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Open Trial
Venue: Ashdown Forest
Trial Held: 07 February 2004

Trials Managers Report

Firstly I would like to thank the S.A.T.S. committee for having the honour to run one of their trials on Ashdown Forest.  I have always enjoyed training, helping and competing on the forest.  Having been out of trials for a while and unable to get back into it working a dog due to work commitments, it was great to be back.

I would like to thank Kate Wykes for all the work she done in the run up to the trial, organising the competitors, helpers and of course ME!!!!!.  The trail would not have been able to run with out her, many thanks Kate.

Thanks to the judges, FRANCES BALL, COLIN BALL and PAUL MORLING.  I thought that all their tests were very good and good tests for the dogs on the forest.

Unfortunately it was typical S.A.T.S. weather, high winds, horizontal rain, sunshine, mud etc.

I must admit the forest has changed a lot since I last laid tracks on it, with the management of a combination of roaming animals and controlled burning it has much improved.

In total we had five qualifiers in the whole trial, 4 in WD & 1 in UD.  Congratulations to you all.  For those who did not qualify, don’t give up on the forest due to this trip; it can be very good here and in my eyes a qualification on Ashdown Forest is worth two on grass or spring wheat.  So please don’t hesitate and come back.

Thanks to the catering staff, Min, Anne and Sue. The escorts, of who are very important here, Di, Frances and David.  Base helpers Deb and Chris.  John and Paula for the movement of the equipment, Colin and Jill for looking after the equipment in the past.

Thanks to the Conservators of Ashdown Forest, David & Hazel Cornwall for the use of the land.

I will let the judges thank their tracklayers, stewards and criminals personally, but on bulk THANKS.  Also thanks to Frances & Den Webb for looking after Julie and myself on our stay at Ashdown.

Who knows when I find my self a proper job, and not racing around Europe and the UK like an idiot I may get another dog and get back into the sport that I enjoyed for many years.

One little disappointment was the amount of handlers who said they would not help on the forest due to various ailments and excuses and then entered their dogs, surely if you can compete on forest with a dog then it must be a lot easier doing the same thing without one.

So come on guys and girls put a little bit back of what you take out of the sport.

Again many thanks to all who helped at this successful trial, I hope to see you all again soon.

STEVE SKILLIN,  (yes, that Steve Skillin).


CD and UD, WD, TD Control and Agilit


Stewards: Anne Challis ( Thurs and Fri), Anne Wright (Sat)

Thank you to SATS for the invitation to judge the UD, WD and TD Control and Agility and the CD stake at their February open trial. The weather was quite mild for the time of year, but also pretty wet, especially Thursday and Friday. The field, although bumpy all over, was obviously well drained and didn’t get at all waterlogged.

Thank you also to Kate and John Wykes and Steve Skillin for their joint effort in organising and running this trial, to my two stewards, Anne and Anne, for your efficiency and company and to Min and Sue for the nice hot food.

CD Stake

I set a very straightforward test and although neither dog qualified, I saw lots of potential in them both – nice, happy dogs which are on the right track.

1st           Hazel Hicks Border Collie LAETARE GOTTABEA JINXED   72/100

2nd         Pat McMaster's PointerXViszla KRISTAL MIGHTY      64 ½ /100

UD Stake

1st           Les Theobald's Border Collie TYTRI TESS Nice C & A except for the long jump. The hard work is paying off! Well done.188/200 C of Merit

2nd         Erci Nicholls Border Collie TYTRI NIKKI Litter brother to the above but had the tables turned this time! Shame about the jumps but at least you know he CAN do them all!   Better luck next time. 174 ½ /200 NQ

3rd          Ron Davies WSD GLENALPINE NEAVE Just enough on the C & A. Like the previous two dogs, Neave is still just a baby with lots of time on her side. 152/200 NQ

4th          Angela Gourd's BSD NICKILA RED Not enough on the jumps today - better luck next time 112/200 NQ

WD Stake

1st           Jean Cooke's WSD DUNNSLAYNE MAC A quality round from this young dog in very experienced hands. What more can I say except - well done. 192/200 C of   Merit

2nd         Anne Wright's Golden Retriever CARISHILL CHESTNUT A nice tidy round from a happy goldie! 186/200 C of Merit

3rd          Essex Police's PD KAI OF NEWCOURT handled by Belinda Chapman. Another nice round - just a bit more polish needed on the retrieve, but very tidy heelwork and excellent sendaway. Well done. 175/200 C of Merit

4th          Mr & Mrs J & S Carter's Weimaraner IVYMOOR KALYPSO KATIE handled by Sharon Carter Enough is as good as a feast, as they say! 161 ½ /200 C of Merit

TD Stake

Most of the TD dogs were not really quite ready for this stake. Although the speaks and heelwork were, on the whole, reasonably done, the sendaways and redirects were poor. The TD outrun was the same as the WD sendaway, but while many of the WD dogs did it well, few of the TD dogs did. The exception to this was Jean Howell’s Jed who made it all look so easy. As none of the dogs completed the track, a good number (understandably) failed to return for the down stay.

1st           Brenda Nevard’s WSD LYVARD LUCKY SPELL 103/200       NQ

2nd         Sheren Perez’s WSD KAY LAREN 100.5/200 NQ

3rd          Maureen Regan’s GSD KENMILLONE FRASER 100/200NQ

4th          Mrs S Hodges GSD KARANBERG DANTE 95/200 NQ

Thank you to everyone at SATS and to the competitors for an enjoyable weekend.

Frances Ball


UD, TD Nosework


Tracklayers UD: David Spicer, Jane Grey, Frances Webb, Barbara Ottley

TD: Ruth Peyton. Len Newman, Kate Wykes, Dennis Webb

Stewards Andrew Buchanan and Paula Wright

My thanks to SATS for inviting me to judge the UD and TD nosework at this trial.. My thanks also to Steve Skillin, Trials Manager on the day, and Kate Wykes, assisted by John, for all her pre-trial organising.

