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Open Trial
Trial Held: 11 October 2003


Trials Managers Report

Having been out of trials for about four years it was somewhat of a surprise to find myself running two trials in successive months. The Open trial in October was because no one else on the committee had any holiday left to do it, and the Champ. trial in Sept. was because of the last minute resignation of the trials manager. Despite the usual panics over land, helpers etc., everything seemed to go alright. Thanking everyone by name would make for a very long report, so can I just say a general, and very grateful thank you to all those who helped out.
The thing that struck me most was the drop in entries in the lower stakes over the last ten or twenty years. Ticket entries have gone up and down, and with ever rising entry fees and the cost of petrol, people seem to be going for good tracking land and a centralised location. That, however, should not affect CD - which is where new entrants to trials start- as one field is much the same as another. I can remember doing CD at (I think) Stamford where there were about 70 entries (it was awful-endless queuing), but in those days you either did trials, obedience or breed. The dog world today is full of interesting and exciting things to do with your dog-flyball, agility, heelwork to music etc. All of these are graded and the beginner can start at a level appropriate to their ability. But what happens if they decide they would like to do trials? In their very first trial they are faced with the same sized jumps that all the ticket dogs do. Furthermore, there can be no other sport in the world where the beginner does the a more difficult version of the test (the stays) than the said ticket dogs. Anyone who does the scores at a trial knows that the jumps and stays in the lower stakes cost many a qualification. Some, no doubt, go away and train harder, but I wonder how many go away and never come back, because there is now such a choice of other things to do. Would it really be so terrible to have,say, a 4ft6in scale in CD, shorter stays, and some encouragement allowed, then increase the difficulty through the stakes. Beginners would be more likely to be successful, and hopefully would get hooked. If a lower standard bothers you, then TD could be made harder!! Since I no longer compete, my only interest is to see trials remain in a healthy state. So please, before you reach for your pen to write a furious letter to WTM, give it some thought. Who knows but that CD/UD failure might have been one of the stalwart tracklayers of the future. Come to think of it, stalwart tracklayers seem to be ageing fast, but I won’t start on that one!

Betty Mayes




Steward: Luisa French

Thank you Betty and S.A.T.S. for inviting me to judge the C.D., it was a good start for me. Thank you Luisa for stewarding so ably, and enjoying yourself. l must not forget to thank  Frances for our picnic, I am sure you felt we needed building up judging by the amount supplied.

1st          Angela Gourd & TARN  (BSD) 82 NQ. Very well done, I am sure you will qualify next time, especially if you do the long jump first time.

2nd         Sally  Baker & HETIJE (Weim ) 57 NQ. Once you sort the gaming and respecting the whistle out you'll get there.

3rd          Doug Winter & FIDGET.48.5 NQ. A lovely dog, with a little help with heelwork and jumps you'll qualify.

4th           Heather Caird & MERLOT 46 NQ. A typical  lab who loves to do heelwork with nose on  the ground, sort this out along with the jumps and who knows, you'll be there.

I think all competitors would benefit by owning a copy of the Working Trials rules, playing  with  many  types of articles especially metal, this let you all down, when the dogs found a tennis ball they thought 'game over '. Thank  you  for listening to me as you all know about my dog's first CD, so keep up the training. it does pay off.




Tracklayers:   John Reynolds   &  Dave Spicer

Steward: Carole Brooke

I would like to thank S.A.T.S. for the invitation to judge. The Society should be very grateful to Betty for running two trials with­ in three weeks of each other. Angela and her husband Bill put me up for the night and fed me, thank you both very much. Thank you to John and Dave for tracklaying and to Carole for laying my squares and scribing the control , and generally looking after me.

The  weather  was  kind to  us,  Friday was cloudy and fresh, Saturday warm and sunny.

19 teams entered,  l7  worked,  10 qualified the nosework. Unfortunately the sheep distracted quite a few dogs.

1st          Mrs B Ottley. DEWYN DORF CUMULUS (Lab) B. 181. Well done Barbara. Merry worked really well for you.

2nd         Ms  L  Davies,  KANE   SYRUS   (X Breed) D. 1 79. Kane was such a happy dog. enjoying everything he did.

3rd         Mr F Brooks, GIBBONSAN  PERSEUS VON BERNINA (GSD) 0. 177. At last Sam put everything together. Congratulations Fred.

4th          Ms  N  Greville,  KALIDEN  GREAT REACTION (BC) D. 174. Had a bit of a problem on the track but managed to sort it all out

Also gaining Certificates  of Merit:

Mrs  J   Meekings,  WITHYUNCH   MURR   AT WINDLEBROOK (La b) B. 171.

Mr & Mrs G Thomson.ROCKSPRAY WILBA AT CONCENN (GSD) D. 170.5. Handled  by Mrs V Thomson.





Tracklayers: Colin & Jill Harrison Stewards: Geoff Mayes ( Fri ) Vanessa Sultana (Sat)

Thanks to SATS for the invite to judge T.D. on Ashdown Forest, a bit of a challenge for my first TD but it all seemed to go OK. Friday started a bit damp but soon warmed up, and Saturday showed the Forest at its  best, blue sky, bright sunlight and glorious autumn colours, was it really October?!

Many thanks to Colin and Jill for laying all my tracks. I didn't really mind the hike across the heather, last track, last day Colin! But my legs knew all about it on the last day. Thanks to Geoff and  Vanessa who both did squares and control stewarding, one day each.

Quite a  few dogs  were  having  their first attempt at TD; most dogs started well  but found it all a bit too much about half way round,  when  confidence  and  enthusiasm waned. Control was good and the standard of agility excellent. We ended up with one qualifier and one with enough marks in each sections but 2 marks short overall.

Special thanks to Jane Gray for her hospitality over the weekend, and deepest sympathy over the loss of her very special  baby bear, Beaver.

1st         Mrs S Perez. KAY LAREN (WSD) B. 195.5. Saw the cattle as she approached her track and said I hope they are  not on  my track! Well they were, the only stock we saw during the two days, and this little bitch just ploughed straight past them, then went into escape mode and missed the last 2 legs. But good enough work on the track, 2 articles and 4 from the square, coupled with a very tidy control round gave this  pair a comfortable qualification. Well done.

2nd         Mrs A Sanders, JACK  THE  LAD  OF YALGRAY  (WSD). A few problems early on the track and missed the first art icle, coupled with only 2 from the square gave Jack a lot to do to qualify. Full mark agility but a  poor speak meant you were 2 marks short, but a really good effort.

3rd         Mr N Watson, FLYNNTASTIC  FLINT­ LOCK  FLASH   (BC)  Neat, accurate track but sadly only one article.  Good  luck  for the future, with a more positive attitude you can do it.

4th         Mr &  Mrs J Wykes, FLYNNTASTIC RED JAFF  OF TARNFORCE.  Repeat mating of the above. Good handling from John got this super collie round the track, a real joint effort here, but it was all  too much  for this young dog and sadly no articles from the square, he'd given his all on that track. Good luck for the future, we will see this dog in ticket.


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