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Open Trial
Venue: Ottenden
Trial Held: 20 September 2015

Trials Manager’s Report

This trial in Kent has seen a year on year increase in entries since it was first run three years ago; we had 56 entries in total, 21 in TD, 13 in WD, 17 in UD and 5 in the Intro stake.  Once again we were fortunate enough to be able to have the base at Snoad Farm, owned by Dave and Julie Murray; they also provided the land for the C/A just outside the base and the tracking land (pasture) for UD and WD.  Eric Baker allowed us to use his stubble fields for the TD stake as in previous years.  SATS invested in a good size marquee, which proved invaluable, particularly on Friday when the heavens opened.

My sincere thanks to the farmers involved, Dave and Julie Murray and Eric Baker for being so accommodating and flexible throughout the trial, also thanks to Garry Bell, the gamekeeper, whose pens border the fields we were using.

We are lucky enough to have a very small kitchen area in the base and somehow Linda seems to manage to keep everyone fed and watered with minimal facilities and contributes in no small way to the great atmosphere in the base - well done and many thanks, Linda.  Whilst on the subject of food, many thanks to those who generously brought cakes and pies etc. and to Rita for helping to prepare food for the Friday evening meal at the base.

We had a really strong team, Lé Newman stepped in at the last minute to judge the TD, Dave Clark judged both UD and WD, and Lynne Watkins judged the Intro stake.

Carole Brooke stewarded the TD, tracklayers were Len Newman and Karen Warner; Rita stewarded both UD and WD, tracklayers were Steve Banfather (4 days), Peter Brooke (3 days) and Sharon Carter (1 day); Sharon also stewarded the Intro for Lynne.  Sylvia Cook looked after the base and Peter Brooke was there before the trial and played a significant part in helping to set up and prepare everything - putting the marquee up was our first challenge!  A very special thanks to all those who helped at the end of the trial - it made a huge difference.  Special thanks to Chris Brooksby and Ian Brown, who drove down specially to help, and to Karen Warner, who not only helped close the base down but stayed on until very late to help Linda and I de-mud the awning and pack up our caravan.  The trials community are an outstanding bunch of people.

My last thank you goes to all those who entered - without your support there would be no trial.

Les Allen


Stake: Introductory


Steward: Sharon Carter


Many thanks to SATS for the invitation to judge; it’s a real pleasure to watch dogs as they embark upon their trials careers.  Trials Manager, Les Allen, had everything in place and running smoothly, so a big thank you to him and his great support team.  Sharon was great as steward, really enjoyable company and she put each of the competitors at ease, enabling all to get the best out of their dogs.

Each of the dogs excelled in some of the exercises.  Sendaways and stays took their toll and there were no full mark jumps.

1st           Angelika Wicker with ALLIANCE L’EPICE DE LA VIE, Beauceron, 83, Q.   Lovely rapport between dog and handler, with Angelika handling Alice calmly and sensitively to achieve this well-deserved qualification and 1st place.

2nd         Libby Kaufmann with ERYN OF VALLEY VIEW, GSD, NQ.  Eryn is a spirited and enthusiastic shepherd.  Lost out on the sendaway and stays on this occasion.  Once Eryn had settled, Libby drew some really good work from her.

3rd          Steph Allsopp with LORD SAM OF CROWHURST, GSD, NQ.  I do understand the ‘not in the mood today’ persona - Sam was having one of those days.  However, Steph worked him in a way that got the best possible out of him

4th          Mary Lacey with BORDERTIME RISING STAR, BC, NQ.  Blaze is a very laid back boy but Mary clearly knows what encouragement is needed.  At nearly 9 years old, his jumps are to be commended.   


Stakes: UD and WD


Tracklayers: Steve Banfather, Peter Brooke and Sharon Carter

Steward: Rita Banfather

I would like to thank SATS for asking me to judge the UD and WD stakes.  It was a very well run trial; a big thank you to Les and Linda Allen.  My steward, Rita Banfather, did a great job and was very easy to work with - thank you, Rita, and also my tracklayers, Steve Banfather, Peter Brooke and Sharon Carter.

UD Stake:

1st           Margo Brothwell, TANGHAM LITTLE SAXON, Cross, D, Q.  Full mark track; this dog will go all the way, very well handled.  Well done.

2nd         Tony Lockyer, ABBI BLACK AT HARTSHILL, GSD, B, Q.  What can I say?  Great handler, another one going to the top.  Well done, Tony.

3rd          Val Upton, KALIAZAR CLAYTON, BC, D, Q.  All the top handlers out today!  Well done, Val.

4th          Dave Currier, CLASOLA TIGERS EYE, Weimaraner, D, Q.  Well done, Dave - he stayed with all that thunder.

Also qualified:

Diane Ling, LITTLE DEBEN JOE, Cross, D




WD Stake:

1st           Sue Cunningham, NOSE TO TAIL JAX, Cross, D, Q.  Very well handled, very steady dog.

2nd         Ursula Furter, ASLADO DIAMOND SKY LUCY AT AVONWOLF, Mali, B, Q.  Very well handled.  Good luck in the higher stakes.

3rd          Stan Ford, VONHAUSWOLF RAINHARD, GSD, D, Q.  I have judged this pair before - very well handled.  Good luck in the higher stakes. 

4th          Mike Woods, JOTUNHEIM JIGSAW, Mali, B, Q.   Very well done, Mike.

Also qualified:


Lesley Peters, TAWNY HILL CADDY AT TROYSEL, Golden Retriever, D


Stake: TD


Tracklayers: Karen Warner and Len Newman

Steward: Carole Brooke

My thanks to SATS for thinking of me when needing to replace Alan Sword for personal reasons, and to Les Allen, Trials Manager, and Linda for running the ‘Food Hall’.  Thank you for looking after the inner me!

Thanks to Karen Warner and Len for tracklaying on stubble, who both made sure that every competitor got the same chance of qualifying, and a big thank you to my lovely steward, Carole Brooke, whose search squares shrunk on Friday when her wellies filled with water and got heavy!  The weather was really awful that day, they all deserved extra Brownie points for stamina!!

Our thanks to the farmers for kindly allowing us on their land, for without them there would be no trial.  Lastly, to the competitors for accepting my decisions and to Betty (who put me right on one of them!), thank you.

I will say that I was disappointed with the standard of some of the control.  The competitors concerned now know how much more work they will have to put into their training before being ready for Ticket and I wish them good luck in the future.

1st           Betty Briley with JETRIL JIG, 195, Q.  Lovely track and search, well deserved winner.

2nd         Ann Clarke with TADMARTIN EVITA, 193.5, Q.  Great control and full mark agility, nice work, Ann.

3rd          Chris Gregory with THRIFTWOOD ALLEGRA, 186.5, Q.  You’re a ‘Goldie’ Girl now, well done!!

4th          Deb Williams with ASTRA TZIAKA, 187, NQ.  Shame about the C/A.

I would like to mention Paul Morling with his working Cocker, Oonie.  They tracked on the Friday after a thunder storm and hail stones but the conditions beat them.  They then produced a beautiful C/A round with tails wagging and a big smile - what a team and a pleasure to watch. 

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