 qualifying on the nosework. The agility section was the weak area with only 3 dogs scaling successfully, and unfortunately all failed on the recall over the scale. What was great to see was that all 7 teams had full marks on both the sit and down stays.

We ended up with 1 qualifier overall.


1st Steph Allsopp and ASHLINDT MIRAGE, GSD, B, 86, Q. A full mark clear and long jump combined with 5 marks for the scale was enough to give Steph and Star the qualification they deserved. Star gave a good consistent performance throughout (despite Steph’s nerves). Congratulations on a well-deserved win.

2nd (after run off) Lorraine Gardner and KIYONARI LOOK NO FURTHER, X Breed, D, 83, NQ. Kiyo is a small Bedlington/Patterdale Terrier with an enormous heart. Just defeated by the long jump and return over the scale today. Lovely teamwork, good luck at future trials.

3rd (after run off) Elizabeth Hammond and BASWELL’S BRIDE, LAB, B, 83, NQ. Libby worked well for Elizabeth with an accurate sendaway and one of the best nosework sections. Well done.

4th Denise Steer and SHUKKASH NAAMTO HADES, GSD, D, 79, NQ. Hades qualified on both the control and agility sections but his search square is "work in progress". He’ll soon put it all together, Denise - good luck.


Thank you to all the competitors for entering under me; it was a pleasure to watch your dogs work. Hopefully all teams (whether they qualified or not) went home having enjoyed the experience and looking forward to entering future trials.




Tracklayers: Steve Banfather and Mark Lewindon

Search Steward: Sandra Lewindon

C/A Stewards: Sandra Lewindon and Rita Banfather


Firstly I would like to thank my neighbours and friends, Julie and David Murray of Snoad Farm, for allowing us to access their land and use the farm as a base. Working Trials is dependent on the generosity of landowners to enable our sport to exist.

Also thanks to the SATS Committee for nominating me for this appointment. I always feel very privileged to watch fellow trialists work their dogs, all of whom entered with the right attitude. Thank you for coming to the trial, it was a pleasure to judge your dogs’ work. Some of you travelled a considerable distance to be with us.

Les and Linda were meticulous in the preparation and organisation of this trial. Only those who have done the job of trials manager and catering department will know how many hours of work goes into running a trial, before, during and after the event. Sylvia Cook as base steward was invaluable too. Many thanks.

My tracklayers and stewards carried out all my instructions, giving every competitor an equal opportunity to work their dogs. You were all great company as well – thank you to you all.



 8 entered, 8 worked, 6 completed the track.

 1st Dave Clark and LAKATAMI LUCIFER, GSD, D, 198, COM. This was the dogs first attempt at UD, at 19 months old. Lost only 1 mark on the nosework, 0.5 on control and 0.5 on the agility. The marks say it all. Wonderful performance to watch from an experienced handler.

2nd Reg Saker and VONLUCIANHAN ALLIANCE, B, Mali, 190.5, COM. The way this bitch works the track corners have to be seen to be believed. If all Malis were like her I would have one straight away. Full mark control round.

3rd Dave Currier and MINIMOKES ELBA, D, GSP, 175.5, COM. Dave has taken over working this lovely steady dog for owner Maureen O’Neil, and he is ideal for trials. Overall a good performance in all sections gained this well-deserved COM at their first attempt.

4th Kevin Hill and JOYFUL JENSEN, D, GSD, 189, NQ. Having only lost 0.5 mark on the nosework and 0.5 in the control, this dog refused the scale, an ongoing problem. Once this issue is resolved you will be unstoppable.



 9 entered, 6 worked, 2 completed the track.

 1st Angela Fields and TARNEDGE ACT OF FAITH, B, Lab, 189, COM. Last dog of the day to track, very steady and accurate, losing only 1 mark. Tracking beside pheasant pens is not easy for a gundog! Overall a nice steady performance, but you do need to set your dog up for the jumps so that she knows what is coming next.

2nd Paul Morling and VONLUCIANHAN ARGONAUT, D, Mali, 188, COM. Litter brother to 2nd in UD, a wonderful track enhanced by a very experienced handler. Full mark jumps, losing only 1 mark in control. Swallowing one of the square articles cost first place, but it is the COM you were after.

3rd June Coutts and TADMARTON ESTELLE, B, Lab, 142, NQ. Tracked in the same field as the first placed, but started back tracking half way round. The rest of the work was very consistent - a COM won’t be long in coming.

4th Wendy Donaldson and AMBERSLADE MARGARITA, B, ASD, 129.5, NQ. Also went out on the track at about the same place as June, but sadly went off in a different direction. Lovely control round and square. Note: buy a belt!!


Stake: TD


Track Layers: Mark Lewindon and Andy Baker

Search Stewards: Rita Banfather (Sat) Sandra Lewindon (Sun)

Control Steward: Sandra Lewindon.

 I would like to thank SATS for their invitation to judge the TD stake at their open trial. Many thanks to Les Allen for such an efficiently run and friendly trial and to Linda for supporting (and putting up with) Les while he was doing it, as well as keeping me and everyone else fed. Thank you, Sharon, for giving me a bed for the night, along with parking for the van and a paddock to run the dogs - definitely five star accommodation.

The trial was at a new base at Snoad Farm, where we were made most welcome alongside the sheep, pigs and turkeys, and with room for the control and agility in a large flat field right by the base.

The weekend was warm and dry, misty and still on Sat, bright and breezy on Sun. Tracking was on stubble, articles were a plant tie, a 3" piece of dowelling and a 3 x 1" piece of scourer. Thanks to Mark and Andy for laying all tracks so well. Rita laid squares first day and Sandra second day - many thanks to both of them for the squares and the company: articles were a 3" piece of thin red rope, half a straw, half a peg and the outside of a 2ml syringe.

Sandra also stewarded the control round for me, speak, heelwork to sendaway pole - straight out 120 yds to then 100 yds along the hedge to the corner, then a bit more heelwork to return to the jumps. Thank you, Sandra, for keeping the round flowing so nicely.

20 entered 14 ran with two qualifiers.


1st Sheren Perez with KAEFFER KAL, CDEx - UDEx, WSD, B, 206, Q. Kalli was the only dog to complete the whole track on Saturday, with all the articles. She is a lovely keen bitch, a pleasure to watch and well deserved her win. N/W 158, C/A 28/20.

2nd Graham Blake with TOBIAS COLLIER, CDEx – UDEx, WSD, D, 188.5, Q. Toby worked really hard on the track, never giving up and very well handled by Graham; missed the 1st article and 3 out of the square. Again a well-deserved qualification. 137, 31.5/20.

3rd Judy Meekings with LAURINCO RED SKYE AT WINDLEBROOK, CDEx – WDEx, Lab, D, 198, NQ. Skye worked the track with great enthusiasm, well controlled by Judy - all track and square articles. Unfortunately slipped on the scale so no qualification today but will happen soon. Best nosework. 159.5, 28.5/10.

4th David Paul with ALBADHU PAWS FOR A REST, CDEx – WDEx, Large Munsterlander, D, 164.5, NQ. Stan really worked for David on the track, though he missed the second article and two legs near the end. He showed signs of tiredness in square, but managed to get them all out. Well done, David, a good effort. 123, 23/18.5.


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