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Championship Trial
Venue: Hailsham
Trial Held: 16 March 2013



I would like to thank SATS for the invitation to judge, especially as it was the first time on these grounds.  However, I was not best pleased with the power above on the weather that was placed upon us - bitter cold of minus degrees, gale force winds mixed with sleet and hail; with that in mind I’m completely dumbfounded that any dog could qualify but qualify they did.

With all this bad weather the one man band kitchen and base organiser was Linda Allen, who needs a medal for keeping us all well fed, making us warm on the inside - thanks a million for your great work.  A big thank you to Sue Redshaw for her excellent accommodation, evening meal and the ample wine - sorry you don’t drink!

Finally a big thank you to Francis Webb for an excellent run trial.  With all the newness of the grounds and farmer it is never easy the first time to get it right, but get it right you did - very well done.

As I said above the weather was appalling, so to see the four below all coping was brilliant and the only comment I can add is that they were all GSD’s; maybe you could suggest that in the gale force winds the rest were simply blown away!  Well done to you all and I look forward to seeing you all in the future. 

1st Manda McLellan and GARTONHAUS BORA OF ASHLINDT, GSD, B, 90.5, Q CDEx. Although losing a few marks here and there it was a good performance in the weather conditions.  It also proves beneficial to have both stays in CD.

2nd Betty Briley and JETRIL JIG, GSD, B, 84, Q CDEx.  As the first, another excellent round in these conditions with the best marks for the square; will do well in the future as she made the jumps look easy!

3rd Rosemary Turner and KHAMYSKER KALAMITY KATE, GSD, B, 80 Q CDEx.  Some mouthing in the square but in general a good effort gaining third place after a run off with fourth.

4th Bill Hardaway and VIKKAS CRUISE OF BURNAWAY, GSD, D, 80, Q CDEx.  A very excitable boy; if he ever calms down he’s another dog that Bill could take to the top.  He was narrowly beaten in the run off with third.




Tracklayers: Ruth Payton, Les Allen

Square steward: David Green

C/A Steward: Lynn Watkins

Thank you all.

Thank you to SATS for the invitation to judge. A big thank you to Frances Webb, who managed to secure a new venue at short notice, when difficult weather conditions meant a number of trials were being cancelled.  Thank you to Dennis Webb for general help, to Linda Allen for keeping us very well fed, and anyone else who helped in the background.

Although on grass, conditions were quite difficult for tracking, it being very windy on Beachy Head!

1st Mrs Val Thomson’s TRACELYN DANCING IN THE DARK, CDEx – UDEx, GSD, B, 177.5, Q.  A very nice young dog, worked well throughout in difficult conditions.

2nd Judith Owen with BRENTMOOR JAY, BC, D, 160.5, Q.  A close shave - the wind didn’t help, well done.

3rd  Jane Wood with LUDGATE POWER N GLORY, CDEx, UDEx, WDEx, BC, D, 172.5, NQ. Enjoyed eating the snow, worked well but was a mark short on the agility.

4th Ms Sylvia Cook with MR MOSS AT GOLDOAK, WSD, CDEx, UDEx, WSD, D, NQ.




Tracklayers: Denis Webb, Richard Cornwell and Linda Bowden.

Search/Control Steward: Vickie Dixon.

Thank you very much indeed to SATS Committee for inviting me to judge the ‘ticket’. I’m just sorry I didn’t manage to bring some good weather over with me!  Sincere thanks to trials manager extraordinaire, Frances Webb, without whom the trial could easily have been abandoned.  Frances had the unenviable task of cold calling on farmers to find more land at the last minute when the original venue had been lost.  She came up trumps and found a 1,000 acre sheep farm, high up on the South Downs, overlooking Beachy Head.  As well as running the trial, Frances also had us to stay.  So a big thank you to her and Denis for all the hospitality we received; nothing was too much trouble, including being chauffeured every evening by Denis .... a luxury!

