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Championship Trial
Venue: Ashdown Forest
Trial Held: 13 March 2004

Trials Managers Report

The trial ran very smoothly thanks to everybody's help, a big thank you to Kate, who as usual did an enormous amount of the organisation, and took over the reins on the Friday morning when I was bad, this also involved a lesson in tractor driving, to Frances and Carol who did all the catering and to all my track layers, stewards and escorts.  My judges all did fair tests and we finished up with a few qualifiers.  A special thanks to Caroline Woods who came over from Ireland to steward for Alan Bolton in PD and also track laid WD on the day before PD started.  John West the WD judge stayed over an extra day and track laid in UD for us, once again a big thank you.  I personally heard no complaints and on that premise declare the trial once again a success.



CD Stake


Steward: Susanne Jaffa.

Firstly my thanks to John and Katie Wykes and the S.A.T.S. committee for inviting me to judge CD at their championship trial. Many thanks to Susanne who was my chauffeur, an excellent steward and good company all day. Thank you Susanne you were brilliant!

The weather was good to us. After such a cold week the sun was glorious, it was windy but fortunately the hail storm confined itself to our lunch break. The field we were allocated was enormous, which was great for the squares with 20 entries, but presented problems for planning the sendaway and stay exercises. I did not want dogs at this level to be running free anywhere near the A22, nor for handlers to walk towards the road whilst leaving their dogs in stays. 'Somebody!' had to be towed off the field the previous day so bringing cars onto the field to provide a screen for the out of sight was not an option. To overcome this problem I set a long straight leg of heel on lead working through slow, normal and fast pace. Many handlers were unsure when they could command their dog with change of pace on the move, even after it was explained to them. This brought teams to the sendaway point. The sendaway was to the edge of the field which unfortunately dropped away so there was no hedgerow to draw the dogs. To help overcome this I set a short sendaway ofjust 50 paces with cross poles and an upright to provide a visible target for dogs and handlers. Most dogs performed this exercise well. An open heel free pattern took the competitors back up the field towards the jumps. The stays were done after lunch which meant some dogs had worked while others had not. To avoid affecting the sendaway for the remaining dogs I decided to do stays on the opposite side of this huge field. The only way to get out of sight with the restrictions mentioned above involved a long walk out. By the time the handlers had got out of sight and returned to their dogs the two minute sit was over. Twelve dogs competed in the stays and five of these moved in the sit. In the down with the handlers so far away one dog decided to get up and eat the various faeces that were scattered around. Before long another dog took a fancy to her and got up to play with her, soon another joined in the game, and then another. There was a super party as dog after dog joined in the fun. We ended up with only 3 out of 12 dogs staying. To their credit all the dogs were well behaved (if disobedient) and there were no squabbles.

The search squares were generally well done but much work is needed to overcome mouthing and dropping of articles.

20 entries, 12 ran.

1st           Mick Tustain and JOTUNHEIM VIP (BSD). A very worthy winner. Ike is a very keen dog who was quietly and calmly controlled by Mick. On today's showing this team will go far I am sure. Congratulations! 93 CDEx.

2nd         Ron Davies and GLENALPINE NEAVE (WSD). Another young dog in experienced hands. Well done Ron! 90.5 CDEx.

3rd          Gill Lawrence and SLIEVE CHANCE (BC). Gill is new to trials and did well to achieve success with this super young dog. 86 CDEx.

4th          GeofMayes and RUNFOLD TEMPEST OF OBERAN (WSD). Was unfortunate to move in stays today otherwise it would have been a different story! 85.5 N.Q.

Thanks to all my competitors, you were a super bunch many of whom accepted disappointments today with charming grace. I am sorry I could not make the stays any easier but nine dogs moving is better than one dead on the road! I had a lovely day watching some very keen and promising young dogs. Thank you all for allowing me the pleasure of judging your dogs and for accepting my decisions. I bet you have all trained long distance stays with distractions by now!


UD Stake


Steward: Carole Brooke

Track Layers: John West & Linda Bowden

8 entered, 7 ran.

I would like to thank S.A.T.S. for the invitation to judge this stake and John & Kate Wykes for all their hard work both before and during the trial. Thanks also go to John and Linda for laying all the tracks and for their good humour.

I would like to thank Carole and her husband Peter for their hospitality and good company and give a special thank you to Carole who laid all the search squares, carried my bags, generally looked after me and then put all competitors at ease on the control field.

The standard was extremely high. Tracking was on the forest, although the weather was mostly dry it was cold and with high winds.  Only one dog failed to finish the track. All dogs got 2 or more articles out of the square. Control and agility, in the main was very good.

All the dogs I saw were in my opinion capable of going further.

Lastly, to all the competitors, my thanks for accepting my decisions and good luck to you all.

1st           Barbara Ottley with DEWYNDORF CUMULUS  (Lab/B) 180/200 (UDX) Congratulations. A nice little dog, which just quietly got on with the job and came out on top.

2nd         June Brine with LAETARE JU BILEE (B.C/D)  175/200 (UDX) This good-looking dog lifted his head at the end of the track, to make sure the crowd were watching him, unfortunately his small lack of concentration meant he missed the last article!  It proved to be a costly moment of vanity!

3rd          Pearl Rigg with FRONSAC KRUGER (GSD/D) 171/200 (UDX) A big powerful dog that stormed around the track!  A little more work needed on the control side, but this dog certainly has the ability to go places!

4th          Morris Millington with MILKYHILL ROXY (GSD//B)  170/200 (UDX) A very laid back dog, but she got on with it in her own way and qualified.


W.D. Stake


Tracklayers: Dave Spicer, Caroline Woods, Linda Bowden

Square  & Control Steward.    Lyn Baker

Sorry for the delay in sending this report but due to computer problems I fell foul of forgetting how to put pen to paper. I would like to thank SATS committee for the invitation to Judge and a special thank you to John and Kate Wykes with whom this trial would not run as smoothly as they both contribute a huge amount of work. I would like to thank my tracklayers as the forest is never easy and every time you lay a track you gain further experience (not always good) but it will in the end always make better tracklayers, with out these people giving their time we would not have trials. Lyn Baker laid all the squares and was control steward for both days with all the stewards and judges I have worked with, Lyn's sense of humour was surpassed by none. Thanks for being good company. My thanks also to John Reynolds for being my landlord and Chef. The weather was cold but mainly dry, the ground was very sparse on growth this I feel was the main contributor to any dogs that failed the nose work. The control round was reasonably standard with most people having a good sendaway however every competitor had trouble with the jumps.  Just a reminder Angela stays are at the end!

1st           Stella Parr with CHEYENNE JANE C.Dex-W.Dex  (GSD) B 185Q Very competent nose work and control round, will always be in the running with

this performance.

2nd         Andrew Buchanan with GLENALPINE SOCKS U.Dex (BC) B 183Q Another nice piece of nosework the long jump made the difference from first.

3rd          Angela Sanders with SZIKRAS HEIGHT OF FORTUNE C.Dex-W.Dex (Cross) D 181Q Good track however one missing out of the square and the scale cost you dear.

4th          Pam Stare with KASSIEGER SHEROCCO C.Dex-U.Dex (GSD) D 179 ½ NQ Best track! All you need is to sort out the control round and agility.

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