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Championship Trial
Venue: Beachy Head
Trial Held: 15 March 2014




Steward: Linda Allen

 Mary Prentice was originally booked to judge this stake but had to undergo an operation on her back; she is making good progress, although I know how frustrating Mary is finding the recovery process. I am sure you will all join me in wishing Mary a speedy return to full health and back working her dog.

My thanks to Frances and SATS for the invitation to judge and also to Frances for running the trial; from a weather point of view it proved to be a variable week and it was extremely challenging on Friday - that said I couldn’t have wished for better conditions for this stake on Saturday.

Thanks also to Wills and Ali for the use of Black Robin Farm; they couldn’t have been more accommodating. Also to Lauren and Carole for keeping us fed and watered on Saturday, much appreciated.

A special thanks to Linda for stewarding for me - she did a great job and I hope this was the first of many for her.

Five entered, and all ran on the day. The nosework was completed successfully by them all and they all did some very nice control rounds; unfortunately, the stays were a problem to one and the jumps took out a further two, leaving two qualifiers at the end of the day. That said, they all have the potential to qualify, with a little more work required in their areas of weakness, which the handlers are well aware of.

1st STARSHOT SZARKA AT SZIKRAS, HWHV, 89, Q CDEx, handled by the very experienced Lynne Watkins. What a character Szarka is, but Lynne knows exactly how to handle him. He was a little unsettled when he first came onto the field but with some words in his ear from Lynne, he went onto to complete a good round, just needed a second attempt on the long jump. Well-deserved, Lynne.

2nd TRACELYN NICOLE OF BRUSHBOW, GSD, 87.5, Q CDEx, handled by Lynn Harrison. Some super heelwork from "Nic Nic", unfortunately found the articles a little tasty. Also needed a 2nd attempt on the long jump, but once again a super team with potential. Last time I judged them they just missed out on their CDEx with a broken down stay, but not this time, finishing only 1.5 points behind the winner. Well done, Lynn.

3rd TADMARTON ESTELLA, Lab, 82, NQ, handled by June Coutts. Ripple is a super young dog - sometimes a little over enthusiastic but what a great trait to have and be able to channel, she is so clearly focussed on June. Generally, a very strong round; the square could have been tidier but the control round was very good; unfortunately the jumps proved a little costly on the day. That said, she is more than capable, she qualified and won UD Open at Poole a week or so ago.

4th ASHLINDT MIRAGE, GSD, 76.5, NQ, handled by Steph Allsopp. The only dog to do a perfect square; control was generally good, could be a little tidier in places but would have been comfortably ok for a qualification, but unfortunately the jumps proved to be the area of weakness. To be fair, Steph did suspect that this might be the case, so clearly she knows what her homework will be. Better luck next time, Steph.

Thanks once again to the competitors who entered under me; it was a delight to see you all work. It won’t be long before the NQ’s do overcome their individual problems and go onto qualify - they all had the potential.





I would wish to thank the Society for the invite to judge the UD and WD stakes at their trial. A special thanks to Frances for all the hard work in putting this event on and the ladies in the kitchen.

My team of tracklayers and stewards were magnificent I could not have ask for better. It wasn’t easy on the slopes of the fields and especially on Friday in WD when the fog hung about all day.



 Tracklayers: Ruth Payton, Lee Payne

Square Steward: Manda McLellan

C/A Scribe: Pete


Thanks to Lee and Manda for stepping in at very short notice, due to Mark and Sandra having to return home with an emergency with Kyte.

We had 8 entries and 5 dogs worked. Two dogs qualified the C/A, but unfortunately did not complete the nosework, and the 3 C/A non-qualifiers went on to complete the nosework, so regrettably we did not have a qualifier.


1st Jane Clarke, SKYE’S OVER THE TOP, WSD, B, 181, NQ. Everything super except for the jumps. 89, 20, 34, 30, 8.

2nd Lee Lampert, HUXTABLE IZZY, BC, B, 180.5, NQ. Another team that missed qualifying, but for the agility. 87, 20, 27, 35, 11.5.

3rd Heather Hardaway, VIKKAS CRUISE OF BURNAWAY, GSD, D, 172.5, NQ. Get the control into shape, as Brendon has the ability - a very good track. 89, 20, 24, 23, 16.5.

4th Nick Brunner, NORDIC SPRUCE, Lab Ret, D, 150, NQ. Full marks C/A and full mark square. Just missing that deserved qualification on the nosework. 60, 0, 35, 35, 20.

