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Open Trial
Venue: Ashdown Forest
Trial Held: 01 February 1997



This was my first attempt as Trials Manager and due to the date clashing with the Kenton Trial, we unfortunately had quite a low entry. This was also not helped by a nasty bout of 'flu which hit both competitors and helpers alike. For those that did compete, we were lucky with the weather, as although it was cold it did stay dry for the two days.

My thanks go to all the judges, stewards, tracklayers, criminals, escorts and, and especially to Beryl Kimberley and Mandy Smith for the delicious food.





Tracklayers: Terry Brace, Mark Skillin, Colin Harrison

Stewards: Ruth Payton (Fri) Val Wheeler (Sat)

Thank you to S.A.T.S for inviting me to judge UD on the Ashdown Forest. We were lucky and had fine but cold weather for the first two days.

This was my first judging appointment but I was lucky to have a good team of tracklayers in Terry Brace, Mark Skillin (No relation to Steve) and Colin Harrison. My search stewards were Ruth Payton on Friday, who introduced me to trials, and Valerie Wheeler on Saturday, also very experienced. It all helped to make my job a lot easier. A big thank you must go to all the people at the base, Andrew Weaver, Trials Manager, Betty Mayes for running the base, Beryl Kimberley and Mandy Smith who fed us very well.

1st Betty Mayes DRIFT OF OBERAN (BC) B. N/w I 38, total I 92 CoM. Betty ran the base and this was her first trial with Drift, a nice little keen bitch. Congratulations.

2nd. John Wykes TIP OF TAR.NFORCE (BC) D. N/w 137, total 187.5 CoM. Another nice young dog, doing the fastest square, four articles in just over 2 minutes.

3rd. Miss L Watkins LUCKY CHANCE AT JARIDON (Hung.Vizsla) B. N/w 143, total 187 NQ. This little bitch did a lovely track and square losing only 2 marks. We thought she was going to be our winner and then found out she had failed the C & A. Better luck next time.

4th. Mrs S Hodges 1\ RDENBURG OLIVI/\ (GSD) B. N/w I 15, total 151.5 NQ. Did a nice track, missing an article. Qualified on the nosework, went out on the C & A.




Tracklayers: Terry Brace and John Reynolds

Steward: Jane Gray

This judging appointment gave me a great opportunity to see the tracking land and control area proposed for this years Kennel Club Championships. Thank you to everyone concerned for their time and hospitality. The tracking was extremely good with a very high success rate marred only by a lack of articles. Similarly in the search square most of the dogs were physically too tired to search effectively after the track and therefore articles were in short supply. Nevertheless the competitors were positive in their attitude - good luck next time.

1st. Mrs A M Sanders SZOLNOKI APRILIS OF PITSWARREN (Hung Vizsla) 178 pts. The only nosework qualifier, unfortunately going out on the C &A

2nd. Mrs S Macpherson FENSTORM SPRING (F/c Ret) 176.5 pts. Nice track with two articles hut only one in the square. 23

3rd. Mr M J Skillin WAGGERLAND JACK (WSD) 167 pts. The best track of the trial with 98 pts - again, too few articles.

4th. Mr L W Theobald ANASONATA FAN FARE (BC) 163.5 pts. Just found the square too hard after the track.




Stewards: Sarah Davies and Paula Harvey

Thank you to S.A. T.S. for the invitation to judge and to Andy Weaver as trials Manager. Special thanks to my stewards Sarah Davies, Friday, and Paula Harvey, Saturday. They were excellent. I, very conveniently, los I my voice so they had to speak for me tool Thanks also to Beryl and Mandy in the kitchen for keeping us well fed. Lastly, thank you to all the competitors who accepted my decisions without question,

C.D. Stake

1st. Miss P Parker with CELTIC CAROUSEL CALYPSO (WSD) Well done. A nice, well handled steady round. 91 CoM.

2nd. Mrs S Barnes with SHERLOCK NANETTE (GSD) Just the down stay that Jet you down today. 76.5 NQ.

3rd. Miss S Carey with MAX (GSD) Lovely search square. Inexperience was the problem with some exercises but Simone has just the right attitude and will get it right soon. 56 NQ.

U.D. Stake

1st. Mrs B Mayes with DRIFT OF OBERAN (BC) What a super dog - she enjoyed every minute. Well done. 192 CoM.

2nd. Mr J Wykes with TIP OF TARNFORCE (BC) Yet another super dog - well done. 187.5 CoM.

3rd Miss L Watkins with LUCKY CHANCE AT JARIDON (Hung.Vizsla) 187 NQ.

4th. Mrs S Hodges with ARDENBURG OLIVIA (GSD) NQ.

W.D. Stake

1st Mrs S Redshaw with TESS BLACK BABY (Lab) Lovely dog sensitively handled and will no doubt go far. 172.5 CoM.

2nd. Mrs R Payton 'vith KADE KALIAZA (WSD) 156.5 NQ.

3rd. Mr & Mrs J Coombes with ZIRLUKE BUENOS DIAS (GSD)

T.D. Stake

1st  Mrs A Sanders with SZOLNOKI APRILIS OF PITSWARREN (Hung Vizsla) The speak and redirect let you down. She is a super dog and deserves to qualify - work at it.

2nd. Mrs S Macpherson with FENSTORM SPRING (F/c Ret) 176.5 NQ.

3rd. Mr M Skillin with WAGGERLAND JACK (WSD) 167 NQ.

4th. Mr L Theobald with ANASONATA FAN FARE (BC) 163.5 NQ. 

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