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Open Trial
Venue: Ashdown Forest
Trial Held: 24 September 2005

Trials Managers Report

It seemed strange to be running an Open for SATS in September- it was SO hassle free and Fun!!! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I heard NO complaints.

All went extremely well; even the weather was kind, the rain held off until late afternoon.

TD was on Ashdown Forest, rough grass and cut bracken. We used one car park and I organised that someone, SATS helper or competitor were on "duty" keeping an eye on the cars. This made it secure for cars and dogs left by competitors, judges and helpers. My thanks to all who took turns to stay there after they had tracked. I hope this will become a regular thing, as it made life easier for everyone, and those left in the car park seemed to have a good natter.

To the TD team, judge John Reynolds, tracklayers Colin and Jill, search stewards Sue Redshaw and Carole Brooke and escorts Ruth Payton, Mark Skillin, and Diane Boxall, many thanks.

At Base, in Nutley, Steve and Julie Skillin did an excellent job, great to see them both, Julie is training for search steward next!!

UD was only on Saturday, as entries were low. All work was at Ridgewood Farm, Ruth was in charge and again everything went very smoothly. The UD team, Norma Ansell was judging, Pam Stare - search and control steward, track layers Penny Bann and Maggie Richardson. Mark Skillin again did a great job of escorting and chief photographer. No problems from them either, thank you everyone for all the help and hard work. To those who offered and I did not need, Thank you your time will come!!!

To Beryl Kimberley and Di Boxall thanks for the cakes, they were great, to all the competitors, thanks for your help and Good Luck in the future.


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