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Championship Trial
Venue: Ashdown Forest
Trial Held: 01 March 1992

I am not entirely sure that these reports are in the right place - if anyone knows better please let me know. Ed



Steward: Helen Middleton

My thanks to S.A.T.S. for the invitation to do the nosework bit of Judy Meekings' C. D. Since I was supposed to do it in September this means I am now free to enter then, which suits me very well. Barry Harvey and his team were very efficient and everything appeared to run well. In particular, thanks to my steward Helen Middleton who laid all the squares exactly as I wanted them - I look forward to your Shepherd work! Just before I wrote this I was reading W. T. M. and happened to come across Jenny Harvey's report on the C.D. Nosework at Bentleet (with, presumably, many of the same dogs) and was interested to see that what I had intended to write was almost identical with Jenny's report. We too had a field which I assume smelt 'gamey' and there was much sniffing around a.nd lack of commitment. Only a handful of dogs went into the square looking as though they really wanted to find the articles, and most chewed and/or dropped them. However there were some well trained dogs which were a pleasure to watch and who showed both accuracy and enthusiasm.

1st. Andy Baker's TOVANDI'S ERKO (GSD) 88.5 marks. One of the best retrieves and an enthusiastic square. This is a team whi•ch should progress quickly up the stakes.

2nd. Mrs P Pulman's KESYRA GYPS! (GSD) 86.5 marks. One of only two full mark squares. Well done.

3rd. Mrs R A Faulkner STARAZAZ LAD (BC) 85.5 marks. The other full mark square- a pleasure to judge.

4th. Mick Mendoza's ROTHJCK GIMLET (GSD) 82 marks. I don't know how you coped, Miele., working not only one, but two dogs! Well done.




Tracklayers: John and Charlie Criminals: Frank, Dave, Peter, Charlie, Geoff, Steve To be asked to judge a ticket stake for a Society such as S.A. T.S. is indeed and very great honour. My task of setting the test was made much easier with the help I was given from my steward and adviser Dave Richards. Coupled with an excellent trials manager in Barry Harvey and superb helpers all round, this was a wonderfully well organised trial. The first morning saw the commencement of the nosework. Having rain seemed to make the five leg track rather difficult, and it may have been for this reason that we lost six of the teams on the tracking. This included two T.D. ticket winning dogs IT'S A FUNNY OLD GAME ISN'T IT.

The Best Track, being 59.5 points plus 20 for articles going to Roy Williams and Moon. Second morning and the obedience. Terry Hadley and Spider gaining most marks, losing only on heelwork and finishing with 32.5 plus 20 agility.

Bright warm sunshine greeted us for the patrol work. A good audience with a perfect view of the field all added to the atmosphere. Although we had lost seven teams by this time we were left with probably the most consistent P.D. dogs in the country at this moment in time, they were Terry Hadley and Spider, Mike Snow and Ugly, Rod Roberts and Sid, Moira Rogerson and her WSD Xandoas Firecracker. At this point I must thank and congratulate my team of 'criminals'. Each one was truly superb and played his part to the full. At the end of the day, after what I hope was an entertaining patrol test Terry came out on top with 286.5 points. Mike came second on 281 (maybe losing all handling marks in the square, for getting his feet wet, was more costly than Mike first thought). They were the only qualifiers.

Congratulations Terry and hard luck Mike.

Finally to Barry Harvey many thanks for an excellent all round Trial, and not forgetting Jenny and the other 'trial managers' in the chuck wagon.

1st. Terry Hadley W. T. CH ZULU OF 28 JACINTO Good track, excellent obedience and agility, excellent patrol work, just losing odd points here and there. 286.5 Q PDexaod CC.

2nd. Mike Snow W. T. CH WAGGERLAND LITTLE UGLY Good track, just made it on the obedience, and the Best Patrol round. 281 Q PDex and Res. CC. 

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