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Championship Trial
Venue: Ashdown Forest
Trial Held: 18 September 2004


CD Stake


Steward : Diane Boxall

Thanks to SATS for my first championship appointment.  Ably managed by John Wykes and his crew.  Many thanks to my square and control steward and host for Friday and Saturday Diane Boxall.  We had a good area for CD, just away from the TD control so no distractions for dogs and handlers.  With an entry of only six I was able to put all handlers at ease and let them take their time over the exercises.  Nosework was good with all getting three articles, two easy ones for the dogs and one more difficult for me.

1st           Mr. L.W. Theobold TYTRI TESS (BC) 89.5.  Experienced handling guided this lovely dog to the top spot today.  No long jump and a slightly less than perfect sendaway cost the marks, but three articles in about 25 seconds impressed me.  Already qualified UDex.

2nd         Mr. A. Christie ELEGANT LITTLE EVE (LAB) 80.5. Enthusiastic nosework from this 6 year old Lab but skin of the teeth job on the control and no clear jump.  Well done.

3rd          Ms. J. Cashmore DASHING HANDSOME JAKE (LAB) 81.  So near and yet, almost perfect control round, good nosework but sadly Jake wouldn't attempt the scale.  I hope you manage to sort this problem, he's a lovely dog.

4th          Mrs. V. Isherwood BAY RIVER ADVENTURER (GSD) 66.5.  Same as above, an "if only" case.  Good nosework, full point jumps then broke both sit and down stays.  You still love him really, don't you!!

Due to an early finish we were able to go and watch the run off tracks for the ticket on Ashdown Forest.  Congratulations to Chris Gregory on winning.  See you at the K.C.s 2005.


UD Stake

Judge: Judy Meekings

Tracklayers: Simon Turner, Len Newman

Steward: Frances Webb

My thanks to SATS for the invitation to judge UD, and to Kate and John for running the trial.

I had an enjoyable and fairly relaxed day, with only 8 dogs entered.  Tracks were laid by Simon and Len exactly as required, and Frances was a first class search and control steward, as well as being very good company.  Thank you all very much (especially Simon for coming over from his new home in Spain - now that is what I call devotion to Working Trials!).

All 8 dogs worked and 4 of them qualified UDEx.  Nosework was on stubble, not on the Forest, and most dogs tracked well; all the dogs that completed the track recovered both articles.  Impressively, 31 out of 32 search articles were found - either the articles were too easy, or the dogs were very well motivated.  I would prefer to think the latter!  Control, as so often with young dogs, was mixed, with the Sendaway causing a few problems, but the agility, in the main, was very well done.  Well done to all the qualifiers - all look to have very promising futures.

1st.          After a run-off, Barbara Ottley, with DEWYNDORF CUMULUS, Lab bitch.  Merry tracked and searched beautifully, and followed this with full mark agility, and good control, although the Sendaway needs a bit more work. Qual 188

2nd.        Zoe Finlay with TRIJEM REBEL IN RED WITH OVERDRIVE, ASD dog.  Riggs also tracked and searched extremely well, and did a very nice control and agility    round. Qual 188

3rd          Sally Bergh-Roose with TOILERS TIMO AT SARSWAY, GSD dog.  Ji tracked and searched well, and produced an excellent control and agility round. Qual 185

4th          Ron Davies and Glenalpine Neave, WSD bitch.  Neave did a lovely track, on a difficult bit of land, but struggled a little in the square.  Her control and agility was very pleasing Qual 178

Hard luck story must be Maggie Richardson and Pippa, who did a lovely track and search, first class control round, and then failed the agility.  I'm sure her day will come soon.


TD Stake


Steward: Ann Wright

Tracklayers: Len Newman, Simon Turner and Kate Wykes

Thank you to John Wykes and the S.A.T.S. committee for offering me the opportunity to judge my first ticket.

I have always enjoyed competing on the forest and so was really looking forward to watching experienced handlers and dogs cope with the difficult terrain.

As it was the heather had been cut and only a couple of tracks touched anything like the difficult conditions I had come to expect, although, I have to admit to not competing on the forest since foot and mouth disrupted my trialing.

It was a good job I had come with a variety of articles and a large pair of scissors, competitors would have fallen over my first set of articles!