5th Angela Clarke, CHACKMORETON SAFFRON, G/Ret, B, 125, NQ. Very good C/A. 34, 10, 27, 34.5, 19.5.


WD Stake:

 Tracklayers: Thursday, Mark Lewindon and Ruth Payton; Friday, Ruth Payton and Lynne Watkins

Square Stewards: Thursday, Sandra Lewindon; Friday, Steph Allsopp

C/A Scribe: Pete

 Again special thanks to Lynne and Steph for stepping in at very short notice. We had 13 entered and 11 worked

 1st Lauren Marlow, JOTUNHEIM ELI, Mal, D, 190.5, Q WDEx. An all-round good display from this team. Well-deserved win for Aka. 84.5, 20, 32, 34.5, 19.5.

2nd Manda McLellan, GARTONHAUS BORA OF ASHLINDT, GSD, B, 182, Q WDEx. A worthy qualification. 86.5, 20, 25, 32, 18.5.

3rd Winston Cadogan, CAESAROMAGO OBELIA, Mal, B, 159.5, Q WD. Just missing out on a WDEx qualification. 77, 10, 27, 31.5, 14.

4th Christine Brooksby, RAVENSBROOK MAID, BC, B, 152.5, Q WD. Another team that just missed a WDEx qualification. 58, 10, 35, 34.5, 15.


Winston and Christine tracked on Friday; due to the foggy conditions the tracklayer and I had to follow them round the track. I am sure that had it been a better day they would have completed the track.

Hard luck story was Brenda Nevard with ISPYDA SPIDER - sat up in stays when the farm dogs started barking after 5 mins, then lay down. All other work was good. 82, 20, 35, 21.5, 20. (178½)

Thank you all for accepting my test and best wishes in future trials.




Tracklayers; Stan Ford 1 day, Linda Bowden 3 days, Dennis Webb 4 days.

Stewards squares and C/A; Les Allen 3 days and Suzanne 1 day

 I would like to thank SATS for this very enjoyable judging appointment and all the willing helpers who contributed in any way. Also thank you Frances Webb - she is such a hard working trials manager, turns her hand to any job that is required

A big thank you to Stan, Linda and Dennis; I know you worked hard laying tracks in some very challenging weather, this year the only thing missing was snow! Sorry you had to recover so many articles.

Not forgetting Les and Suzanne - thank you both for stewarding. Every dog worked the square well, no dog got less than three, with most recovering all four articles, and with you scribing the C/A it allowed me to concentrate on the dogs working; also thanks for helping to keep me in check!

Wow, the kitchen team are ace, from full English to drinks and cakes we were well and truly spoilt; thanks to Lauren, Carole, Jeff and Frances.

 1st MAGIC DARK SHADOW, Lab Ret, D, with Gary Martin, 204. Bracken worked the third track on Thursday and he did work hard to sort it out, gaining 93 - what a star! He recovered three articles and four from the square for 32. With full jumps, speak, heelwork, gun and down, only lost 5.5 on the sendaway. A lovely day out for Gary and Bracken, congratulations on this win and all the very best wishes for the KCC`s.

2nd HEX AT CARFELD, BC, B, with Eric Carpenter, 199. Hex worked the second track on Thursday; we were all ecstatic when she got round, proving it could be done, she is such a determined dog. It was a shame she cast and missed the second article, even so she had the best track with 95 and four from the square for 33. With full jumps, speak, gun and down, "4" for heelwork and 7 sendaway. Congratulations Eric and Hex

3rd WTCh LAWINICK COME N GET IT AT HARTSHILL, GSD, B, with Tony Lockyer, 198. Isla worked the eighth track on Saturday. If any dog could get round we thought it would be Isla, she worked her socks off, Tony! Gaining 82 for the track and three, with four from the square for 33. Isla only lost 1.5 on control and 0.5 on her agility. Keep flying the GSD flag, Tony - congratulations.

4th GLENALPINE DANNY, BC, D, with Sue Russell, 163 NQ. Danny worked the last track on Friday evening in thick fog. Bless him, he made parts of the track look so easy. He missed the second article and lost the track almost at the end; this was certainly the hard luck story of this trial. He got 32 control and 15 agility; you must be so pleased with how hard he worked for you on that day, Sue.

 Thank you to the competitors who entered; all the dogs gave their best, it was just the conditions that beat them this time. This is a fantastic venue with miles and miles of wonderful dog walking on the doorstep.

A final thank you to Pete Jones and Sandra Lewindon for taking Darcy out for me during the day - we both appreciated your help.


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