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Open Trial
Venue: Ashdown Forest
Trial Held: 23 September 2006

Trials Manager’s Report

I would like to thank everybody who helped me at this trial.  Ruth Payton for finding me a safe control field – and what a fantastic place!  Special thanks to Ron Davies, PD judge, Sally Bergh-Roose, WD judge, and Carole Brooke, UD judge, for making things run smoothly.  Gill MacGregor was Ron’s steward and Lynne Watkins laid the PD tracks.  Anne Wright was Sally’s steward, Linda Bowden and Richard Cornwell laid the WD tracks.  Judy Meekings stewarded for Carole, and Angela Sanders and Dennis Webb laid the UD tracks.

At base I had a very good team of Betty Mays and Mark Skillin, with Beryl Kimberley doing an excellent job of feeding everyone.  Many thanks to you all.

One of the most important jobs is also one of the most boring – car park watching.  On the forest it is very important.  The competitors leave their cars, some with dogs in, for half an hour, but for tracklayers and judges it can be several hours, so I say a very, very special thank you to Di Boxall and Barbara Ottley, who watched over the cars on both days.

If you are thinking of helping at any trial, do contact the Trials Manager.  There are always jobs that you can help with – escorting, running the refreshments to the judges, etc.  It all helps and is much appreciated.

To you all and anyone I’ve forgotten (head like a sieve!), thank you.  Without your help, the trial wouldn’t have been possible.



Stake:    UD


Tracklayers:         Dennis Webb, Angela Sanders

Steward: Judy Meekings

Thank you to SATS for giving me the opportunity to judge my first judging appointment, to Trials Manager Frances Webb who put in so much work and time organising the trial; Betty Mayes and Mark Skillin who ran the base; Beryl Kimberley for the catering; my track layers Dennis Webb and Angela Saunders who laid my tracks exactly as I’d asked; Eunice and her husband who allowed us to use their ground for control at their lovely home; and Judy Meekings, who was my search and control steward.  Judy was great company and kept me calm all day. Thank you.

There were 4 entries.  All 4 ran and we finished up with one qualifier.  The tracking was on forest grass, quite long with some bracken; it had rained the night previously, but was dry on the morning of tracking. The rain waited until we started control, and then poured down on us.  My track articles were a 3” x 3”piece of cork tile and 3” x 3” piece of blue ribbed carpet.  Search square articles were a wooden dolly peg, blue cartridge case, metal teaspoon, and a 3” piece of rubber cam belt.  My competitors were a very friendly bunch and seemed to enjoy the test I set.  Good luck to you all in the future.

1st  Linda Edmonds with BECKENBERRY BUD, GSD Q, 169.5 marks.  This team did an excellent track loosing only 1 mark with both articles off the track. 2 articles out of the search square, full mark jumps, just needs a bit more work on the sendaway.  Well done Linda and Bud, a well deserved win.

2nd  Christine Clements with MANDERIAN SOLSTICE BELLE OF MOUNT LOCHAN, CDex, BC, NQ, 164.5 marks.  It was a pleasure to watch this dog track, and Christine, you looked very graceful when you tripped in the same hole as the track layer did when laying your track.  Corrie took it all in her stride. Only 1 article from the search square, I’m sure you’ll soon sort this blip out.  Nice control round, just a bit more work on the sendaway.  Well done.

3rd  Jacky Rutter with STARDELL MAIA AT NYE WOOD, CDex, BC, NQ, 162 marks.  Katy did an excellent track, only losing 2 marks, finding both articles with 3 out of the search square.  Sendaway and jumps let you down in the control, but I’m sure with a little more work we’ll be seeing you both in the qualifiers very soon

4th  Valerie King with LITLE TIKKI FOR LUCK AT KINGSPRIDE, CDex, GSD, NQ 132.5 marks.  Tikki made an excellent start to the track, indicating the first article but not stopping to collect it; she made quick work of the bracken patch, but tracked on over the last article; only 1 article from the square.  Nice control round, but no stay and long jump.  Tikki has lots of enthusiasm, so I’m sure it won’t be long before she qualifies.


Stake: WD


Steward: Ann Wright

Tracklayers: Linda Bowden and Richard Cornwell, Judy Meekings for the spare track

I would like to thank SATS for the invitation to judge this stake. This was such a friendly trial, and there are so many people I must thank. Frances Webb as Trials Manager did a wonderful job as usual, ensuring every thing ran smoothly, and organising her husband into delivering and collecting the jumps.  Mark Skillin and Betty Mayes ran the base, and Beryl Kimberly ran the kitchen, so we all had masses to eat!

Di Boxall and Barbara Otley deserve a special thank you for being “security guards” at the car parks. It was such a comfort, not just to my team and me but also to the competitors to know that their vehicles, valuables and other dogs would still be there when they returned from the depths of the forest! My friends Carole and Peter Brooke kindly let me stay with them, something I always enjoy and look forward to. To my tracklayers Linda, Richard and Judy, a million thanks, not an easy job on the forest, and to Ann my steward, you did a great job and I enjoyed your company.

On the Friday it never stopped raining all day, we were all drenched and then on the Saturday we all roasted!

1st  Celia Bourne with FLAME OF THE FOREST, WSD, 185/200, Q.  The last to work, a handler whose experience helped this young dog to qualify.  Congratulations.

2nd  Sue Redshaw with MEADOWMILL TRAVIS, Lab, 175.5/200, Q.  Another good dog in the making, one of only a few to recover all 4 search articles.

3rd  Lynne Watkins with  STARSHOT DOLGOS WITH SZIKRAS, WHV, 169/200, Q.  A lovely dog who dragged her handler downhill and up! Although not really a Gundog person, I really like this dog.

4th  Gavin Thomson with CONCENN XANADU, GSD, 180.5/200, NQ.  Lovely nosework, full mark sendaway but Roscoe decided with less than 30 seconds remaining that a down stay was just too boring and walked out! Gavin, I really felt for you.

To the competitors who entered, remember a command OR signal, not both!  To those that did not enter – you missed a very good trial


Stake:  PD


Tracklayer: Lynne Watkins

Steward: Gill MacGregor

Criminals: Mick Tustain, Steve Grango, John Reynolds, Jeff Allen, Richard Cornwell

Many thanks to SATS for inviting me to judge the PD stake.  A special thank you to Gill, who was my square, control and PD steward – you were excellent.  A big thank you to the criminals – what a great job you did.  I would also like to thank Lynne for laying the tracks, Beryl for the rolls, and Mark for organising the sleeves and criminals.

1st           John Wykes with FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF OF TARNFORCE, BC,D.  285 Q.  Well done.

2nd         Pierite Wadham with FURY ANSCHI, Rott, B.  204, NQ.

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