There were 24 entries and 13 nosework qualifiers.

The track was an open pattern of 14 legs and the first article a piece of 3 inch TV cable was on the 5th leg, the 2nd article a 4 inch squashed foil pie dish on the 13th leg and the last article was a 2 x 1 inch piece wood, although I altered the position of articles for competitors with more than one dog..

The first article was for the dog to work for the other two were not difficult and there for the dogs to trip over (well as near to dam it) and that proved to be what happened.

The search articles were A 6inch straw, a cartridge, 1 inch piece carpet and a plastic milk top, most of  the squares were performed well.

I kept the control round as straight forward as possible so not giving myself too many complicated situations to judge!

I started with heel work out to a tied up speak positioning the handlers a good distance away from the dog, half the dogs performed the exercise well.

More heelwork around the C&A area to the sendaway. Most of the heel work was forward working, with jumping up and extra commands.

The sendaway was an open down hill outrun of 120 paces to a few leafy sticks for 4 marks, then redirect to a similar marker some 140 paces slightly up hill and to the right.

There were good sendaways by Tony Lockyers three dogs, Chris Gregory and Jean Cooke's Mac.

There were brilliant nosework rounds from Mr Wright and Bridgalpine Zac, and Mrs Redshaw and Elowood Dill Of Shawdown, but unfortunately in the control round things rather fell apart for both teams, which really opened up the competition for the rest, making for a nail biting finish. 

I ended up with Chris Gregory and David Marchant in a run off.

Both had previously demonstrated they were more than capable of coping with anything the forest could throw at them with Dave only losing 5.5 on the track with all articles and Chris losing only 4 on a rougher bit of ground finding 2 articles.

Chris Gregory drew the first track completing it without any difficulty and recovering all the articles, Dave Marchant performed slightly better on the track but unfortunately missed an article.

It was a privilege to see two such good teams competing so professionally against one another.

1st           Mrs C. Gregory  WT CH VOMSANDBAR EROS  GSD (D)  Following a run off a very worthy winner two really good tracks, a brilliant search dropping only .5 a mark. A confident control round with good heelwork and super sendaway, we will not mention the speak. Congratulations on winning the CC you worked really hard for it and it was a pleasure to watch. Well done. 197 .5  Q   

2nd         Mr D W Marchant WT CH WAGGERLAND MISTER JAKE WSD (D) Difficult to separate from the winner. I admired the quiet, calm handling in the nosework, which was special. Brilliant speak, good sendaway, a hiccup in the heelwork but you were not alone. A very good performance and worthy reserve CC congratulations. 197 .5  Q

3rd          Mr A J Lockyer LITTLE TAKA OF HARTSHILL  GSD (D) Completed a good track with 2 articles, 4 out of the square. Spot on sendaway, good heelwork, no speak but the standard of performance was what we have all come to expect. Well done. 194   Q

4th          Mrs C.G. Brooke LONGCOPSE CYCLONE Lab (D) A well worked track with two articles and four out of the square. A good control round with a 4 mark speak, 6.5 for sendaway and redirect, heelwork a little bit untidy. Congratulation on a good qualification and well deserved placing. 189 .5  Q.

Also Qualifying

Mr A J Lockyer  HARTSHILL NUTMEG   WSD (B) 187 .5  Q

Ms J. Cooke DUNNSLAYNE MAC WSD (D) 186 .5  Q

John and Kate ran a  well organised trial and looked after my every need, providing the accommodation, making sure I was in the right place at the right time and being really good company.

Len Newman, Simon Turner and Kate Wykes laid the tracks and used their knowledge of working on the forest to give every competitor a fair chance to complete the test.

Ann Wright acted as a very efficient search and control steward.

Debbie and Chris Spaul helped organise the base and scores, Francis Webb with help from Sylvia Hanson looked after the inner man keeping a good supply of food and drink in the picnic box.

John and Sue Redshaw acted as escorts to keep competitors arriving on time.

I can only thank them all for being so efficient and good company. I apologise to anyone who I have missed out without all these willing helpers trials would disappear.

Finally I would like to thank the competitors for entering under me and so readily accepting my decisions, I really enjoyed the privilege of judging your dogs work.

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