Thank you to Linda Allen, who was looking after the catering singlehanded at the Base.  Your hot food was so welcome when we got back in each day after the tracking.  A huge thank you to my tracklayers, Denis, Richard and Linda, you all deserve a medal!  It’s not much fun laying when the weather is bad, and then to have to stand there and see dog after dog being defeated by the conditions is soul destroying.  A special thank you to Vickie, who travelled over with me, laid all the squares and stewarded the control - much appreciated.

The tracking was on sheep grazed pasture, all in one undulating 100 acre field.  It varied slightly from very bare at the top of the field, getting longer as you went down the field.  It was perfectly nice land if the weather had been kinder.  I had revised my track pattern and made it simpler and shorter when I was advised of the change of land and also the weather forecast for the week.  My track articles were: 3" x 2" green plastic mesh, 3" long piece of knotted hessian cord, 3" long twig.

Search articles were: 5.5" long doubled up and knotted piece of green wool, 3.5" long piece of hessian cord, 3" long piece of brown plastic wire and 3"x 2.5" flat stone.

The weather - freezing cold with strong to gale force winds were the main factors.  Other factors came into play on various days.... snow, melting snow, frozen ground which was thawing out, driving rain/hail/sleet..... and some sunshine too!

The control round was straightforward and started with the speak.  Handlers had the option to tie their dogs up or not.  They then joined me about 12 paces away and with their backs to their dogs got them to speak, cease, speak, and cease.  This was followed by heelwork up to the start of the sendaway.  The outrun, for 5 marks, was 220 paces up to a gate in the top of the field.  Because of the hill, the dogs couldn’t see the boundary at the top of the field until they were most of the way up the hill. This caused a lot of dogs to pull across to the left hand boundary and go up the field along this boundary.

They were then asked to recall their dogs and stop them at a marker about halfway down the hill for 2 marks, and then redirect them across the field 110 paces to an orange pole in the right-hand boundary, for the remaining 3 marks.  Another bit of heel work brought competitors back to the jumps to finish.

34 dogs entered, 25 dogs worked and at the end of 4 days it was disappointing to have only 5 qualifiers; 1 on day 1, 3 on day 2, 1 on day 3 and no one on the last day which was the wettest day.

1st place and CC WTCh LAWNINICK COME N GET IT AT HARTSHILL, GSD, B, with Tony Lockyer, 202.5, Q.  When the going gets tough, the tough get going!  This proved to be the case with Isla.  She had to work really hard on the track and then went on to make light work of the square.  Congratulations, Tony, you are certainly on a roll at the moment! Nosework: 92, 30, 35, C/A: 27.5,19. 

2nd and Reserve CC KIPCROFT ETERNAL FLAME AT BRYNBOURNE, BC, B, with Paul Bryan, 192.5, Q.  I really enjoyed watching this little dog work.  She is super keen but also very responsive and in tune with her handler.  Well done!  Onwards and upwards now!!   94, 25, 25.5; 28.5, 19.5, Best Track. 

3rd WTCh THE TITAN, WSD, D, with Sue Ashby, 187.5, Q.  Super consistent partnership...Titan really enjoys his work.  He put his all into completing the track under the difficult conditions and then couldn’t wait to get on and do his square.  Best control round.  Well done, Sue.   91.5, 20, 25.5; 31, 19.5.

4th WILLOWMEG FRATEAS AT KIRLIZEGAN, GSD, B, with Maureen Regan, 176, Q.  Did a really nice track until near the end, just lost concentration and was unable to complete the last 2 legs.  Meggie is just new to ‘ticket’ and showed great promise for the future... best of luck with her.  87, 20, 26; 28, 15.

Qualifying TD:

STYPERSON BRIG AT WINDLEBROOK, Lab, D, with Judy Meekings, 174.  Impressive nosework by this dog, was unlucky not to complete the track, followed by a great square!

Finally, thank you to all who entered and an even bigger thank you to all of you who braved the elements and came out to play.....  may you be rewarded by having beautiful weather at your future trials!

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