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Championship Trial
Venue: Ashdown Forest
Trial Held: 18 March 2006

Trials managers Report

This trial was held between 15th & 18th March, at Nutley, East Sussex.  TD was held on Ashdown Forest as always, what would a SATS trial be without the forest.  WD & UD were held on farmland ,down at Uckfield..  Here we held all the control plus CD.

I would like to thank all the judges for their fair and honest tests, John West TD, Dorothy Bowen WD, Ron Jaques UD and Chris Brooks CD.

The weather held out but it was very cold, typical SATS.

I would like to thank Frances Webb for all her help running up to the trial, plus her  and her band of caterers, Sue Redshaw and Carole Brooke who kept the judges, stewards and tracklayers feed on rolls and hot stew in the cold conditions.  All of these also managed to work their own dogs at the trial and Frances also stewarded the TD control.

Special thanks to Mark Skillin for the catalogues and to Di Boxall for giving up her days to sit in the car parks on the forest to keep an eye one the judges, helpers and competitors cars and belongings.

I will let the judges thank their individual helpers in their on reports.

I will probably miss thanking someone so thanks to all who helped at the trial.

Oops, nearly forgot, a BIG, BIG THANK YOU to Jane Gray and Ruth Payton, for all their help in running this trial and putting up with myself, Julie and Trim for five days.

Congratulations to all the winners and qualifiers, and thank you to all the competitors for entering.



Stake: CD


Steward: Maggie Richardson.

Thanks SATS for inviting me – I enjoyed my day and didn’t feel cold once in the wind but with so many layers on I felt – and probably looked - like Michelin man. Thank you Maggie for your very capable stewarding and also Julie, Steve’s other half, who came to help and see what was involved at the same time. The nosework standard was quite high and mostly a pleasure to watch – 100% success rate – but inevitably some dogs managed to fail themselves on the C&A. The most noticeable feature was that the heelwork was much better off lead than on! Congratulations to those who succeeded – and better luck next time to the rest.

1st           Pat McMaster & KRISTAL MIGHTY (Xbrd) 93 marks. Pat was rightly thrilled with his dog’s response coming back to competing from a situation where he thought the dog might never work again.

2nd         Jane Webb & LENWORTH BRIONY (WSD) 88marks. A new girl with potential – 29/30 and 44.5/ 50.- but just needed second attempts on the jumps.

3rd          Mike Robinson & FLINT OF GLEN MEL (BC) 84.5 marks. A “returning” handler with what looks like a very capable dog.

4th          Jane Gray & GOMARINGEN HANNS AT DERJANCA. (LAB) 82 marks. Jane & her ‘big baby boy’ managing to put it all together! 


UD Stake


Thanks to SATS for the invitation to judge.

Thanks to Steve Skillin and all his helpers for running a super trial.also my thanks to all the tracklayers who did a super job.

John and Barbara on Friday.

And Penny and Dave on Saturday.

Thanks to my wife Paula for laying the squares and stewarding C/A.

The weather was very cold but tracking conditions were good on grass.We saw some lovely dogs and quite a variety of breeds.

There was 15 entries 11 ran

1st           Steve Liney with GEMSTONE EASTER WISH.196.5 Q

Superb performance, losing only 1 mark on control and agility and a super track and square a super team effort and lovely to watch. well done Steve and Gem.

2nd         Tony lockyer with DOUBLE TOP AT HARTSHILL 194 Q.

Another super all round performance from a very experienced handler. well done Tony and Gyp.

3rd.         Robert Willatts and MOORMILL NILANDU 183 Q

Lovely control round. Well done Robert and Dax.

4th          Angela Gourd and NICKILA RED. 177.5 Q well done Angela and Tarn.

Also qualifying. Rosemary Woods and HOLLEY COLLIE. 177 Q. Well done

Prof. Mike Robinson with FLINT OF GLEN MEL. 170.5 Well Done


Stake: WD


Stewards: Pam Stare and Ruth Payton

Tracklayers: John Reynolds, Maggie Richardson and Angela Sanders

Many thanks to SATS for the invitation to judge WD at this trial. Thanks to Steve Skillin for managing the trial which must be very difficult because of the distance he lives from Ashdown Forest. Thanks to Pam and Ruth who were excellent stewards and John, Maggie and Angela my tracklayers.

Special thanks to Jane and Ruth for allowing me to stay with them during my time at the trial. Jane cooked some excellent meals in the evening and Ruth was very good at washing and clearing up! Thanks to Frances Webb and Carole Brooke for the lunches out on the field.

1st           Barbara Ottley with DEWYNDORF CUMULUS Lab (B). Good nosework and full mark sendaway. Well deserved win. 188.5.

2nd         Alan Ballinger with DUSTERS RAGAMUFFIN WSD (B) Good track and sendaway. 184.5.

3rd          Beryl Kimberley with OAKENHEART DARK DELIGHT GSD (B). Good track and sendaway. 181.5.

4th          Lynne Davies with MISTER MISFIT MONGREL Cross (D).Good track and sendaway. 180.

Also qualifying WDex:

Barry Harvey with FITZERS HAZEL Lab (B). 175

Yvonne Filleul with SODEN JAY WSD (D) 170.5

Pearl Rigg with FRONSAC KRUGER GSD (D) 168.5

Heather Caird with BLACK HIPPOCRATES Lab (D) 166

Yvonne Filleul with RUSTIC FOX WSD (D) 165


Stake: T.D.


Tracklayers: Len Newman, Ruth Payton, Dave Spicer, Den Webb

Stewards: Squares. Jane Grey, Control: Francis Webb. Stay Stewards. John Reynolds, Lyn Liney

Thank you to SATS for the invitation to Judge their ticket on Ashdown Forest. There has been quite a change to the terrain since my last visit. I must applaud all my tracklayers and stewards as the weather all week was absolutely bitter. Even after walking around the forest it took a number of hours to warm to the bone. Thank you all very much.

I set a straightforward test with articles applicable to the forest but as normal with an undulating ground some fell by the wayside. I continued with a no gimmick control round. This also produced one or two surprises for the dog’s handlers.

I would like to finish with a thank you  to John Reynolds for his accommodation and to John, Jane and Ruth for the food and hospitality in the evenings and to Francis Webb and Sue Redshaw for the food during the day, great casseroles as the weather was so cold it really hit the spot.

1st           Judy Meekings WITHYLINCH MURR OF WINDLEBROOK C.Dex-W.Dex. (Lab) 205 Q. As I said above there was nothing untoward to trick a dog or handler, Megan and Judy made no big mistakes so turned out to be worthy winners.

2nd         Colin Harrison SHINEHILL NINA C.Dex-W.Dex. (BC) 202 Q. Nina took Colin by surprise by failing one jump but wasn't the jump he thought Nina would fail, however a ticket is well within your grasp.

3rd          Pat Herbert WT.Ch. JOLLY JILL C.Dex-T.Dex. (WSD) 198 Q Another contender for winning the ticket, however the forest kept one of the track articles making it difficult for the control round. (Full Mark Square)

4th          Eric Nichols TYTRI NIKKI C.Dex-T.Dex. (BC) 197 Q Another loss of one article on track but as above a full mark square

Also qualified


Elizabeth De Unger BARNSTORM STRIKE IT LUCKY (Lab) 195 Q



Best Track

Ray Jones HOLLY BY GOLLEY (WSD). With the weather being so cold it was a real pleasure to see Ray and Holly track with such accuracy.

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