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Championship Trial
Venue: Ashdown Forest
Trial Held: 19 March 2005


Stake: C.D.


Steward: Linda Bowden

Thank you to the SATS committee for the invitation to judge my first Championship trial. I hope the competitors enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you to Linda Bowden my steward, Beryl Kimberley and Diana Boxall for all the food and drinks and not forgetting Anne Wright for escorting all the competitors to the field from the base - a great job done by all.

As with most CD competitions, the stays took their usual toll out of 15 dogs only 6 completed this exercise.

1st           Hilary Mercer with her Lab HAREWOOD ELDERBERRY – 90.5 CoM. This pair had a lovely attitude to their work and deserved the win. Good luck in future trials.

2nd         Gary Martin with his Border Collie TYTRI ROY – 85.5 CoM. A very happy dog that enjoys his work. Good potential. Well done.

3rd          Mrs C. Dewship with her Border Collie BINTIBIN ARDESSIE – 76.5 NQ. Great sendaway shame about the long jump. Good luck next time.

4th          Sue Henderson with her Flat Coated Retriever SUMAHA RAZZLE DAZZLE – 75 NQ. Very nice heelwork, but no retrieve. Good luck next time.

Thank you competitors for giving me the chance to watch your dogs work. Keep up the training. I know you can all do it.


WD Stake


Tracklayers : John Wykes, Len Newman

Stewards : Arthur Jeal, Sue Redshaw

Thanks to SATS for inviting me to judge the WD stake at their Championship trial.  I had a really good time and was very well looked after by Dennis, Frances and their team.  Thanks to the ladies in the kitchen for keeping us fed and watered during the day and to Frances for the evening meals.  Many thanks to my tracklayers John and Len and to my stewards Arthur who did all the squares in the morning and looked after the dogs in the afternoon and to Sue who stewarded all the control rounds.  You both did an excellent job.  Tracking was on variable terrain as is usual on Ashdown Forest, but most of the dogs tackled the ground really well.  Some of the best tracks were on the more difficult ground.

1st           Geoff Mayes with RUNFOLD TEMPEST OF OBERAN (WSD) D  Q182. Tracked on the last day on a more difficult piece of ground.  You gave us a few heart stopping moments Geoff but with a 2 and 4 and a good control round this gave you a well deserved win.  Well done.

2nd         Barbara Ottley with DEWYNDORF CUMULUS (LAB) B  Q170.5. 

One of the best tracks but missed an article in the square.  Worked well.  Well done.

3rd          Stella Smyth with MORROW RED CHAKOLA (ACD) B  Q170

Stella was over the moon as it was the first time her dog had completed a track on the forest.  Well done.

4th          Dave Marchant with WAGGERLAND MURPHY (WSD) D  Q164.5

You gave us a few scares on the track but your young dog never gave up.  A lovely control round.  Well done.

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