To my tracklayers, UD: David, Jane, Frances (1st time) and Barbara and TD: Ruth, Len, Kate and Dennis – a big thank you. It’s not easy to lay tracks on the Forest but you all did a wonderful job. Andrew and Paula (also 1st time) both did a good job laying the squares and giving everybody a good consistent test. All the dogs arrived in good time thanks to Di, Dave and Frances escorting them right to their tracks. We were also looked after by Min (Anne’s mum) and Sue who served us with good food. Thanks.

Tracking was on the Forest where the gorse, etc. had been cut down and cleared. Some of the young UD dogs made it look easy but the TD dogs found the rain and wind too much, the average being just three legs.

UD Stake

1st           Les Theobald’s Border Collie TYTRI TESS Tracking and searching was made to look easy by this young and enthusiastic dog, recovering all my articles. Keep up this standard and who knows?!!  88/20/33 .5  Cert of Merit

2nd         Erci Nicholls Border Collie TYTRI NIKKI Litter brother to Les Theobald’s. Again showing enthusiasm - missed the first track article – a toothpaste tube – but Eric didn’t! 89/15/32  NQ

3rd          Ron Davies WSD GLENALPINE NEAVE Another keen young dog, losing just .5 mark on the track, then both Neave and Ron missed the end article. (a coat epaulette). Neave completely forgot what searching was today but I am sure they will both come bouncing back.89 .5  /10/ 11 .5  NQ

4th          Angela Gourd’s BSD NICKILA RED Tarn started well but took a short cut to the end article 33/10/30 .5

TD Stake

1st           Brenda Nevard’s WSD LYVARD LUCKY SPELL                                      

Having completed three legs without losing a mark. Spell turned right at the corner instead of left – why, I don’t know. But you were not alone! 21/10/27  NQ

2nd         Sheren Perez’s WSD KAY LAREN  Again three legs then turned right instead of left – why? A good search 19/0/33 .5 NQ

3rd          Maureen Regan’s GSD KENMILLONE FRASER Best track but just five full mark legs, missed the right turn and wanted to carry straight on. 37/0/24   NQ

4th          Mrs S Hodges GSD KARANBERG DANTE Just 2 .5 legs then turned right before the left turn! 14/10/31   NQ

I was disappointed not to see a dog get further than the 5th leg of the track but a combination of the ground, wind and rain just seemed to beat the dogs. Perhaps with better conditions several of these dogs would have qualified.

Colin Ball 


WD Nosework & PD Stake

Judge : P. Morling

Criminals : Mick Tustain, Dave Clark, Colin Harrison

Steward : Lauren Marlow

Tracklayers : Linda Bowden, Sharon Carter

Square Steward : Kate Wykes

Thank you SATS for asking me to judge your PD stake and WD nosework.  Trials manager Steve Skillin did a great job assisted by Kate Wykes and her merry band of helpers.  Thank you to all the people who helped at this trial, where would we be without you. 

To spend three days in such a place as the forest is a real joy.  I just wished I lived nearer to take advantage of all it has to offer.  Thanks to Colin and Gill for their hospitality and to all my helpers and competitors, thanks for your time and good company.

WD Stake

Tracklayers : Stan Ford, Tessa Schoolbred, John Wykes, Kate Wykes.

Squares: Lauren Marlow and Jane Gray

1st           Jean Cooke with MAC (WSD) 192 Q Track 84 .5 2 articles 20.  Square 34.  Well done Jean, a well deserved win.  MAC was a pleasure to watch.

2nd         Mrs. A. Wright with WILBUR (G RET) 186 Q. Track 84.5, 2 articles 20. Square 32.  A really enjoyable team to watch, so full of beans.  Well done.

3rd          ESSEX POLICE, PC Belinda Chapman and KAI (GSD) 175 Q Track 85.5, 1 article 10.  Square 29.  Essex Police should be well pleased with this team.  Well done.

4th          Mrs S. Carter with KATIE (WEIM) 161.5 Q That's a qualifier you wont forget for a while.  Well done.

When judging your first PD open, there's one thing you need and that's criminals and a steward who's been around a bit.  So I was lucky to have a team who fitted that description well.  Special thanks to Dave Clark who had recently lost his young dog but still came to help me.  I know I can say from all your trials friends how sad we were to hear of Alf's demise.  The boundaries of my test were four hides.  My test started with the test of courage.  Mick and Dave with a dustbin lid and a stick in an aggressive manner fro the first hide.  They were then searched and escorted back towards the start point and attacked the handler en route.  The quarter was next.  The first hide the dog was sent to was the test of courage hide and then on to the next three ending up finding Colin in the fourth hide.  From here the dog was sent on its chase after Dave across the field and then back out to Colin for the recall.

Thanks to John Wykes for doing the run through.  The three dogs that qualified in the PD section did really good, steady rounds and will soon move on, on this showing.  It was excellent to see so many new facing competing in PD and I wish them all the best in the future.

PD Stake

1st           Mr. G. Brumpton with BILLIE (WSD) 268.5  NQ A smashing PD round dropping just 18 points.  All the best for the future.  How's that old trials saying go "just one more article".

2nd         Mr. J. Phillips with LOGAN (GSD) 250.5 NQ Dropping just 22 points in PD this was the third qualifying round.  A very impressive dog.

3rd          Mrs. C. Gregory with TINO (GSD) 245 NQ A well deserved best PD round dropping just 6 points.  Great to watch.

4th          Mr. B. Pole with JEP (WSD) 200 NQ. The perfect quarter.  All the best in the future.

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